Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


2. -------

I groan. I feel awful like I just got smashed by a sumo wrestler. My whole body aches. I open my eyes and try to blink away the blurriness of my vision. I sit up and look around. I become confused. I look around an unfamiliar room. It looks more like a hospital room. Then everything comes back to me like a punch in the gut and I’m on my feet in a second.


I stumble and fall onto my hands and knees everything around me seeming to be clearer than before causing me to feel nauseated. It takes my eyes a second to adjust to this new view before I can get back on my feet. I try the door but find it locked. I look around and see a camera in the top corner of the room anger builds up inside me and my head pounds. I close my eyes and grip my head. What did they do to me?


I see another door and try that one. I see that it’s a bathroom and sigh. I walk in the bathroom and look in the mirror. I rub my eyes trying to make sure I’m seeing right. My once murky, plain brown eyes are now the icy blue eyes I saw on the wolf. I also notice that my brown hair has snowy white tinted highlights. I hardly recognise myself.


I hear footsteps and look to the bathroom door only to see no one there. I walk out the bathroom just as the door opens. Doctor Avery walks in and smile. “I’m glad to see that your awake. How do you feel?” He asks. I can smell his man cologne and wrinkle my nose.


I glare at him. “I feel like punching you in the weakest point of your body and watching you fall to the ground while I kick you until you pass out. Then kick you some more.” I say angrily.


He disregards the threat. “So your feeling good. I need to run some tests to make sure nothing went wrong then if all the test come up good you will be released.” He starts walking toward me.


Something inside me finds him as a threat and instincts I didn’t know I had kicks in. Next thing I know he’s on the ground with my hands around his throat. An inhuman growl rumbles in my throat and I bare my teeth. “I’m going to be released now or so help me this is the last face you’ll ever see.”


I am in complete shock of this new found bravery inside of me. His eyes widen slightly. “You wouldn’t kill me.” he sounds unsure.


I smile and lean closer. “Are you sure about that? That kind of experience changes a person. I wouldn’t take my threat lightly.” I squeeze his windpipe. He starts gasping for breath.


“Now your going to let me leave without another word. Your going to not even think to look for me. If you do that will be the last thing you ever do. Got it?” I ask keeping my grip firm.


He nods his face turning a deep red. I release my hold and his hand goes to his neck as he struggles to breathe. “Good.”


I turn and walk out the door closing it behind me. Strange smells and noises hit me but I continue walking looking for an exit.


A man in a lab coat sees me and his eyes widen. “You should not be out of the containment room yet. I haven’t gotten word from the doctor of the test.” He says walking towards me.


I smile. “Doc says I am in perfect condition to be released. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m leaving.” I push him out of the way and continue walking.


I see a red sign that says exit and I walk out the door quickly and break into a run. I run past the cars in the parking lot heading toward the street. I look around for any sign of a car but fine none. I curse not knowing which direction I should go. I quickly make a decision and take off to the left.


I hear commotion start up behind me and I push myself to go faster. I hear the cars starting and start to panic. I push myself to go as fast as I can running for my life. After what seems like forever I start to see signs of life. I fall to the ground struggling to catch my breath. I notice a car driving straight toward me the lights so bright I have to cover my eyes. The car screeches to a holt a few inches in front of me.


I get up and back away as the door opens. I notice that it’s a couple but I don’t relax. “Little girl what are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere all alone?” The woman’s voice is kind.


I look behind me to make sure there is no sign of the lab men anywhere. I look back to them. “I need help. Please. I was kidnapped. I don’t want them to find me again. Please.” I beg desperately.


The woman’s eyes widen. “Oh dear.” she looks to her husband, “Drake we have to help this poor girl.”


He looks at me skeptically. “It could be a trick.”


I hear cars off in the distance. My eyes water. “Please sir. Please.”


He softens and motions with his head. “Get in and lay low. We’ll get you to a police station so we can find your family.”


“Thank you so much.” I wipe my eyes and quickly get in the back hiding in front of the seats.


He drives off and the lady looks at me with concern. “What’s your name sweety?”


“Abigail. Abigail Tolly.” I say.


She nods. “How old are you Abigail?”


“I’m 17.” I shift to get a little more comfortable.


“17? I thought you were younger.” she says.


I smile softly. “I get that alot. My family is small so people mistake me for younger.”


“May I ask how you got kidnapped?” she asks.


I nod. “You both deserve to hear it for saving me. I was angry with my mom. She had yelled at me about not brushing my teeth and wearing a pair of underwear under an underwear pajama outfit. I ended up huffing in frustration and she snapped at me. I got so mad at her I snapped back, got dressed and walked out of the house to calm down. We have an empty lot in the front of our neighborhood so I was sitting there trying to calm down when a vehicle with black tinted windows parked right in front of it. I knew something was wrong so when the man had asked why I was there alone. I told him I was waiting for my mom. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at me and I had no choice but to either get in his car or get shot. He pulled into a parking lot and pulled out a rag and soaked it into what I can now guess was chloroforum. I woke up in a cage in a lab. It was awful. “


“There was a man there and he dragged me out of the cage telling me I was going to help mankind. He shoved me in a glass box. All I remember from that glass box was extreme pain. Worse then anything you can think of. I wake up again and I look completely different. My hair used to be just brown as well as my eyes. Now I feel weird and I’m scared. Scared more than I have ever been.” I say shaking.


They are both quiet for a while. “That’s awful.” the lady whispers I see tears in her eyes.


All I can do is nod. I hear sounds of cars going by and relax a little. “We are almost there Abigail. You’ll be safer surrounded by police then here with us. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. No child should have to deal with that.” Drake says.


I smile. “I appreciate the help. Thank you so much. It mean a lot to me.”


They both nod and he turns into a parking lot. “Ok Abigail it’s safe for you to come out of hiding. Will be going in with you to be there just in case.”


I nod and sit up getting out of the car. The couple come out and they hold hands. I walk toward the door of the police station with them following close behind me.


When I open the door the woman at the front desks looks at me. “Yes?” she asks.


“I was kidnapped and I need to find out how to get home.” I say. She looks to the couple behind me.


“And you guys?” she asks.


“We had picked her up from the side of the road completely frightened out of her mind.” Drake says. The lady pushes a button on the phone and holds it up to her ear.


“Hey chief I need you to come out her. There’s a child here that claims to have been kidnapped and she has witnesses to her escape…..mhm….ok…...I’ll send them in.” she hangs up the phone, “They chief will see you in his office.”


The couple nod and lead me to the chief’s office. I walk in nervously and the chief motions for me to sit down. I shake my head. “I don’t want to sit down. I feel to nervous.”


He smiles softly at me. “There’s nothing to  be nervous about sweetheart. Your safe here. No one can get through the whole police force.”


I relax a little and slowly take a seat.


“I need your name, age, and contact information.” He says.


I give him all three and he rights them down.


“Did you happen to get the name of the building or any license plates?” he asks. I shake my head.


“All I know is it was a lab of some sort. I don’t know how I got there because the man that took me used a chemical infused rag to make me unconscious.” I say.


“Can you describe the man?” He asks. I shake my head.


He writes something on his notepad.


He looks at the couple. “And how are you involved in this?”


“We found this child on the road scared to the point of tears begging for help. We knew we needed to help her get here safely.” the lady says.


The chief nods. He turns back to me and pushes the phone toward me. “Here call your Mom or Dad. Let them know your ok and safe then hand the phone to me.”


I dial my dad’s number and put the phone to my ear. It rings twice before I hear the sound of someone answering. I hear my dad. “Hello?” he sounds tired and broken.


“Daddy? It’s Abigail. I’m ok. I don’t know exactly where I am but I am at a police station. The chief would like to speak with you.” I say.


I hear a gasp through the phone. “Abigail? Oh my god! Where are you what happened? Why didn’t you come home?”


“Daddy. I need you to calm down I am going to hand you to the chief now.” I say then hand it to him without waiting for a response.


He grabs the phone. “Sir your daughter is fine. She has had a rough time and I think she needs to get home. We will personally drive her to you so you know she is safe………..Yes…….ok…….that should be a 22 hour drive……...I promise…...ok…...if she’s up for it…...bye.” He hangs up the phone.


He looks at me. “Your  a long ways from home. If you would like you can rest at my place for the night before we make the journey. It will be a very long one.”


I nod. “I think that would be best. Thank you so much.” I say.


He smiles. “It’s no problem dear. It’s my job.”


He nods to the couple telling them that they are dismissed. I sit there looking at my hands.


He gets up and kneels in front of me. “Hey it’s going to be ok. I will get you home.”


I smile looking at him. “I know you will. It’s just that I don’t look like I did when they first saw me. I was a lab experiment. They did something to me. I’m scared of what I am now. I don’t think I’m completely human any more. It was agony. They had me in a box with a wolf on the other side. I don’t know what happened to her. All I know is I have the same eyes as her now. And my hair has highlights that are the same color as her fur.”


He looks at me shocked. “They experimented on you?”


I nod. “My hair used to just be brown and my eyes were a murky brown. Now my eyes are icy blue.”


He gets back to his desk and starts typing on the computer. WIthout looking at me he asks. “Did the man give you his name?”


I nod even though he can’t see it. “He said his name was Doctor Avery.”


He types. “There’s another case we had about a month back of a boy who had been kidnapped not that far from where you live. Maybe a couple of hours away. He had claimed that it wasn’t a kidnap. That the ‘Doctor Avery had made him better for mankind. That he was the better version of himself thanks to the doctor. He was ready to go home and we dropped him off and his parents were confused in the changes in their son. They had contacted me and asked me if I was sure that that was their son. There have been many reports of missing children before that but he was the first found.”


I take in this information. “So he wasn’t lying but he must have somehow brainwashed the kid. I was in a dog cage when I first woke up. Then placed in a glass box. They turned on the machine and it felt like i was being torn into little pieces. I wake up to this new me. I can hear, see, smell, react, and run better. I have a new found bravery but it scares me. I was about ready to kill the so called doctor Avery.”


I get up out of the chair and pace back and forth. I look at the chief. “The boy. What’s his name?”


“Charles Blackburn. He lives just two hours shy of where you live. He has his one phone and number if you want to contact him. I know that it might be better since he went through what you did but I would be cautious.” He says looking at me.


I nod. “That’s understandable.”


The phone rings and he picks it up. “Yes?...........ok……….ok………..Send them in.” he says then sets down the phone. He grabs a chair and puts it next to him. He pats it and I sit down.


There’s a knock on the door and it cracks open.  The chief smiles. “Hello come take a seat.”


A man walks in with a girl behind him. He sees me and raises an eyebrow. “This your daughter?” the man asks still looking at me.


The chief shakes his head. “This is my junior detective for the day.”


The man shrugs. I notice the bruises on the girl. “Chief I need to get emergency custody. I came home from work to find my daughter being beat to the point where I could hear her screams before I even walked in the door.” he says. The girl clings to the man.


I look to the chief. “May I speak to the girl?” he gives me a questioning look but nods. I get up and walk toward the girl. She looks at me eyes wide. The man stiffens and I can sense the his protectiveness.


I smile at the girl and she relaxes letting go of the man’s shirt. “Hi. What’s your name?” I ask.


She looks at the ground. “Emma.”


“Emma’s a very pretty name. Mines Abigail.” I say. She looks at me and smiles.


“Thank you. You have really pretty eyes.” she says.


The man looks at me shocked. I look at him. “What?”


He shakes his head. “She barely speaks to anyone other than me and her mother. We can hardly get two sentences out of her.”


I smile. “Kids for some reason have always felt comfortable around me. My step mom’s a baby sitter and her two babies she takes care of have taken a liking to me as well. I know that little kids need kind words sometimes.”


The man shakes his head. “Can you babysit her?”


I laugh. “I’m sorry but I’m only here in this city for today.”


Emma tugs lightly on my shirt. “Mommy’s been mean to me. She said that I need to stop being lazy and do something for a change. She hits me a lot and it hurts me.” she tells me.


“Mommy may need to go see a doctor about her anger problems.” I say.


She smiles then frowns. “Mommy threatens me a lot.”


I look at the chief then back to her. “Well my mama does that to me sometimes to. Mommy’s just a bully.”

She nods then hides behind her father again. Chief gets put the paper work and hands it to the man. The man walks out and closes the door behind him. The chief turns to me. “Your mom threatens you?”


“I claim her as a mother but she’s my dad’s wife. I had got angry because she had threatened me when i had huffed in frustration and I left the house. That’s how it started. We have an empty parking lot in our neighborhood and I was sitting there when a black car with tinted windows had parked in front of it. I know my mom loves me. That’s why I stay with her. I love her too.” I say.


A bang like a gunshot startles me and I jump. I hear footsteps and the chief grabs me shoving me under his desk. “Don’t move.” He orders. My heart races but I stay still. Please let this be nice people. A girl can hope right?


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