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Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


1. -------

It was a normal day. Well as normal as it can get in my family.


My sister is getting dressed in the bathroom so I head to my bed and wait for her to get out. I have my light turned off and my eyes closed when the door slams open. I sit up and look at the door to see my mom glaring at me.


She flicks on the light. “I thought I told you to brush your nasty ass teeth.”


I get up. “I was waiting for Clarrisa to get out of the bathroom.”


She points to the outside of my room and I quickly walk out. My mom yells at me a lot. If something isn’t done to her standards we get punished for it.


She smacks me on the top of the head on the way out of my room and she follows me out of the room. “I am waiting for you to finally get that girl gene Abigail. I’m waiting for it. All you do is wear shirts and pants. You never try to look pretty. I’m still waiting for you to ask me how to do make-up.”


I grab my toothbrush from the holder.


She grabs a hold of my underwear. “What’s this?” She tugs on them and they rip. “Why are you wearing two pairs of underwear?”


I look at my underwear. “You told me to wear underwear underneath my pajama outfit.” I say trying to bite back my frustration.


“No I told you to cover up when wearing that pajama outfit. Why wear two pairs of underwear? God Abigail your pushing my buttons. You’re really pushing my buttons.” She says.


I turn to the sink letting out a breath of frustration.


“Did you just huff at me?” She asks angrily. I look at her quickly shaking my head. She walks up to me and pushes on my chest. “Listen hear little girl. You may be 17 almost 18 but I am an adult and I will not have you disrespecting me. If you ever huff at me again I will hurt you.” She threatens.


Anger boils up inside me. I’m tired of her always threatening me and making me fear her. I push her against the bathroom wall and walk out of the bathroom heading to my room. I grab a pair of clothes and get changed.


I head downstairs. “Where do you think your going? Get your ass back up here now!” she says.


I open the front door. “I’m going for a walk.” I say angrily walking out and slamming the door behind me.


I start walking on the sidewalk not caring or knowing where I’m going. I scream letting out all my pent up anger then continue walking. I end up going to the empty lot. I sit down in the middle of the open space and close my eyes trying to calm myself down.


I hear the sound of a car and open my eyes. A car with black tinted windows parks right in front of the empty lot. The window roll down and a man looks at me. “You ok darling?” Warning bells ring in my head.


I nod. “Yes sir. I’m just relaxing waiting for my mom.” A lie but one were he wouldn’t risk trying anything.


He smiles. “Why don’t you come inside my car and stay warm while waiting for her. It’s offly chilly out here.”


I shake my head. “Thanks for the offer but I feel fine.”


His smile drops and he pulls out a gun. “I think it would be best if you got in quietly my dear.”


My heart races as I look at the gun. I slowly walk to the mans car. He gets out and grabs my arm shoving me in the passenger side. He closes the door and gets in driving away immediately.


He drives to an abandoned parking and parks. I look at him confused. He pulls out a rag from his pocket and a bottle of something. He unscrews the cap and poors the liquid on the rag. He looks at me a weird look in his eyes. Almost like he regrets what he’s about to do. “Time for you to go nighty night my dear.”


Before I have a chance to even figure out what he means he places the rag firmly over my mouth and nose. The smell of chemicals burns my nose and I gasp trying to pull the rag from my face. I start to feel nauseated and dizzy. My attempts weaken as a drowsiness takes over my body. Everything blurs and my body goes limp. My eyes close and I drift off into an unnatural sleep.


I wake up to my head pounding. I groan and sit up. My head hits something hard confusing me. I open my eyes and start to freak out when I realise I’m in a cage. The cage is not very big. It looks almost like a dog cage.


I look for any possible way for me to get out but fine none. I look around the room and my heart races. It looks like I’m in some kind of doctors area. There’s a operating table and a bunch of machines everywhere.

The door opens and a guy with a lab coat walks in. He looks at me and smiles. “Good your awake.” He walks up to the cage and kneels in front of it.


I back up to the corner of the cage. “Who are you? Where am I?”


He opens the cage. “I am doctor Avery. You are at my facility as a very special test subject. I’ve been developing human mutations where humans can change into the form of an animal on command. I have finally perfected the formula. It has been tested on one other and has proven quite successful but I need to test it again this time on one of your gender. You should feel grateful, you are going to help mankind become better.” He says reaching for me.


I tighten myself up to make myself smaller. “But I don’t want to be an experiment. I didn’t want to be here. I want to go home.”


He smiles. “And you will go home. Once the test has proven successful you can go home.”


I raise an eyebrow. “And if it doesn’t?”


He grabs my arm. “Let’s just hope it doesn’t.”


He gently pulls me out of the cage. “Wait. What happens if it isn’t successful?” I ask trying to tug my arm out of his grip.


His grip tightens. “If it doesn’t prove to be successful the experiment is a fail and we will have to scrap it and start all over.”


“Scrap? What happens to me?” I ask trying to yank my arm out of his steel grip.


He pulls me out of the room. “Don’t worry. This test has only a 0.01 percent chance of failure.”


I continue trying to pull away. “Don’t I get a say. I need time. I can’t have today be the last possible day that I’m alive.”


He stops and looks at me. “No. I need to do this now. Just in case someone caught you being taken for this. There’s less of a chance of the experiment getting interrupted. If you continue to struggle I will have to restrain you. This would go a lot smoother if you are compliant.”


He drags me to another room and two more men with lab coats grab me. I struggle as they shove me in a glass box locking me in before I have a chance to fight back. I pound on the glass but it does nothing. I look around and my eyes catch sight of a wolf in another glass box. In the middle of us both is another glass box. The wolf looks at me and my breath hitches in my throat. It’s eyes are an icy blue and it’s fur is as white as snow.. It’s almost mesmerizing to look at.


It starts pacing back and forth it’s tail swaying. I look to the men in lab coats and watch them as the press buttons and communicate with each other. I hear a whirring sound and feel pain slice through me. I fall to the ground in pain. My breathing comes out in short gasps and my vision blurs. My body feels like it’s being disintegrated and the pain is too horrible to describe. I curl in on myself and hear a scream and realise it’s me.


Black dots dance in my vision and I welcome them. My inside feel like there turning to mush and my throat burn from my screams. I lose consciousness hearing cries of pain from the wolf as well.


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