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Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


25. Chapter 23: Final chapter

Abigail’s POV


The pain is like needles stabbing at me. Going through every vital organ and piercing every muscle. I don’t know how I can feel it. All I know is i want to scream and break through all this blackness that could be the cause of the pain.


Every once in a while the pain goes away for a little while only a dull ache in its place. It only lasts for a couple seconds before the pain intensifies making me want to cry out. Miakoda is here with me giving me comfort when she can. Sometimes the pain gets to be too much and I can no longer feel her. Only the pain.


My will to fight with the pain is slowly diminishing. My fighting weakening my mind exhausted.


Abigail. Come on. You can do it. You can win. You’re not alone in this fight. I will be here with you through it all. The pain you feel I feel. We can do this.


I can’t Miakoda. It’s too much. I can’t keep fighting If I don’t have the energy to do so.


Think about all the people you love. Think about Dimitri. Fight for him. Think about Clarissa. Fight for her. Think about your parents. Fight for them.


I’ll try.


The pain intensifies and I can no longer feel her with me but I know she’s there. I keep fighting for as long as I can.


It seems to go on forever. I fear at some points that the pain will never end. Finally after what seems like way too long my will just crumbles and the pain wins engulfing me in a crushing embrace. The pain at the most it’s ever been.


The feelings of my body start to awaken and every muscle quakes. My eyes snap open but no sound comes from my lips. I try to but it’s like my voice box has been taken from me. I see my whole body shaking. Then it stops. My muscles relax and the pain vanishes only leaving my throat feeling dry.


I try to move and wince as my body is sore. It feels like everything has been on shut down for a while. I struggle but manage to sit up. I look around and see Dimitri asleep on a chair next to me. His eyes have deep bags under them and he look frighteningly skinnier than I remember. I look over and see a plate full of food that looks to be untouched as well as water. I look at him concerned wondering how long I was out.


The door knob turns silently and slowly pushes open as if not to wake him. I, with a speed I never thought possible lay back down and close my eyes. I hear a sigh and connect it with Alex. “He’s finally asleep.” He whispers softly.


“Good. It’s unhealthy as it is for him to go this long without eating or drinking. He needs to keep his energy up somehow. I can't bare seeing him so distant. He just sits's there. I don't know what will happen to him if Abigail doesn't wake up soon.” I hear Nick whisper back.


“Do you think she’ll ever wake up?” Alex asks I could here hope layered in his voice.


Nick sighs. “The Goddess only knows. For now let's leave Dimitri to rest.”


I feel bad for them as I hear the door close. I must have been out for a while. I open my eyes and have an easier time sitting up. I carefully get off the bed so I don’t make a sound and walk toward the door. I turn the knob slowly and lightly push on it. I see their retreating forms and Suzanah with a plate of food and cup of water in her hand. She looks as tired as Dimitri bags visible under her eyes as well. She gets about halfway through the hall way when she finally looks up. She sees me and both plate of food and the cup of water fall from her hand and crash to the ground. “Abigail.” I can here the disbelief in her voice.


The other two turn around and look at me shocked. I try to say hi but nothing comes out so instead I wave. They don’t move just staring at me like they’ve seen a ghost. I frown and link Nick. What?


“You’re awake.” NIck says like he’s testing to see of I’m really here. Alex is silent beside him the shocked looked still glued to his face.


I roll my eyes. Yes I’m awake. Now Can you stop staring and me like you've seen a ghost? Last I checked I'm alive. I pat myself. Yep all here.


Suzanah walks over to me tear in here eyes. She hugs me tight.


“Why are you using the link? Why not just talk out loud?” Nick asks ignoring the fact I was being sarcastic. 


I would if I could Nick. Seems my voice box is still in shut down mode.  I say with a shrug. Maybe it's from not being used in a while. Who knows.


Suzanah smiles at me. “Man I missed you Abbs. We thought you were gone for good.” She gives me a squeeze before releasing me.


Nick and Alex walk over to me. I hear movement in the room and turn to see Dimitri starting to stir. I look back at Suzanah.  Can you make another plate of food? Not for me I’m not really hungry. I link to  her.


She nods and walks to the kitchen as I get embraced by both Nick and Alex. Nick smiles at me. "You have missed a lot. I can't wait to catch up." 


Alex nods. "Yeah though I think we should wait until you can. You know speak again."


I hear a gasp behind me and a chair scoot back. I finch at the noise of the chair. Imagine nail scraping down chalkboard. Yeah not pleasant.  “Guys where’s…….?” Dimitri starts to say then stops. I can here the panic in his voice as well as his exhaustion.


I turn to see him staring at me wide eyed. “A- a- abigail?” The disbelief in his voice is almost heart breaking. He looks at me like he's still dreaming and he doesn't want to wake up.


Suzanah comes back with a plate of food and I give him a stern look and grab the plate holding out to him. Nick laughs. “She just wakes up a couple minutes ago and here she is already concerned about your health.”


He needs to eat. I heard what you guys said earlier. He shouldn't have stopped just because I was unconscious. He should have ate and drank and slept. He should have taken care of himself.


“We know Abigail. We’ve been trying for two months to get him to eat.” Nick says.


I almost drop the plate. t-t-TWO MONTHS!!


I feel an arm on my shoulder. “Hey. It’s ok.” Suzanah says.


I look at Dimitri. His eyes have tears in them. I'm sure I do as well.  Suzanah takes the plate from my hand and I look at her. Two months? I was gone that long?


She nods. “Yeah.” Her eyes are sympathetic making me want to slap her. I hate when people think I need sympathy.


Arms wrap around me and pull me into a very muscular and comforting chest. Dimitri buries his face in my neck. “Oh Goddess I’m glad you’re awake.” He mumbles into my neck his hot breath against my skin sending a shiver through me.


I can feel his ribs against my back. I push at his chest and look at him tears in my eyes. “Y…” Is all I can manage to get out even then it’s cracky.


Tell him he should have ate.


Nick sighs. “She said you should have ate.”


Dimitri looks at me. Guilt and pain flashing through thim. “I couldn’t. I did this to you. I put you in that coma. I should have had better control.” He wipes my eyes and cups my face. He touches my forehead to his.


I glare. It’s not out of anger. More out of concern. He could have died going that long without eating or drinking or even sleeping. I place a hand on his cheek my eyes softening to show that I am concerned not wanting him to think I'm angry. He closes his eyes and moves his face into my palm and inhaling. “I missed you so much.” He says a tear slipping from his cheek.


I turn his face slightly and place my lips on his softly. He moves his hands and wraps them around my waist kissing me back hungrily. My arms wrap around his neck loosely and he pulls me closer our bodies melding together as we both kiss in intense hunger. I lose my senses. The only thing is him. My mate. My love. Him. All of him.


Warmth radiates through me. Mine.


Dimitri pulls back and looks at me.  Who’s? I hear his voice in my head. I look at him shocked. A smile plays at his lips. “Seems to my the mark worked.” 


I hear sighs of relief. I look at him confused. Then I glare. If that’s true then you have no choice but to listen. No more of me until you eat. I want you to eat every bite and to drink plenty of water. You know how scared I was to open my eyes to see you like this!?


Dimitri frowns as I pull away and cross my arms. “Come on you just woke up. Can’t I just spend a little time with you? I'll eat in a little while. Please?”




He sighs. “Fine.” He walks over to Suzanah and grabs the plate grumbling. Nick and Alex are smiling. I can tell they are trying not to laugh. I glare at them and their smiles disappear. Alex clear his throat and I can't help but smile.


I sigh and walk over to him as he sits down. It scares me to see you like this. I just want you to be ok.


I wince as pain goes through me. Dimitri looks at me his eyes full of concern.


I’m fine. Eat.


I see him take the fork and scoop up some corn and put it in his mouth. My senses dull but not in the good way. My throat feels impossibly dry and  the whole world seems to tilt sideways. Arms wrap around me and I look to see Dimitri his eyes concerned.  Abigail?


I look around confused. I’m laying on the bed with him over top of me. “Maybe she wasn’t ready to come out of the coma yet?” Nick suggests.


I sigh. I’m fine. I’m just not used to being active. I’m ok.


“Abigail Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you dropped like a sac to the ground. I almost didn’t catch you.” Dimitri says.


Suzanah walk up with a cup of water. “It might also be she hasn’t had proper nutrition for over two months.”


I push lightly on Dimitri’s chest and he helps me up. I grab the water and drink it. I down the whole thing quickly and frown. The dry feeling still there. I get up and Dimitri wraps an arm around me. “Hey. Take it easy.” He says. I pull out of his grip and head to the kitchen. I can hear everyone follow. I grab another cup and poor more water and drink it. After my forth my throat still feels dry.


Nick takes the cup from me. “Hey slow down.”


I look at him. “My throat is extremely dry.” I say my voice cracky almost imperceptible but still enough to understand.


“She speaks.” Alex says smiling.


I look at him and cock my head. “Yeah.”


Alex rubs the back of his neck. “I was kind of feeling awkward since I couldn’t hear you. Y'all were having silent conversations.”


I shrug. “Sorry.” I try to take the cup from Nick.

Nick frowns pulling the cup away from my reach. “Hmm… Dimitri? Is her body temperature still below average?” He asks.


Dimitri nods. “Yeah it hasn’t changed.”


I frown wandering what he’s getting at.


He grabs a knife from the drawer and before any of us can react he slices it across his wrist. Everyone starts freaking out. I know I should be but for some reason all I can do is stare at the red line now on his wrist. I watch transfixed as the blood starts going down his arm. Everyone goes quiet. I feel and itch in my gums then a sharp pain. I gasp and cover my mouth.


Nick looks at me. “Abigail.”


I back up away from everyone. The urge to go back to Nick and drink his blood powerful. They all are looking at me with sad eyes. Dimitri’s is full of pain. I turn and run from them. I head to the one place I feel comfortable. The lake.


I get there faster than I ever did before and fall to my knees. I look at my reflection and see two fangs protruding my mouth. My eyes are still blue but now there’s a red ring around them.


We tried Abigail. The venom won in the end.


You’re telling me this now. Why do you always have to say these things at the worst ime Miakoda.


Because that’s when you need it.


Tears roll down my face and I wipe them away.


Not this time. Not this time.


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