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Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


23. Chapter 22

Dimitri’s POV


I soon as I see the smile on Mara’s face i knew something was wrong. Before any of us could react Abigail is on the ground pinned. And Mara, fangs popping out if her mouth, is on top her face dangerously close to her neck. I growl and take a step forward.


Mara’s head snaps to me her face lowering closer to Abigail’s neck. “No one move! One more step and I will bite. You know what will happen. Since she was originally human it will turn her and she will become a hybrid at my command.” She says.


Anger that runs through me and I start shaking. Nick curses under his breath and Mara turns her attention back to Abigail. “You were wrong darling. It is I who will succeed.” She grabs Abigail and pins her so she has her fangs close to her neck.


I glare at Mara anger boiling in my blood as my vision turns red. I glance at Abigail and guilt runs through me. I should have never let her come in here. This is my fault.


Abigail starts to struggle in Mara’s grip. I see her muscles tighten as Mara keeps her grip firm. “Stop struggling little one. Wouldn’t want my fangs to accidently pierce your skin.” Mara says an evil grin on her face.


I hear a growl from Abigail then Mara laughs and starts shoving her forward. Anger rolls off me in waves. Nobody touches my luna but me. No one. “I should warn you all if you make one move toward me while I walk away my fangs will go into her neck before any of you can react.” She says and my vision blurs.


I growl unable to control my actions anymore. I storm over toward Abigail and Mara. “Dimitri no!” Alex yells and I feel hands grab me tightly.


I curse and struggle in their grips. “Let me go!” I yell at them angrily.


Nick glares at me. “You idiot! Do you want her to go through that pain?” He asks. Their grip on me tightens but I am too angry to think rationally.


“I SAID LET ME GO!” I yell ripping from their grip and running to tackle Mara. i hear a gasp come from Abigail and my senses come back to me the red fading. I rip Mara from off of her and snap Mara’s neck. I toss her limp body to the side. The smell of blood hits my nose and I look at Abigail. There’s blood on her hand and on her neck. She’s lying on the ground.


I wrap my arms around her. “I’m sorry...I’m sorry. I lost control. I’m sorry.” I say. Her eyes look to me but the are glassy like they aren’t truly seeing me. She whimpers and immediately my thoughts go to her neck.


“You stupid idiot!” Nick yells at me. “Bring her to the guest room. Now! We may be able to save her.” Nick says. He turns and heads in the room without another word.


I pick her up from the ground and hurry to the guest bedroom. I set her down carefully on the bed staying close to her.


Nick walk over to us and looks at me. “Alright we need to get the venom out before it gets too far into her bloodstream.” He looks at Abigail and places a hand on her forehead. He frowns. “We need to do it now or it will be too late. Her temperature’s already dropping.” He holds up three fingers. “Abigail how many fingers am I holding up?” He asks.


Abigail looks in the generally direction of his hand and frowns squinting. “I don’t know.” She answers her voice sounding strained with pain.


Nick curses. “Get me the nurse. Dimitri you are going to have to suck the venom out. You may also have to mark her to counteract the effect of the bite.” He says looking back at me as Alex rushes out the door for the nurse.


I hear a whimper from Abigail and an uneasy feeling goes through me . “How will i know when to stop?” I ask concerned I may stop too soon or to late.


“Just do it. It might already be too late. You must mark her first.” Nick says his voice with filled with authority and a hint of fear.


I get onto the bed careful not to move her too much. “Listen Abigail. No matter what happens. I love you.” I place my lip against her’s briefly. A tear falls silently from my eyes. I didn’t want this to happen this way. I wanted it to be special. To be amazing for her. My canines elongate and I sink my teeth into the other side of her neck marking her as mine. She gasps and tenses as her blood flows into my mouth. She relaxes and I pull out my canines licking the spot healing it.


I place my lips on the vampire bite and try to get the venom out. Abigail’s eyes close and her whole body relaxes. My heart skips a beat in my chest. The nurse comes in and taps me. I pull away and the nurse immediately starts working on Abigail’s unconscious body. I watch in horror as the bite on her neck heals.


Her body starts to convulse and her eyes snap open. Pain etched clear in her feature. “Dimitri I don’t know how long I can fight this. I’m weakening as much as Abigail. The venom is close to her heart.” Her voice has a tinge of an accent to it. Strangely that same as Abigail’s but you can tell the slight difference.


The nurse backs up. “She is right. The venom has spread fast.”


I hear a groan of pain from Abigail’s lips. “I’m sorry Dimitri.” She says then her eyes close. Her body continues to convulse and the nurse holds her shoulders down.


“Get over here and hold her down. I have to get a sedative in her to stop her from convulsing.” The nurse says.


I walk over and place my hands firmly on Abigail’s shoulders as the nurse rummages through her bag. She pulls out a needle and sticks it in Abigail’s arm. Her body starts to relax and I let go. The nurse sighs. “There’s nothing more I can do for her. We must let the goddess decide her fate now.”


The nurse walks out and I kneel next to the bed placing my head in my hands.


Nick sighs. “Well you heard the doctor. It’s not up to us anymore. We’ve done the best we can. The goddess must decide Abigail’s fate now.”


I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Come on. Let’s go Alex. Let’s give Dimitri some time alone.” The hand releases from my shoulder and I hear them walk out.


Alexander’s POV


We walk out of the guest bedroom and we are all silent. Dimitri is in there on the ground and I don’t blame him. The sight of his mate being treated like she was. It was just too much for him to handle. I know he now blames himself. I would too.

Nick sighs and picks up the dead body of Mara. He drags her through the back and put the back yard. He turns and heads to the direction of the lake. I follow him the whole way. Suzanah had saw us and followed. “How is Abigail?” she asks.


I look at her with sad eyes. “None of us know. We couldn’t get the venom out in time.” I say.


She frowns. “Doesn’t that mean she’ll turn?”


I shake my head. “Not necessarily. If her body can fight the venom she might not. If her body can’t fight it then yes she’ll turn.”


Suzanah looks back toward the house. “I hope she can fight it.”


I nod. “Me too.”


Nick dumps Mara’s body into the lake. “There now it will seem like she committed suicide.” Nick wipes his hands on his pants.


I look at her body floating in the water then watch as it sinks down. I sigh. “You know I’m still not satisfied. I would rather have her ripped to pieces and burned.”


Nick nods. “I think we all do. I can’t risk it though. Even ashes leave DNA.” He says.


I nod. “Let’s just head back.”


Suzanah nod in agreeance and we start walking back.


I stop at the edge of the forest. “Hey Nick. Mind I go for a run?”


He shakes his head. “Go ahead.”


I nod and walk back in the forest taking off my clothes then shifting.


Dimitri’s POV


Abigail’s unconscious form on the bed is too much for me. I couldn’t keep control. I lost it and now she has to pay because of it. She might still be here with me instead at that awful place but now she has to deal with the pain of transformation into a vampire.


Now, none of us know anything about Vampires as much as we would like to because it’s so rare for us to see them. They smell just like humans do and look no different. The only thing that gives them away is when they are angry there eyes tinge red, their fangs, and the temperature of their skin is colder than a humans.

I get up off the floor and pull a chair up to the bed. I had to mark her too. I didn’t want it to be like that. I wanted it to be meaningful. Now we just have to see if the mark stays. I’ve never dealt with a vampire bite so I don’t know if the venom will somehow instead of the mark counteracting the venom the venom ends up counteracting the mark.


I sigh and grab my mates hand which is colder. I pull her hand up to my lips and gently kiss it. The door opens and Nick walks in. “Mara’s body has been taken care of.”


I nod slowly placing Abigail’s hand back down by her side. “Thank you.”


He places a hand on my shoulder. “You shouldn’t blame yourself for this. I would have done the same.”


I look at him. “So you would have done something stupid like completely ruin your mate’s life?”


He sighs. “You haven’t ruined her life.”


I point at her. “So her being unconscious, turning into a hybrid,  and probably going to be in pain isn’t ruining her life?”


He frowns. “No. As long as she still has her free will from Mara then I think you’ve improved her life. Your her mate. She’s been happier with you around. You should have seen her when she didn’t meet you. She was very quiet, always upset.”


I look at him. “I don’t think there’s a big difference.”


He nods. “But I do. She actually enjoys herself now. She talks and jokes. She smiles more. You may not see it but everyone else does. You’ve had a great impact on her life.”


I sigh looking back at her. “Yeah well we’ll see what she thinks when she wakes up.”


Nick sighs.   “I guess so.” He leaves closing the door leaving me alone with Abigail once again.


I place my hand on top of her’s and kiss her forehead. I sit back down and stay next to her while she is unconscious.


Hours go by but I don’t move. The nurse comes in after a while to check and see how Abigail is doing. She scold me telling me i need to go eat and rest but I refuse.


I don’t eat the food Suzanah brings in and it sits there getting cold. I don’t drink the water that Alex brings in. I just sit there looking at Abigail. I don’t how much time has passed but soon they give up trying to get me to drink or eat.


I’m exhausted and my eyes are heavy but I continue to fight sleep for as long as I can.


After a while the battle ends and sleep takes over.

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