Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


22. Chapter 21

Nick’s POV


Dimitri looks at me after she’s gone. “I wanted to figure out exactly who had got to her and where they were so I could stop it from ever happening again.”


I sigh. “Well you should have told her. She is already dealing with her family being god. She blames herself. I know her even for the little time I’ve been her Alpha. To place something like that on her while she is in the state of mind she’s in is like placing a grenade down and pulling the pin. Eventually it’s going to explode whether you’re ready for it or not.” I say.


He sighs. “I didn’t get a chance to tell her and when I did have the chance it was the wrong time. I didn’t mean for her to hear that he was still alive. She guessed it on her own after the conversation I had with my Beta. I don’t want her mad at me again. I just got her to forgive me for what I had done before.”


I nod. “Well you’ll have to find some way to apologize for not telling her. For right now just give her the space she needs. She’ll come back when she’s ready.”


His shoulders slump.


I place a hand on his shoulder. “It will be ok my friend. She will forgive you. Just give it time. I will say every girl wants to here how much she means to you every once in a while.”


He looks at me. “I just want her to be happy. I also want her to be with me.” He sighs rubbing his face. “I thought a relationship would be easy. It turns out to be the most complicated thing ever.”


I laugh. “Well I have only been in a couple but I know that’s the truth. Women are complicated. They always get angry easily. You compliment them and they can turn it on you like ‘you look really pretty today’ they’ll be like ‘oh so I don’t look pretty any other day’.” I say mocking a girls voice.


He laughs then sighs. “I just want her to be with me. I don’t want her to be mad at me or ignore me. I couldn’t sleep or eat when she wasn’t around me at all. I can’t go through that again.” He says. I see the pain in his eyes.


I pat him on the back in a bro hug. “It’s ok man. I have a feeling she’ll forgive you.”


He looks at me after I pull away. “You sure?”


I nod.


Alexander comes out of the house. Every time he’s around since he’s a lone wolf I always have the urge to make him submit to me. I always have to shakes it off.


He looks at both of us and frowns. “Where’s Abigail?” He asks.


I point to the woods. “She is going for a run.”


He looks at me. “By herself?” He asks. I can hear the concern etched in his voice.


I nod. “Don’t worry I told her to stay near the house.”


He frowns. “You know how much she likes the lake. That’s like her favorite spot. She isn’t going to stay near the house. She’s going to go there.”


I nod. “I know. That’s close enough to where if something happens we can get to her still.”

He frowns but doesn’t say anything else. I feel like he thinks of her more than just as a customer. I just don’t know if he thinks of her as a sister or something more than that. It worries me now that she’s found her mate. Especially since her mate’s an Alpha like me. We get really possessive of our mates. Of course I haven’t found my mate yet but I’m hoping to find her soon. Since the ball is coming up in two days I’m hoping that’s when I find her.


Nick. Help.


I hear Abigail’s voice through the link suddenly. It’s extremely weak and I know something is happening to her. I run into the woods linking the rest of the pack then linking her.  I’m on my way.


I hear Alex and Dimitri behind me. “What’s wrong?” Dimitri asks his voice strained as he tries to keep up with me.


I keep running. “Abigail’s in trouble.” I say my voice breathless.


I hear a growl come from both of them as we make our way to the lake. I curse when I see she’s not there. I breathe in searching for her scent and find it. I run in that direction as fast as I possibly can.


I make it and notice a woman has her in her arms. Abigail is in her wolf form and seems to be unconscious. The women is struggling to carry her. I can tell because her arms are shaking. I glare taking a step forward. “What are you doing with that wolf?” I ask angrily trying not to give anything away. I don’t know if this lady knows what she is. I know she doesn’t know that I do though.


She looks at me. “Silly me. This animal is hurt. I’m here to take it to get it fixed up.” She says with a smile her voice strained.


I cross my arms. “This wolf seems unharmed to me. Who said you could come onto my property?” I ask.


She frowns. “This is private property? Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know. I’ll just take her and be on my way.”


I raise an eyebrow. “How do you know whether the wolf is a girl or boy?” I ask.


She falters but quickly gains her composure and I know she works with whoever has Abigail’s parents. “I checked before I picked her up.”


I nod pretending I believe her. “Well would you like some help? You seem to be struggling.”

A look of relief crosses her face. She nods. “That would be wonderful.”


I smile and look at Dimitri. “Come on let’s go help her.”


He has anger in his eyes but nods. He walks past me and I whisper low enough so only he could hear. “I’ll grab abigail you take out the women.”


He gives a tiny nod. I turn and walk over to the lady and grab Abigail. I see the dart and relax some. I thought the lady may have knocked her out another way.


Dimitri glares at the lady and realization crosses her eyes. Before she has a chance to even react he punches her in the face. You can hear the audible crunch as his fist connects with her face and she crumples to the ground. He growls and I hand him abigail knowing it will calm him down.


He buries his face in her neck. I see him relax slightly.


Alex walks over and picks the lady up. “Let’s get her back and ties her up. She’ll be useful to figure out what they want with abigail.” He says.


I nod. “Dimitri take Abigail back in the guest room and lay her on the bed. I think you should stay with her until she wakes up. We don’t want her to freak out when she wakes up thinking she’s back at that horrid place.”


He nods keeping her tightly in his arms. He walks back toward the house. Alex follows me back and into the basement. I grab rope and tie the lady to a chair. “If need be I will  torture the information out of her. We can’t have this happening again. Abigail, whether she likes it or not, will at least have one of us accompanying her when she leaves this house.” I say to Alex.


He nods. “I completely agree.”


I nod. “Good now go get me some ice water. I want this women awake immediately.”


Abigail’s POV


I wake up my head pounding. I groan and it comes out weird. I become confused and open my eyes. I see I’m in wolf form and what happened comes rushing back and I spring from the bed.


“Whoa whoa. Abigail it’s ok. It’s just Nick’s house. We got to you just in time.” I hear Dimitri say as I see him walk in front of me.


A whimper escapes me as I feel tears in my eyes. I was so close to being taken again. I know if that had happened I wouldn’t get to see my family again and they would be used as leverage to get me to do whatever they wanted.


Dimitri wraps his arms around my neck in an embrace. I feel my body trembling and I want to hug him back. I shift back knowing full well I’ll be naked but I don’t care. I wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his neck.


I feel him release an arm and he wraps a blanket around me before hugging me again. “Shhh. It’s ok. I’m here for you my luna. No one will get to you.” He keeps his arms tightly around me.


“I thought you guys wouldn’t get to me in time. I thought for sure I would be back there again. I….I’m scared Dimitri. I keep trying to pretend I’m not. Trying to act like I’m brave. I can’t anymore. I want my family. I want to be rid of ever having to think of that place again.”  I say looking at him.


He wipes my face and I see that I was crying because his hand comes away wet. “We will get your parents back. We will take care of the one causing the problem. I won’t let them have you again.” He says. He kisses my forehead. “I promise you.”

I keep my arms around him and bury my face in his chest. He stay there and lets me just sit here like this for a while. He kisses the top of my head. “The women who was trying to take you is now in our custody. She might have some useful information that might help us get your family back.” He says.


I pull away and look at him. “Really?” I asks.


He nods and I get up the blanket falling off of me. He takes off his shirt and hands it to me. At first I am confused then remember that I’m naked and quickly slip it on blushing deeply.


He doesn’t tease me about it. “I’ll go get your clothes.” He says.


I shake my head. “I’ll be fine for right now.”


A smile creeps onto his lips. “You look cute in my shirt. Sexy too.”


I blush and slap him on the shoulder. “Shush.”


He chuckles and hugs me. “I thought I was going to lose you.” He says burying his face in my neck.


I hug him back. “I’m glad you guys got to me in time.”


We stay like this for a little while before he finally steps away. “Come on. I think Nick could use a break.” He says walking to the door my hand in his.


He opens it and walks out toward the basement. I shudder thoughts of what goes on down here running through my head. A scream of pain comes from behind the door and Dimitri stops. “I think you should stay out here while I go tell Nick you’re awake.” He says.


I shake my head gripping his hand tighter. He looks at me with soft eyes. “Alright then link him from here.” He says giving my hand a squeeze.


I nod.  Nick. Can you come out of the basement?


Your up. I can hear his relieved. I’ll be out in a minute. Let me clean up.


Ok. I look at Dimitri. “He’ll be out in a minute.”


Dimitri nods and picks me up from the ground. “Let’s go sit down until he comes out.” He says.


I release his hand and wrap my arms his neck. He walks over to the couch and sits down setting me on his lap sideways so I can look at him. I unwrap my arms but lay my head against his chest.


He wraps his arms around my side and rests his chin on my head.  “It’s weird to hear you so quiet.” He says.


I shrug. “I don’t know what to say.”


He sighs. “You know I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Charles. You didn’t hear the whole conversation. Charles wasn’t doing it because he wanted to. He was ordered to. Given Vampire blood. That stuff controls your mind. He physically can’t tells us or it will hurt him. Nor can he disobey an order given by the one who gave him the blood.” He says.


I look at him. “I don’t care that he’s still alive. I care of the wolf that he’s been combined with. Aed was part of a pack not that far from Miakoda. It’s the only wolf she knows. She’s been taken from her pack and family. He is the closest thing she has to her old life.” I say.


He cocks his head. “So you’re not mad at me?”


“I can’t stay mad at you.” I kiss his cheek.


He buries his face in my neck. “Well I’m glad.” He says.


The door to the basement opens and Alex as well as Nick walk out. Alex smiles though I can see the relief in his eyes. “Hey Abigail. How are you feeling?” He asks.


I shrug. “How should I be feeling. My family’s still gone and I was almost taken to the exact place they are at.”


He sighs. “So mixed?”


I nod.


Nick nods. “Well I’m glad you’re awake. We have been trying to get information from the lady. So far all we have gotten from her is her name. Mara. She won’t tell us anything else.”

“I heard. Maybe if I was in there I could talk to her. Of course not alone.” I say.


Nick sighs. “I don’t think any of us want you near her. I must also warn you her condition os brutal. We tried kindly asking and when that didn’t work we had to resort to torture.”


I look at Dimitri. He nods. “Since you’ve been out. I knocked her out and they got her right back up as soon as she was tied up. Are you sure you want to?”


I nod. “It might help.”

He sighs. “Fine but all three of us are coming with you.”


I shrug. “I wasn’t expecting any different.”


“Wait what do you mean three? You forgetting someone?” Suzanah asks.


We all look at her stunned. She frowns. “What you guys didn’t hear me come in? I’ve been in here for at least thirty minutes.” She holds up my clothes. “I saw these while I was going for a run. I think you need them. Though I do admit you look sexy in that outfit.” she says teasingly.


I feel heat rise in my cheeks and she laughs. I glare at her. She stops laughing and composes herself. “Anyway I heard you guys talking about a prisoner? Well Abbs is not going down there without me either.” She says then looks at me. “Or at least putting some pants on.”


I roll my eyes.


She walks over to me and hands me my clothes. I grab them. “You want her to take you seriously right?”


I sigh and untangle from Dimitri’s arms. I look at him and he gets up as well. He grabs my hand and we walk to the guest bedroom. I look at him. “Is it weird that I don’t want to be away from you right now?” I ask.


He shakes his head. “No when we need it we seek comfort in each other. It’s not out of the ordinary.”


I release his hand. “Ok.” I slip on my underwear and pants keeping his shirt on. I strategically slip my bra on never taking of his shirt.


He walks up to me when I’m done and kisses me. “You look sexy in my shirt.”


I blush.


He picks me up from the ground. Alright let’s go see what we can get out of Mara.” He says walking out of the bedroom.


Suzanah smiles when she sees us. “You guys are completely adorable together.”


I stick my tongue out at her.


Dimitri sets me down on the ground and wraps an arm around my waist. We all head to the basement.


When the door opens the smell of blood hits my nose. I walk in and see the lady, Mara tied to a chair her head down and dried blood on her arms and legs. She looks up and frowns. “Is this a party? I’m sorry I didn’t dress right for a party.” She says.


I glare. “Cut the shit Mara. I’m not in the mood for your games.”


She looks at me. “Feisty one aren’t we? I see now why he wants you so bad. I mean he could just have his goone Avery make another of you but he thinks it would be too much of a risk.”


I glare. “Why does he even need me?” I asks angrily.


Mara laughs. “Like I’d tell you. I may have wanted to take you to him but it was only for my benefit. You see he’s been grumpy ever since your little escape. Hasn’t wanted to spend any time with me.”


A smile spreads on my face. “So you know him personally? That means you being absent for so long will concern him. He’ll have to make a trade. You for my family.”


She laughs. “He wouldn’t dare risk his little project for me.”


Dimitri crosses his arms. “Oh you mean the one where you try to eliminate my entire species?”


She falters. “How do you know that?...... Charles! That little runt is still alive.” She says.


I smile. “Yeah and soon he’ll be singing like a canary. We’ll know your exact plans. If you want to get out of this alive you might wanted to start talking.” I says.


She smiles. “What are you going to do? You don’t have the guts to hurt me. You’re just a naive little pup. A freak created to destroy these pests. Once that’s done you’ll be nothing. Something to toss once we’re finished.”


I growl and walk up to her. “And what are you? A chick on the side when he needs the relief? What do you think he’s going to do when he’s done with you? You’re in the same boat as I am. Difference is I’m not the one tie to a chair at the mercy of five very angry werewolves. I’m not the one with dried blood on her arms or legs.” I grab her neck and whisper in her ear. “I’m going to be the one to succeed.” I push on her neck and take a step back.


She smiles. “We’ll see about that.”

Next thing I know I’m on the ground pinned. I hear growls. “No one move! One more step and I will bite. You know what will happen. Since she was originally human it will turn her and she will become a hybrid at my command.” Mara says hands pinning my wrists.


I hear a curse. Mara smiles at me. “You are wrong darling. It is I who will succeed.” She picks me up and pins me against her.


I see all of them glaring at her muscles tense waiting for her to make a mistake. I see Dimitri shaking his eyes black. His eyes meet mine and I can see the pain in his. I struggle to get out of her grasp and it only tightens. “Stop struggling little one. Wouldn’t want my fangs to accidently pierce your skin.”


I growl.


She laughs and starts pushing me forward. “I should warn you all if you make one move toward me while I walk away my fangs will go into her neck before any of you can react.” She says pushing me up the stairs.


I hear a growl from Dimitri. “Dimitri no!” I hear Alex yell.


I hear cursing. “Let me go!” Dimitri yells.


“You idiot! Do you want her to go through that pain?!” Nick asks.


“I SAID LET ME GO!” Dimitri yells.


I feel myself get shoved with Mara’s body along with me and we both fall to the ground. A stabbing pain goes through my neck causing me to gasp. Mara is ripped off of me and I hear the snap of bones. I struggles to sit up and feel the side of my neck. When I pull my hand away it’s covered in blood.


Nausea settles in and I fall back down to the ground. I feel arms wrap around me. “I’m sorry...I’m sorry. I lost control. I’m sorry.” I hear Dimitri say.


I look at him but can’t really see him that well. The spot on my neck starts to heat up and pain like needles stabbing at it causes me to whimper.


“You stupid idiot! Bring her to the guest room. Now! We may be able to save her.” Nick says.


I feel myself being moved but everything is blurry and I can’t see well. I feel myself getting set down. “Alright we need to get the venom out before it gets too far into her bloodstream.”


I feel a hand on my forehead. “We need to do it now or it will be too late her temperatures already dropping. Abigail how many fingers am I holding up?” He asks. I struggle to see.


I frown. “I don’t know.” My voice is laced with pain.


Nick curses. “Get me the nurse. Dimitri you are going to have to suck the venom out. You may also have to mark her to counteract the effect of the bite.”


The pain gets worse and I whimper. “How will i know when to stop?” Dimitri asks.


“Just do it. It might already be too late. You must mark her first.” Nick says.


I feel the bed move. “Listen Abigail. No matter what happens. I love you.” I feel his lips against mine briefly. The next thing I feel is pain on the other side of my neck. I gasp in pain but it is soon replaced with a good feeling and I relax. Drowsiness kicks in and I feel my eyelids get heavy. I feel his lips on the other side of my neck and then everything fades.


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