Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


21. Chapter 20

I wake up with an arm around me and breath on my neck. I frown and open my eyes confused. Then the view of the unfamiliar room sends all the memories of last night crashing down. I try to get up but Dimitri’s arm tightens around me.


First I think he’s awake but then realise he’s still asleep. His breathing is even and when I turn my head  to look at him his eyes are closed.


I sigh. His grip tightens slightly and I hear his breathing start to pick up slowly. I feel his breath on my ear. “Morning.” He says.


I nod and look at him. He kisses my cheek then moves so he’s on top of me. “You sleep ok?” He asks cocking his head at me.


I nod.


He frowns. “You ok?”


I roll my eyes. “Just dandy. My family is with the man that made me into a monster. So yeah I’m ok.” I say sarcasm dripping thick like syrup in my voice.


He sighs. “You could have just said no.” He places a hand on my cheek. “I promise you that I will do everything to get your family back.”


I look at him. “Sorry. I just want them back.”


He leans down and kisses me on the lips briefly. It was still enough to take my breath away. He pulls away and smiles. “You don’t need to apologize. I understand your upset.”


I sigh. “I’m not upset. I’m angry. I feel like it’s my fault. I should have went home. Maybe if I hadn’t have been here so often maybe my family would still be here. I might have prevented this from happening.”


He cups my cheek. “You don’t know that. If you were there they might have taken you instead.”


I look at him. “Yeah and they would be at home safe.”


He shakes his head. “They’d still have been in danger. They might have taken them for reassurance you would do what they ask.”


I frown. “They are being used as bait to lure me to there place. What do you think will happen when I get there? They aren’t going to release them.”


He glares. “You are not going there. We will figure some way to get your family safely without you being handed straight to them.”


I move his hand from my cheek no longer in the mood for his touch. “There’s no other way. I won’t risk them getting hurt trying to keep me safe. I don’t care if you agree or not it’s my choice. I choose safety of my family over mine every time.”


He growls. “I’m not going to let you go and do something stupid like that. If I have to tie you to the bed I will. I will find a way to get your parents and your sister but we need a strategy. Your family is safe for the time being. They won’t harm them knowing you won’t cooperate if that happens.”


I glare at him. “You tie me up and I swear I will hate you for the rest of my life. I will go. I’m not going to let you put yourself at risk either. I won’t let it get to that. They worst they can do is torture me until I snap. Which is not likely to happen.” I push him off me. “You think I’m being selfish about this. Think about it. If you were in my shoes wouldn’t you do the same. If it was me in there would you sacrifice your safety for mine?”

He sighs. “Yes. Wouldn’t you want to find an alternative if the person you felt strongly for was trying to risk their life for there families?”


I look at him. “Yes I would.” I sigh.


His phone rings and he looks at it. “It’s my beta Jack. I have to take this. “ He answers the phone and puts it to his ear. Of course I can hear the conversation.


“Alpha we have a problem. The guy we picked up. He and your mate are not born like us. They were made. The person who made them’s boss. He’s a vampire. It’s what got the guy to kidnap her. The vampire used his blood. If you want we can work on an antidote. There’s something the guy was ordered not to tell us about how he and the girl were made to kill off our species.” Jack says through the phone. His words cause me to frown.


The guy? I curse under my breath. Charles is still alive. Wait Vampire? I thought Alex said no one’s ever seen a vampire if they even exist.


Dimitri frowns. “I want you to get on the antidote as soon as possible. I am already aware of the fact that Abigail, your luna, is not a born werewolf. There’s a problem that needs to be solved right now with her family being taken by the same people who had changed her from being human. I may need to come over there so we can get a strategy on how to defeat this vampire and get her family back safely.” He says pacing back in forth deep in thought.

“Wait so now her family’s been taken? We should figure this out right away then. I’ll get right on it. Luckily some of our ancestors have encountered Vampires before so there’s some information on them.” Jack says on the other side of the phone.


Dimitri nods. “Ok good. I’ve been kind of busy since I had been made Alpha. Haven’t had much time to read the journals. I’m guessing that’s where the information is. I need to go but I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He says standing in the middle of the room.


“Of course Alpha. Goodbye.”


“Goodbye Jack.” Dimitri says then hangs up and looks at me.


I look at him. “I thought you said you were going to kill charles?” I asks. I’m angry that Charles is still alive but I make sure to keep my tone and expression blank.


He nods. “I was then thought I first wanted to know why he had taken you.”


“I had already told you why!” I snap no longer able to hide my anger. “He wanted to take me to the one place that turned me into this freakshow. The one place they have taken my family!” I get up my hands shaking.


He takes a step toward me. I growl at him. “Don’t.” I turn and walk out of the room.


Alex is immediately up from the chair he was sitting in. I walk past him not even acknowledging him. He grabs my arm stopping me. “Abigail what’s wrong?” He asks.


I glare at him. “Charles is still alive that’s what.” I rip my arm from his grasp and storm out of the house.


Nick is sipping coffee on a rocking chair on his porch. I walk past him and off the porch intending to go for a run to cool off. He sets his cup down. “Abigail what’s wrong?” He asks getting up. I don’t answer him.


“Abigail please stop for a minute. What’s wrong?” He asks. I continue walking making it to the woods.


“ABIGAIL STOP!” He yells his voice deeper.


I frown as I can’t make another step forward or move for that matter. I hear footsteps and him sigh. “I’m sorry Abigail.” He places a hand on my arm. I can move now so I look at him. “What is the matter?” He asks his voice soft.


I sigh. “Charles is still alive. I thought he was dead. I’m angry that he’s still alive because Dimitri told me he would be taken care of. That he would kill him.” I say.


Nick frowns. “Maybe he had a reason for keeping him alive.”


I nod. “Yeah a reason in which I already told him the answer.” I say angrily.


Nick sighs. “So you decide to walk out of the house and just leave.”


I shake my head. “I’m not stupid you know. I want to but I’m not going to. I was going to go for a run so I could calm down.”


Nick cocks his head. “I wasn’t saying that you were stupid. You lost your family and I know my first reaction would be to try to get them without risking anyone else's lives that I care about. That’s the reason I stopped you. Save you from yourself.” He says.


I glare. “Even if I was to go it would be when you all were either asleep or when you wouldn’t notice it until it was too late. I know you guys would try to get me out after that and put your lives at risk again so what would be the point?” I ask.


He shrugs. “Either way I didn’t want you just running off.”


The front door bursts open. I look and see Dimitri concerned. Then he sees me and Nick and frowns walking over to us. Before I have a chance to move or get away Nick puts a hand on my shoulder. “Look just next time take a deep breath and count to ten. If you are still not calm by then count to a hundred.”


I sigh. “Fine. I’m sorry I lost my cool ok? But I still need to go for a run on my own for a little while.” I say not looking at Dimitri making sure to emphasize that I want to be alone.


Nick nods. “Just stay close to the pack house.”


I nod and walk into the woods not looking at Dimitri. I run and hide behind a tree taking my clothes off and shift into a wolf.


You know I am kind of glad he didn’t kill your friend Charles. I know it might seem wrong to you but there’s a wolf in there I remember from a while ago. It doesn’t seem like it was the wolfs fault and if Charles is dead then the wolf dies with him.


Still Miakoda. Charles kidnapped us! He was going to take us from the one place we had escaped from. I don’t know about you but that place was terrible. I may not have been there as long as you but I woke in a dog caged and not given a choice in whether I wanted what has happened to me. I was just shoved in the glass box.


I know. I woke up in a cage too Abigail. I wasn’t given a choice either. They fed me and gave me water on a schedule. I had limited space to move when I was used to unlimited .Do you think I wanted this to happen to me either? I was taken from my pack. My family. At least you still got to go back to yours.


I flinch feeling guilty. I’m sorry. I forgot that you might have had a family.


I’m just telling you to remember you don’t have it as bad as I do.


I stop by the lake my tail wrapping around my legs. I lower my head and look at my reflection. I know. You have lost a family but you’ve also gained another. You have me, Dimitri, my parents, my sister, my pack.


I know but it’s still hard losing the ones you love.


I nod. I’ll try to be more considerate of your feelings too.


I feel that she is thankful but she stays silent. I stand up and get a drink of water from the lake. Then look around. I take of running no longer angry but just wanting to feel the wind through my fur again.


I sigh enjoying the moment and trying to let the fact my family is in danger slip from my mind for right now.


After a while I get tired and stop panting. I sit down and rest. The sound of footsteps catches my attention and my ears perk up. Something seems off. I turn in the direction of the footsteps but the sound stops. It sounded fairly close. I get up and sniff the air. The wind is blowing in the same direction so I can’t catch a scent.


I hear movement from behind some bushes and a warning growl rumbles in my throat. I hear the sound of something clicking into place. I hear a sound of something coming toward me and feel a prick in my shoulder. I yelp in surprise more than pain and look to see a dart.


Dizziness goes through me and I try to keep myself standing up right. A figure steps out of the shadows. It seems to be a woman. She’s tall with red hair and light brown eyes. She smiles at me. A weak growl is all I can respond with as my legs give out and my eyelids grow heavy. “You know I wish he had just done this in the first place. No need in all this unneeded drama. He’ll be amazed when I bring you to him.” She says.


Nick. Help. Is all I can manage in the link.


I’m on my way.


The lady walks up to me and frowns. “Hmm….I don’t think I’ll be able to carry you. I mean I alway underestimate my strength but still.” She sighs. “I’ll try.” She bends down and picks me up but I can feel her struggling. She grunts. “You are really heavy for a skinny wolf.”


Her voice fades as my eyes close. I hear the sound of running footsteps but then nothing.

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