Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


20. Chapter 19

I had a great time with the pack as we joked around and watched the movie. By the time it settled down it was already dark outside and I was exhausted almost falling asleep on Dimitri.


He picks me up from the chair carrying me bridal style and says goodnight to everyone. He heads out the door with me too tired to protest.


He sets me down in the passenger's seat of his car and buckles me in. I frown as he closes the door walking to his side and getting in. He looks at me noticing the frown on my face. “What’s wrong?” He asks.


“Why did you let go of me?” I asks tiredly.


He chuckles and grabs my hand. “Better.”


I grumble and close my eyes. He laughs and I hear the car start. I fall asleep almost as soon as he pulls out of the driveway.


My eyes pop open to someone lightly shaking me. “Abby. Wake up. Your parents car is home and unless you want me to tell them that we are dating I suggest you get up.” Dimitri says.


I groan. “Wake me up tomorrow.”


He sighs. “I don’t want to leave you but you need to go to your bed.”


I sigh and unbuckle. “Fine.” He helps me out of the car.


Alex is getting out of his car and locking it as I walk up my driveway.  I immediately stop. Something’s not right. I run toward the house and Alex calls to me. I ignore him. I see the door is unlocked and hurry inside. Everything looks disheveled like someone broke into the house. The scent is weird. I look around rush upstairs checking every room.


I growl rumbles loudly through my chest and my body starts shaking. Red starts dancing in my vision. I feel arms wrap tightly around me. I try to shake them off but they only tighten. “Calm down Abigail.” I hear Alex say.


I feel another hand on my cheek. “Abigail.” Dimitri’s voice is calm and the red vanishes and I look at him.


He wipes my cheek and it comes away wet. Alex loosens his grip and Dimitri takes me in his arms. I bury my face in his chest. He hold me silently.


After a little while he pulls away and looks at Alex. “She’s no longer safe here. I would say bring her to my hotel room but the space there is small.”


Alex nods. “I think she’d be safest near her pack.”


I frown. “I’m right here guys. I don’t need to be safe. My parent’s and sister are in danger.”

Dimitri looks at me. “Right now what’s important is your safety. They won’t harm your parents while they can use them as leverage. We’ll make a plan to get them back. Right now you are going back in  my car and we are driving to Nick’s place to explain the situation.” He says picking me up bridal style, “You also need to get some rest.”

I glare at him. “You think I can sleep knowing my parents and my little sister have been kidnapped?!”

He looks at me. “Do you want to be at your full strength?”


I sigh. “I honestly will not be able to rest. Not when they aren’t at home asleep.”


His eyes are soft. “I know. I’ll be next to you so it will be easier to sleep. We’ll get you some warm tea to help as well.” He sets me down in the passenger’s seat. Alex gets in the back. I buckle up as Dimitri gets in the driver’s side.


I look out the window at my house, anger still simmering like a hot coal. Dimitri grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze as he pulls out of the driveway.  I hold his hand feeling slightly comforted but not by much. Everything goes by in a blur as my mind has a hard time concentrating on one thing.


I hear Alex and Dimitri talk but can’t focus on the words. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have stayed out so late. Now my family’s been taken from me. They had to take away my humanity but now they’ve crossed a line and they will regret it. Avery will scream for death when I’m done with him.


I feel the car jerk and screech to a stop and arms wrap tightly around me. “Abby. Calm down.”


I frown confused then realize I’m shaking really bad. I look at him and his eyes are gentle. He pulls me to him and I feel him maneuver us in to the back seats. “Alex I think it might be best if you drive.”


Alex nods and hops into the front.

Dimitri pulls me onto his lap and hold me there. He runs his fingers through my hair and I slowly stop shaking. I lean back and rest my head against his chest. He wraps his arms around me. He rests his chin on my head and I feel comfort in his touch. I sigh.


“I know you won’t believe this but it’s going to be ok. We’ll get them back.” Alex says from the driver’s seat.


I don’t respond to him closing my eyes. The car stops and I open my eyes to see that we are at Nick’s place. I move Dimitri’s arms and get out walking toward the pack house. I hear the doors of the car shut and footsteps follow me.


I knock once we reach the door and wait patiently. I feel Dimitri grab my hand. I let him not caring.


The door opens and Nick looks at me frowning. He’s shirtless but is at least wearing shorts. “I thought you were going home?”


Something in my features must have gave it away because he waves me inside. “What happened?” He asks his face full of concern.


I walk inside. “I stayed here and had fun while my family was kidnapped.”


Anger flashes in Nick’s eyes. “It must have been that guy you had mentioned that kidnapped you. How did he figure out where you live?”

I frown until it hits me. “Charles.” I growl. “He must have had contact with them.”


Charles POV


They unshackle my so I can eat and drink again. It’s been a couple days since that alpha’s beta has taken my blood to test it and today the results come in. I’m curious of the information he has to offer. I’ve never had a blood test since I was transformed into what I am now.


I eat the meat they give me that is actually really good. I drink the water chugging it since I hadn’t had a drink in a couple days. They fed me everyday just some days they don’t give me water. They allow me to go to the bathroom which is an actual bathroom. I guess they didn’t want to have do deal with the stench of a bucket. Of course I’m grateful for an actual bathroom to do my business in


I wash my face and arms in the sink after I’m finished using the bathroom then head out and sit back down on the ground where I was before.


The shackle me back up again and leave. I sit there in the dark, cold room alone in the silence. I look around even though I’ve seen everything already. After a while I hear the door open and I very confused and conflicted looking beta come in and walk toward me. “It seems what they injected into was blood. With the technology we have we were able to identify the blood to be non human. “


I frown. “They injected me with blood? How would that test to see if I’m ok?” I asks.


He looks at me. “It wasn’t to see if your ok. The blood was identified as Vampire blood. I looked it up in one of our journals and Vampire blood is used to control the mind of whoever is given it.”

I frown. “Vampire? Wait but that would mean two possibilities of people who could be the vampire.”


Confusion passes through his features. “Two?”


I nod. “I don’t know the other guys name. All I know is one’s name is Avery. He’s not the boss of the operation. The boss is more cruel. He wants to end your species.”


He moves closer to me and I realise I just said something I was told by Avery to keep to myself. Woops.


“What do you mean end my species?” His tone has become harsh.


I shift uncomfortable all of a sudden. I open my mouth to speak and a wave of pain slice through my brain causing a startled cry to leave my lips instead of words. The pain gets worse and my vision blurs.  I hear the beta’s voice but it’s muffled.


I shake my head and close my mouth thinking of what Avery and the man told me not to say. My vision clears after a couple of minutes and his voice becomes clearer. His face is inches from mine concerned. “You ok?” He asks.


I frown. “That was weird. I was about to answer your question but I physically couldn’t.”


He gets up. “We need to fix that. I’m going to start working on an antidote to counteract what the blood has done. Hopefully you will no longer be a drone to his commands. This changes everything.” He walks out leaving me alone again.


I sigh slumping. I was about to give those people an innocent girl and turn her into their slave. All because I thought I was doing the right thing. Apparently had no choice in the matter as well. This is all my fault. I should’ve known…...God I’m stupid.


Wait. What did he mean by make an antidote?


Unknown POV


I look back to the unconscious people in the back. A smile creeps to my lips. After I had got a name of the girl and her neighborhood I was able to narrow down the possibilities. Oh that and I happen to see her get out of a car with a mutt and walk inside the house I have now taken these three from.

I’ve given them a powerful sedative that should keep them out for at least 8 hours. Just  incase I made sure they were all tied and gagged. I look to Avery who’s sweating. I roll my eyes. “Lighten up. They aren’t dead. Plus this is the only way to get the girl to come willingly. With her family with us she’ll do as we say without question. It’s a vulnerability all of you humans have. It’s a pity really.” I say in disappointment.


His eyes flicker to the unconscious bodies. “But sir. Did we have to take her whole family?”


I sigh. Stupid humans. “Yes. If not they would have called the police. Then we would have the police on our tail as well. Do you know what would happen if they find out what experiments you have been doing on human being without their consent? Death. Of course I’ll survive the death sentence. You however wouldn’t.” I say turning my attention back to the road.


We’ve been on the road for only a couple of hours. I’m hoping the girl has not found out about her missing family yet. I want to give her family time to…….get acquainted with the little room I have in store for them.


Avery stays silent for most of the ride.


After a couple of hours I hear movement in the back. “The little girl is starting to stir.” Avery announces. I pull over and hop in the back.


“Your turn to drive. Try not to look guilty.” I say and kneel next to the girl.


Avery goes into the front as the girls eyes open and look around confused. Her eyes reach me and she starts to panic. I place a hand on her and look into her eyes. “Shhhhhh. It’s ok. No one’s going to hurt you.” I say. The child’s mind is the easiest to manipulate so I don’t need the use of my blood to get her to do what I need her too.


Her eyes cloud over slightly and she relaxes. I smile at her. “See I’m not here to hurt you.” I undo the gag to help with the manipulation I am placing over her mind. Or I should say false trust.


She looks up at me. “Why do you need me and mommy and daddy?” She asks.


I talk to her like you normally would a child. “Well sweetheart. Your sister needs to get checked out. She’s not well. We were trying to help her when she left us all of a sudden. She refuses to come back so now you guys will have to help encourage her to come back.”


Something flickers in her eyes and they clear. “You’re the bad man who made mommy and daddy sad. You made sissy mad at mommy and took her from us.” She says.


I frown. “Take your sister? No! I was trying to save your sister. You see she got sick and I had to rush her in. We did somethings that changed her outward appearance yes, but she’s better. Though she’s not quite all the way better yet so we need to get her back.”


The girl looks at me skeptically. I can tell the trust I had gained is now gone. I sigh. “It’s time for you to go night night.” I pull out the rag that was in my pocket and put chloroform on it. I place it over the little girls nose and mouth.


After a few minutes she’s unconscious again. I tie her back up but leave the gag off. She should be out the rest of the ride. Of course now the man and woman decide they want to wake up at this point in time.


Abigail's POV


Nick has agreed that I should stay with him for my own safety. I’m still exhausted but I don’t want to go to sleep. Nick hand me a cup of tea he had just made and I sip on it.  “I want you to get some rest. Don’t worry Abigail. We will get your family back.”


Dimitri pulls me onto his lap and I lean against him sipping on my tea. “I’ll stop worrying when my family is safe at home and the people who took them get what they deserve.” I say harshly. Anger still boiling inside of me.


We talk for a little while longer before I get slammed hard. The drowsiness washes over me faster than I thought it would and I almost drop the cup. Nick walks up to me and takes the cup from my hands. I struggle to keep my eyes open. Dimitri shifts me so he can pick me up bridal style. He heads to the spare bedroom that Nick surprisingly has.


He lays me down and then moves behind me and lay down. He wraps an arm around me and pulls me close to him. My eyes close but I force them back open. I feel Dimitri’s lips press against me neck. “Get some sleep Abigail.” He says softly.


I shake my head weakly and stubbornly. He turn me so I’m facing him. He kisses me on the lips and my eyes flutter closed. Dizziness goes through me and my exhaustion wins the battle. I unwillingly drift off to sleep as soon as his lips leave mine and I hear another whispered. “Goodnight.”


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