Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


18. Chapter 17

I throw  my stuff in my room and it hits the wall. I hear footsteps and know by the smell that it’s Alex. I turn to see him crossing his arms. “Was that necessary?” He asks raising an eyebrow at me.


I glare at him. “What did I do to deserve that look I got this morning Alexander?” I ask crossing my arms.


He frowns. “That’s what you’re mad about? That I decided not to go with you being your boyfriend could protect you?” He asks like it was absurd.


“No what pisses me off is you were smiling and then all of a sudden you give me a blank stare and say you’re not going. That’s what I’m mad about!” I sigh and walk over to my bag. I kneel down and unzip it taking out my homework. “You know what it doesn’t matter. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go do my homework.” I walk past him and head downstairs to the table.


I hear him follow me down but ignore him. I sit down and open my book and start looking through it. I start writing down notes. “Do you think I didn’t smell his scent was stringer on you then when I was last in your room?” he asks. I don’t respond continuing to take notes.


“Abigail. I know he was in your room last night.” he says.


I stop and look at him. “So? I was tired last night. I didn’t have the energy to tell him to get out. I went back to sleep…….You know I was actually excited that we were on the same page.” I shut my book and get up. “Now leave me alone.” I walk out the back door and sit on the swinging chair. I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the wind breezing through the grass. I sigh and open my eyes.


I hear footsteps and the door open. “I told you to leave me alone Alexander.” I say not looking at him. I feel him sit next to me and I scoot away. I hear him sigh.


“I’m sorry Abigail. I…..I don’t know why I did it. I guess I’m not used to bodyguarding a girl like you. You’re different. Special. I guess I’m proud to bodyguard you and when you found your mate and he started taking control… made me jealous.” he says.


I look at him. “Why is it that boys are so jealous over the stupidest things? Why would I want anyone else to protect me? You’re a stubborn idiot. I enjoy having you around even when I don’t. I couldn’t ask for a better bodyguard.” I say.


He frowns. “But now it’s your mate who can protect you. He can probably do a better job then me. I can’t even keep you from getting hurt and if it wasn’t for him you would be in the one place I was trying to protect you from.”


I glare. “And who’s fault was it each time? That’s right mine. I made stupid decisions that got me into those predicaments. And just because I have a mate doesn’t mean I want him to be the one to protect me. You know that I don’t like feeling like I need protection. He doesn’t. He’s clingy and possessive. You at least give me privacy when I need it.” I say.


A hint of a smile plays on his lips. “I’m guessing today’s been eventful?” he asks teasingly.


I roll my eyes. “You have no clue.”


He chuckles. “What did he do?” Alex asks.


I look at him. “He made assumptions about you that I knew weren’t true. Then when I got mad at him and called him and overprotective jerk because he was telling me not to hug anyone he pins me against the wall forcing his lips on mine.” I say.


Alex frowns i see the color of his eyes darken slightly. “He forced himself on you? Did he bite you?” he asks.


I shake my head. “No he didn’t bite me.” I get up. “Trust me. He’s not going to be anytime soon. Now are you going to stop being a jealous little boy?” I ask a smile playing at my lips.


He growls. “I’m not a little boy.” He mumbles getting up.


I smile. “Prove it then.”


He raises an eyebrow. “And how do you want me to do that?”


I shrug. “I don’t know. Stop being a jealous little boy and take me to Nick’s place so I can train since I have nothing better to do?” I smile


He rolls his eyes. “In other word be your ride so you can sweat and stink the rest of the day.” He says digging in his pocket pulling out his keys.


I shrug. “Pretty much.” I walk around the side of the house toward his car.


I hear him chuckle and I imagine him shaking his head. I place my hand on the passenger handle and wait for him to unlock the car. Once he does I hop in and buckle up.  He looks at me when he gets in. “I’ll never get you.” he says.


I shrug. “You’re not supposed to. As long as what I am makes sense to me it shouldn’t matter.” I say and look out the window.


“Does it make sense to you to call yourself a freak and monster just because you’re different?” He asks.


I look at him. “Actually it does. I am a lab rat, experiment, mutated to the needs of my creature. What those means are truly I have no clue. Do I think they are good reasons? No. I believe I was made to be a monster. To take down whatever it is I am told to take down by the one who made me.”


He frowns. “Just because that’s how you believe you were made it doesn’t mean that that’s how you are. From the way I see it you’re just a girl who’s different. One who has a good heart and wouldn’t hurt anybody intentionally. I see a girl who needs to have more belief in herself because everyone else can see what she is and that is not a monster or freak.” He says looking me in the eye the whole time. His voice filled with confidence and truth.


I look away. “That’s what you see. I see a girl made for one purpose and that is not to sit at a campfire and sing kumbaya and live a happy, carefree life.”

I hear him sigh and start the engine. “Yeah well that girl needs to stop looking at the top layer and start digging deeper.” He says and I watch him pull out of the driveway.


We drive the rest of the way in silence well for a little while until a voice in my head breaks the silence.


You know he’s right.


Now you want to input?


I’m just saying you are not a freak or monster. Unless you’re calling me that two?


I sigh. You’re not a monster or a freak.


Neither are you.


I close my eyes and rest my head against my hand. How about we end this with a maybe? I’ll try not to think of myself as a monster.


Don’t try just think. How many people have you hurt?




I meant purposely.




Exactly you have never purposely hurt anyone. A monster hurts people on purpose with no remorse for their actions. You have a conscious and a heart. Monsters don’t have that.


Fine I’m not a monster.


Huh? Sorry couldn’t hear that.


I’m not a monster.


Keep thinking that.


I see the car pull up in Nick’s driveway and get out. Nick I’m here. I link to him.


I thought you weren’t coming.


Changed my mind.

I see him open the door. He raises an eyebrow at me then looks over at Alex. So you talked to him?


I walk over to him. Sort of. I don’t know.


He frowns. “Sort of?”


I nod. “Yeah. I told him to stop being a little jealous boy about everything and to take me over here.”


Nick laughs. “For an Alpha even a previous in line for one, that is very insulting.” He says shaking his head. “I’m surprised he didn’t tear you apart.”


“Yeah well she’s just lucky I’m her bodyguard.” Alex says walking up next to me. “Though I can’t say I’ll harm you if you go rougher in her today.” He says with his arms crossed.


Nick smiles. “Well today’s your day Alexander because she is going to be doing more difficult training with her wolf today.”


I frown. “I thought that wasn’t until next week.”


Nick looks at me. “Well you need to know how to defend yourself in both wolf and human form so I decided everyday to switch it up. Today is your wolf, tomorrow will be back into human form, and so on.”


I sigh. “Ok but that means I will not be in anyone’s view when shifting back and forth. I don’t care that all of you are used to it and don’t care to get undressed in front of people.”


Nick laughs. “Ok go on. We’ll stay here and wait for you.” He says with slight amusement in his eyes.


I nod and head into the woods hiding behind a tree.


Unknown POV


I sigh. It’s been more than twenty four hours and Charles has not updated on the situation on the girl. I frown as I hear a knock on my office door. “Who is it?” I ask sitting up straighter in my chair.


“It’s Avery sir. I’ve got some bad news. It seems experiment one has failed and has been captured by the enemy. I have no word on his condition or whether he’s alive.” I hear Avery say through the door. Anger flares through me and I through my knife into the wall next to the hole I have already created. “Stupid mutts. Always have to ruin everything!”

I get up. “Can’t trust a mutt to do the job right. I’ll just have to do it myself.” I grab my jacket and take the knife from the wall. “Get me my car keys Avery. You have failed me for the last time.”  I say walking out and heading toward my car.


Time to do things my way.


Charles’ POV


I groan blood running down my leg. I’ve failed. Chained up and on the brink of death. The door opens and I lift up my head weakly.


“I don’t know why we are keeping you alive. We have been given orders by the Alpha himself to keep you alive.” The man that was his beta says.


I blink at him but nothing more. He sits in a chair in front of me. “Now while you’re here I’m going to ask you a few questions. First why did you kidnap the girl?”


I glare at him. “Because she hasn’t finished being checked yet. She could be a danger to everyone and herself.”


He sighs. “By whose orders?”


I frown. “I can’t say if you do not already know. I have been ordered that way.”


He raises an eyebrow. “And you follow this order?”


I nod.


“Is this person your alpha?” He asks.


I shake my head. “Not in technical terms. He has no control over me in the way you weres do I guess you could say.”


“Are you saying he’s human?” He asks leaning forward slightly.


I nod. “Yes. He’s the reason I am what I am. He created me. He also created her. We were both completely human. He changed us.” I say.


He gets up. “What do you mean you were completely human until he created you?”

I look at him. “Just that.”


He looks at me without a word. “So these tests to make sure you are okay. What do they consist of?”


I think. “I can only remember one thing. They injected this weird liquid. It was like a reddish orange and smelled like blood. When they injected it I felt weird and my mind was fuzzy for a while. Then they told me things I had to do and sent me on my way.” I say.


He frowns. “You think that was to check to see if you were ok?” He asks.


I nod. “I believe them.”


He looks at me. “Hold on I may need to get a sample of your blood to see what exactly was injected in you. I believe I have a feeling on something but I’m not sure.” He walks out closing the door behind him.


I sigh and shift so I’m in a more comfortable position. It’s difficult when you are tied up to be honest. Something at the back of my mind is bothering me but I shrug it off.


Abbigail’s POV


I struggle to get back up. All my muscles are aching and tired. I shake my head and get up. My fur is sticky with sweat. I crouch, baring my teeth at Alex. Nick decided to let me practice with Alexander first to see what I know already.


Alex pounces and I quickly dodge barely missing his sharp claws and teeth. I turn to face him ready for another attack. He watches me as if waiting for me to make my move. I let my instincts take control and look at his stance. His muscles are all tight ready to strike when given the chance. The way he’s positioned it looks like he’s expecting me to be reckless and attack him full force in the front.


I start circling him studying his movements as I do so. I find his weak spot after a few times and pounce knocking him to the ground. He struggles to get up but I sit on him. I hear him grunt and I let out a breath of a laugh.


Nick looks at me surprised and amused. “Well done for your first time. You saw he was overestimating you and you took advantage. Nice work.”


I nod and get off Alex who huffs at me.


I roll my eyes at him.


Nick gets up and smiles. “Now it’s my turn.”

Nick shifts and looks at me. Alexander backs up giving us space. I look at Nick and we start circling each other. First rule as you know is to never underestimate your opponent. Next rule is to always stay on your guard. Don’t let them find your weakness.


I nod all muscles tense ready to spring at any moment. He studies me and I can tell he’s waiting for an entry point to attack. I move around so he can’t find one. I growl baring my teeth. He does the same his muscles tense as if ready for me to spring. He watches my movements as I watch his.


He must know I’m not going to attack anytime soon and pounces at me. I quickly dodge. He recovers quicker than I thought he would and knocks me onto my side. He pins me to the ground. I see an opportunity as he leaves his stomach exposed and kick my hind legs into his soft flesh.


I hear a yelp of surprise and he stumbles off me. I get up and growl.


He looks at me. Your wolf must have some experience with fighting. You know how to fight real well in your wolf form.


I’m just following my instincts. I kind of give up some control I guess.


He cocks his head. Very interesting.


Are we done or are you going to keep talking? I crouch.


He does as well. I guess we shall continue. This time I won’t be going easy.


I let out a chortled laugh. He shows his teeth. I watch him carefully. He pounces and I wait until the last second before dodging. He pounce again this time judging where I will dodge and knocking me to the ground. I try to shake him off me but his weight is too much and I can’t get him to budge.


His teeth grab gently on the scruff off my neck giving it a gentle squeeze. You would be dead if it was not training. Remember size does not matter. Find the weak spot and exploit it. He gets off of me.


I shake out my fur after I get up. Says the guy who’s bigger and heavier than me.


He laughs. I may be bigger than you but you can still find a way to get me off of you. Come on lets go again. Let me know when you’re ready to hang the towel for the day.


I nod and we get back in position.


We practice until it gets dark then Alex says my mom and dad want me back home. I get changed and thank Nick before getting in Alex’s car. I buckle up and he gets in a couple minutes later. He looks at me. “For a beginner you have great skill. The fact you pinned me is outstanding. I had been trained hard core and beat everyone of my pack members.”


I shrug. “I just let go and followed my instincts.”


He looks at me. “Your wolf must have had a lot of experience. You picked up quick. You actually got a few good pins on Nick and me.”


I nod. “Yeah well now I am tired. Let’s go home.”

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