Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


17. Chapter 16

I wake to my bed moving. My heart picks up speed in my chest but I keep my breathing the same. A hand brushes my hair and the scent instantly comforts me. I open my eyes and look up at Dimitri. “You realise if my parents were to have caught you sneaking in my room you would be on the ground in pain. Either that or my mother would have you by the ear.” I say smiling.


He shrugs. “It would be worth it.”


I sit up wincing. “And if Alex had heard you?”

He smiles. “I would like to see that lone wolf try anything. Plus, someone has to be by you at all times. I mean I’m proof of how easy it is to sneak through the window.”


I roll my eyes. “He’ll see it as you being a overprotective mate.”


Dimitri places his face in the crook of my neck. I sigh relaxing in his scent and touch. He wraps his arms around me lightly almost letting them hang. I close my eyes. “So what if I am? I’d rather be overprotective and you safe then be ill prepared.” He says his face still buried in my neck. His breath sends shivers through me. I feel his lips curve up into a smile.


I sigh. “I need to sleep Dimitri. School is in a couple of hours.”


He shrugs. “Then sleep.”


I pull away enough to look at him. “I can’t.”


He frowns. “Why not?’


I suppress the smile threatening to pull at my lips. “You’re here.”


He chuckles. “I’m very distracting.”


I nod. “Yes you are. Just being around you is making it difficult to sleep.”


Mischief flashes in his emerald green eyes as a smile tugs at the corner of his lips. “Then don’t.” He places his lips on mine in a soft but dizzying kiss. He pull me to him softly but firmly as he deepens the kiss. My eyes flutter closed and my hands rest on his chest. Electricity crackles inside of me filling me with warmth.


I forget how to breath. Hell I forget everything but him. All I feel is his lips on mine and his hands on my back. When he finally pulls away I’m left gasping for breath.


He lays on the bed and gently lays me on top of him. “Get some sleep. I’ll make sure I’m gone before your parents or bodyguard get up.”


I lay my head on his chest and close my eyes. He kisses the top of my head as I slowly drift off to sleep.




My alarm goes off and I groan. Sit up and see the bed is empty. I smile remembering last night. I get up and get changed.


I do my normal morning routine of brushing my hair and my teeth. I head downstairs to see Alex already up.


He looks at me and frowns but doesn’t say anything.  


I roll my eyes. “Good morning to you too Alex.” I grab my jacket and backpack. I hear the honk of a horn.


I look at Alex but there’s no emotion on his face. “You coming?”


He shakes his head. “I think I’ll stay here today.”


I try not to feel hurt. I nod. “Ok. I’ll see you then?”


He nods.


I turn around and walk out with a frown. Dimitri waves at me. I give him a weak wave and walk toward him. He opens the passenger door for me. He sees my face and frowns. “What’s wrong?”


I shake my head. Better to not tell him. It’s nothing he needs to worry about. “I’m just a little tired from last night. I’m fine.” I put my stuff in and hop in before he could say anything else.


He gets in on the other side. He looks at me. “I don’t think that’s it.”


I sigh “Fine Alex was still going to come. Apparently something changed his mind. He didn’t even say good morning. I think he’s mad at me about something.” I say.


Dimitri frowns. “Maybe he realises he is not needed. You shouldn’t take it so personally.”


I sigh. “I know. It’s just I thought he wanted to. He seemed to last night.”


He places a hand on my thigh. His touch calms me almost instantly. “Don’t worry about it. I went to the school after I dropped you off. I made sure to have all the classes you did. Well almost all. I don’t have drama class. They were full.”


I frown. “How did you know my classes?”


Dimitri smiles. “Nick told me.”


I roll my eyes. “Of course he did.”


Dimitri frowns. “Well I need to be with you as much as possible so I can protect you. Since the lone wolf decided to stay.”


I frown.”What if he hadn’t? What if he had decided to come?”


He shrugs. “I still would’ve. I don’t trust him. He’s a male lone wolf. His reputation uphold him too.”


I glare at him. “You trust the word of his father. The word of his father is a lie. He left his father didn’t kick him out.”


He cocks his head. “What do you mean? Did he tell you this?”


I nod. “And I believe him. He left because his father is abusive. He abused his mother and him.” I say.


I don’t want to talk anymore still upset. I can tell Alex is mad at me about something. I don’t know what. It hurt to see him just go blank like that. I look away. “I’m done talking. Just get me to school. Please.”


I hear the car turn on and watch as he pulls out of the driveway. I move to the edge of the seat closer to the window. I watch as the houses and cars go by as we get closer to the school.


Dimitri doesn’t say anything as he parks. I grab my backpack and place my hand on the door handle.


I open the door and head toward the school. I get about half way before Dimitri grabs my arm. I look at him. “What?”


He frowns. “Why are you mad at me?”


I roll my eyes. “Because you’re an overprotective jerk. You assume things that aren’t true. Also I don’t want to be late for class so I’m heading there.”


He growls. “I am not overprotective. I am doing what I can to keep you safe.”


I glare at him. “We may be mates but I just met you. You have know right to take control of my life Dimitri.”


He glares right back. “You are mine. I am not going to let you get hurt while I am here. I will also not have any other male touching what’s mine.” He growls walking toward me.


I back up. “I am not property. I am not yours. I hug my friends. That’s all they are friends. I won't stop just because I have a clingy mate.” My back touches the wall.


He slams both hands on either side of me. “You are mine. I am not letting any other male touch what’s mine. If I have to I will mark you here and now.”


I growl. “You’ll risk exposure you idiot. Now come on before we’re late.”


He shakes his head. “I am too clingy. I think you should stay away from everyone at school.” He says his voice dripping with sarcasm.


I glare at him and push at his chest. “I’m not kidding. I can’t be late for school.”


He grabs my hands and pins them to the wall. “Me neither.” He places his lips on mine.


I struggle to get from the wall. His grip tightens almost painfully. He growls looking into my eyes. His are completely black.


It’s his Alpha side. He is very possessive since he just found you. Relax and kiss him back and he will relax.


You could have warned me.


Sorry I didn’t know if it was the same way for werewolves as it was for regular wolves.


Still would have been useful information. I relax my muscles no longer putting up a fight. Still not an excuse for his behavior though.


I feel his grip loosen and his eyes soften back to their emerald green. He pulls away. I glare at him and rip from his grip. I walk away without another word to my class.


The halls are empty and I know that we are late. I sigh and knock on the door. Miss Juniper opens the door. “Sweety you are late.”


I nod. “I’m sorry I was talking to the new kid. He kind of distracted me.”


Miss Juniper looks behind me and nods. “Good I believe Dimitri can sit in the empty seat next to you. We are doing short stories today.”


I smile and sit down. I enjoy making short stories. Dimitri sits next to me and looks at me with apologetic eyes. I growl softly and grab my journal. Miss Juniper explains what exactly we’re writing about so I pick up my pencil and starts writing.


I feel Dimitri place his hand on my knee. I push it off and continue writing. He grabs my free hand and intertwines his fingers. I sigh and look at him.


He frowns. “I’m really sorry Abigail. I don’t know what came over me. I guess I’m jealous of all males.”


I shake my head. “Not right now.” I turn my attention back to my journal.


He sighs and releases my hand. I hear him pick up a pencil and him writing.


I frown no longer able to think about what I’m going to write. I put my pencil down and read through it. I get no more inspiration and sigh closing the journal.


School pretty much goes like that the rest of the day until drama class. I really enjoy my drama class. It’s the one place I can goof off and not get judged. I smile as  I walk in the door. Nick is in the class with me as well as Robert but they already know how I act in here.


Nick sees me and waves me over. “Today we are picking our groups for the one acts. You know who you want?” He asks.


I shrug. “Whoever picks me. I let others choose and I’ll probably end up filling a part no one wants.”


He frowns. “You ok?”


I nod. “ As fine as I’ll ever be. Dimitri needs to learn the word boundary though. He got mad at me because I told him I wouldn’t stop hanging out with my friends or Alex just because he’s here. Pinned me against the wall and made me late for class.”


I see his eyes light up with amusement. “I forget you don’t know that it’s in his blood to be more protective of the on he loves. After a couple of days he should calm down a little bit but not much. It will get worse when he marks you.”


I sigh. “Great. He’s clingy enough as it is.”


Nick laughs. “Welcome to the upside down world Abigail.”


The bell rings signaling the start of class. The teacher talks for about five minutes then tells us to pick our partners. Everyone gets up and starts talking with their friends. The known popular girl Christy walks up to me. “Hey Abigail me and the girls thought you might like to join our group you may be a loser but you’re super pretty.”


I roll my eyes. “No thanks. Go find someone else to bother.”

She looks shocked. She glares at me. “You will always be a loser.”


I smile. “You know you want to be a loser like me.”


She flips her hair and turns away. She storms off with a group of girls. I laugh.


Nick raises an eyebrow at me. I frown. “What?”


He shrugs.


I choose to ignore it and grab my phone from my pocket. I see no text from Alex and sigh. I might see him at Nick’s. Maybe. Hopefully.


Why do you feel so hurt over that boy? He has been rude to you ever since you met him.


I shrug. I don’t know. I guess last night we kind of bonded, well at least I thought we did. I guess I was wrong. I feel like somehow I made it worse.


Stop thinking about it. Maybe he just need a break. Everyone needs one every once in a while.


I sigh. Yeah he needs a break from me.


She growls at me. Stop blaming yourself for everything.


“Helllloooo. Earth to Abigail.” Nick says waving a hand in front of my face.


I look at him startled.


He frowns. “You looked like you were having a conversation with yourself.”


I shrug. “Technically I am. Well, if you consider Miakoda a part of me.”


His eyes light up. “Your wolf was speaking to you?”


I nod. “Yeah she’s telling me to stop thinking I did something wrong to cause Alex to not want to come with me to school today.”


He nods. “You shouldn’t blame yourself.”


I frown. “Well I do.”


He sighs.

Everyone has their partners picked except for me, Nick, and Robert so we end up being a group. I grab a book from the shelf and start looking for a play to match the amount of people we have and the genders.


I find one and smile.  “Murder by Midnight by Jeff Goode.”


Nick chuckles. “That is hilarious. Ok let’s do it.”


I nod and get the teacher to print out scripts. Robert and Nick hash out who’s going to be who. I am of course the character Woman. Unique right.


The bell rings after a while signalling the end of school. I get up and walk out heading toward the front.


Dimitri is at the front waiting for me. I sigh. “Come on. I am not going to Nick’s house to train today. I am going home.”


He frowns. “Ok.” He opens the front door for me.


I walk out and get in the car setting my stuff down in my lap. He gets in and drives. I look out the window,  silent the whole way home.

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