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Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


16. Chapter 15

When I open my eyes I’m in an unfamiliar car. My nerves skyrocket until the scent hits my nose and I instantly relax.


“Someone was sleepy.” Dimitri says.


I shrug. “I guess. How long was I out?” I ask.


He shrugs. “About an hour, hour and a half.”


I nod. “Ok.”


He places a hand on my thigh keeping his other on the wheel. I grab his hand and lace my fingers through his then let it rest back on my thigh.


He gives me a brief glance. “You know you’re absolutely adorable while you sleep.”


I blush.


He smiles and gives my hand a squeeze.


I look out the window. “I want my parent’s to know about you but I’ve got to wait a couple weeks before telling them so they don’t get suspicious.”


He sighs. “I know. I can’t wait for that. I don’t want to be away from you.”


I smiles. “I mean you could sneak through my window at night.” I tease.


His face turns thoughtful. “You’re right I could.”


My eyes widen. “Wait I was joking. You realise what Alex would do if he heard you?” I ask.


He shrugs. “I can easily take that lone wolf.”


I roll my eyes. “You’d wake my parents up. What would you say to them?”


He shrugs. “I’ll be stealthy. No one will even hear me.”


I sigh. “If you get caught I don’t know what I would say.”


He smiles. “That we are so in love you couldn’t stand a second without me and you told me to come.”


I laugh. “My parents would kill me. Then you.”


He frowns. “Your parents are strict.”


I shrug. “You get used to it.”


He sighs and turns into my neighborhood. I look at him. “I would offer you coming inside but I don’t know how my parents would feel about me bringing home another guy.”


He looks at me when we pull in. “Another guy?”


I nod. “Alex has to stay with me since he’s my bodyguard.”


Dimitri growls. “I don’t trust that lone wolf.”


I sigh. “I do. He has done his best protecting me.”


He looks at me. “His best isn’t good enough. You were kidnapped under his protection.” He says angrily.


I glare at him. “That’s my fault. I’ve been making his job harder than it should be. You can’t blame him when I was stupid enough to check on Charley to see if he was alright. The boy had just kissed me when I didn't want him too. Then he kissed me again and I ended up paralyzed in a car on the way to the one place I was running from.”


He shakes his head. “He didn’t follow you. Bodyguards are supposed to be at your side at all times.”


I cross my arms. “I don’t need a bodyguard at all times. My Alpha is training me.”


He chuckles. “A good job that’s done.”


I glare at him. “I was caught of guard.”


He growls. “Yeah by another male kissing you. I will kill anyone who touches what’s mine. You are mine.”


I roll my eyes. “I am not a possession.”


He leans closer to me. “You are mine. Any male who touches you will suffer.” He says. His eyes are full of promise.


I sigh. “Let me guess I’ll be seeing you at school.”


He nods. “I did a transfer. Your bodyguard doesn’t have to worry about you at school. He can do his own thing.”


I open the door. “He’s not going to like it.”


He growls. “I don’t care what the lone wolf likes or doesn’t like.” He gets out and comes to my side.


I get out and he wraps his arms possessively around me. I sigh comfortable in his arms. He nuzzles my neck causing me to shiver. He smiles. “Your all mine. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”


I nod not wanting him to let me go. I hear a car pull up and look over my shoulder so see Nick’s ca pulling up.


Alex gets out and I see his unhappy face staring at us both. I stick my tongue out at him and look back at Dimitri who’s glaring at Alex.


I place a hand on his chest and his attention turns back to me. His eyes grow intense. He leans toward me. My heart skips a beat as he gets closer.


His lips brush against mine in a feather of a kiss. My heart flutters in my chest. He deepens the kiss pulling me closer to him. My arms wrap around his neck. He lifts me and i gasp in pain. He immediately puts me down. “Sorry I forgot about your back.” He releases his grip on my and takes a step back.


I shake my head. “It’s fine.” My heart slowly returns to normal. I feel heat creep into my cheeks when I remember that Alexander was behind us.


I hear him sigh. “We are already late. If we wait any longer your parents are going to freak out.”


I roll my eyes and look up at Dimitri. “See you tomorrow?”


He nods and hugs me his lips brush my ears. “See you tonight.” He says so softly I could barely hear it. He pulls away and smiles. He gets in his car and drives away. I watch until he’s out of view before I head toward the door with a sigh.


Alex walks behind me as I open the door.

My mom is standing there with her arms crossed. “You’re late.”


I shrug. “Sorry was having too much I forgot the time.”


She roll her eyes. “Mamaw and Papaw are here to see you. They’ve been worried too.”


I try to hide my frustration. My grandparents dote over me and Clarissa. I will never get a second by myself. I force a smile. “That’s good. If you had told me why you wanted me over I would have come home sooner.” I lie. Of course either way I wouldn’t have made it on time. I would have suspected that is why she wanted me home early. It’s usually the reason she wants me home early.


“Is that my grandbaby I hear?” Mamaw asks. I see her walk over and when she sees me she stops in her tracks.


I smile. “Hey Mamaw.”


She frowns. “What happened to you?’ She asks.


I shake my head. “I’d rather not talk about it. Is Papaw in the living room?”


She nods.


I walk into the living room and Clarissa is sitting and Papaws lap. She looks at me and smiles. “Hey sissy.”


Papaw turns and his smile turns to shock. “Abigail? That can’t be you.”


I shrug. “It’s me Papaw. I’m not going to explain what happened. Just know I’m ok.”


Clarissa jumps off Papaw’s lap and runs over squeezing me with her tiny arms. I wince. She frowns and pulls away.


Papaw gives me a look of concern. “That sure doesn’t look like you’re fine.”


I smile. “I just twisted my back wrong. It’ll be sore for a couple days. I’ll be fine I promise you Papaw.”


He doesn’t look convinced but nods.


Mamaw and my mom come in but I notice my dad isn’t here. I look at my mom. “Where’s dad?” I ask.


She smiles. “He’s at work. He’ll be home soon.”


Mamaw clears her throat.”There’s something important we would like to tell you.”  


Papaw nods. “We’re moving back to Franklin, North Carolina.”


I look at them both shocked. Franklin, North Carolina is like six hours away from where we live now. We would go there to visit family that lives there.


Mamaw pat’s my arm. “We’ll still come to visit just not as much as we did before. You can also come and visit us anytime you want.”


I look at her. “You guys didn’t ask us how we would feel about it?”


Papaw shrugs. “We’re getting old. We want to spend time in our home state. We thought you might understand. I know things have gotten hecktic the past couple of weeks. We didn’t know how you would feel after you got back so we decided to give you a couple days to get back in the swing of things.”


Anger courses through me. I take in a deep breath hoping to calm myself down. It’s not the fact that my grandparents didn’t tell me until now that they are moving away that I’m mad about. My mom is the only child in her family and her mom is the closest person to her. I know how my mom feels about it. She just doesn’t like to see it.


“So in other words you guys are getting old and your afraid to die with the people you love and care about that also love and care about you?” I ask an edge to my voice.


Mamaw’s eyes flash with hurt and she opens her mouth to say something. I cut her off before she can. “I’m not hungry. I ate already. I’m going to head to bed since tomorrows friday and I still have school. I’m sorry I can’t visit for longer but I have worn myself out.” I say then walk upstairs to my room.


I close my door and sigh. Rubbing my face I sit down on my bed listening to the creak of the springs. I need a new bed.


After a couple minutes there is a soft knock on the door. I know who it is without having to ask. “What do you want Alex?” I ask trying not to let the annoyance reach my voice.


He opens the door and looks at me with soft sympathetic eyes. God I want to slap the sympathy from his eyes. I don’t need it.


“You ok?” He asks as he walks over to sit next to me.


I nod and look at him. “Why wouldn’t i be fine. My grandparents always doted over me and my sister all the time. It’s my mom I’m worried about. She has the closest relationship with her mom and I know she must be taking it hard. I wish they had told me as soon as they had decided.”


He nods. “I understand how you feel. Once my grandparents passed away my dad took advantage of my mom and me. He would hit us for almost everything. I hated seeing the fear in my moms eyes or seeing her flinch every time he raised a hand to her.”


I frown feeling like my problems are less than his. “I’m sorry.”


He shakes his head. “Don’t worry about it. My mom is a strong woman.”


I shake my head. “I shouldn’t be complaining though. Especially with what’s happened to you. I may have had my life turned upside down but you have had to deal with someone hurting you and your mom. The fact that it is your dad doesn’t make it any better.” I say.


He frowns. “Still you had been kidnapped, you learned that humans aren’t the only advanced species that exist, you were attacked multiple times, and kidnapped again. It doesn’t help that I should be protecting you but I can’t seem to do it. I have failed at my job.”


I scoot over making room for him. I pat the spot next to me. He looks at the empty spot and raises an eyebrow. “You sure your mom won’t kill me if I sit on the bad next to you?’


I roll my eyes. “Just sit down.”


He sits down and looks at me. “Now what?”


I shrug. “I’m still here right? Have I been taken to the one place I am not supposed to be?” I ask.


He shakes his head. “But you’ve been kidnapped and hurt.”


Look at him. “So? I am going to get hurt. -You guys got there in time. I am still here. Until I am at that horrible place again you have not failed.” I say.


He sighs. “I don’t just protect you from going to that place. I’m supposed to protect you from getting hurt or kidnapped. I can’t seem to do it.”


I shrug. “Because I have been making your job a whole lot harder. It’s not your fault. I seem to have more stubborn tendencies then I did before.”


He smiles. “You are very stubborn.”


I roll my eyes. “Thanks. You’re not supposed to agree.” I slap his shoulder.

He chuckles.


I look outside and notice it’s getting dark outside. I look back at Alex. “You need to learn to trust me sometimes to Alex. I may be only a 17 year old girl but I still know a lot. I also don’t give my trust out randomly. It might have seemed like it but you have to understand. He’s just like me, born human, made werewolf. I wanted to believe he was a good guy. That I didn’t have to be the outcast anymore. All my life that’s what I have felt like, the outcast. I had bad anxiety so I rarely talked to people, my head was almost always in books. I probably have read all the books in the school library three times. I’ve been called names, made fun of, and much more. I just wanted to feel like I belonged.” I say looking at Alex.


He frowns and scoots closer to me. “You do belong Abby. You have a pack, a family, friends. You’re not as alone as you think you are. You may  be different but that makes you special, not a freak. You have a mate who cares a lot about you. He just met you and I can already see the desire in his eyes for you. I may never get to see that. Being a lone wolf has its disadvantages.”


I frown. “What do you mean?”


He sighs. “Lone wolfs are not aloud at the ball. They have to search for their mate. It’s not as easy as how pack members have it.”


I place a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry. I wish I could help.”


He shakes his head. “Don’t worry about it. I made my choice to leave. Now I must deal with the consequences.”


I glare at him. “You left because of your father. Let him reap the consequences of his actions toward you. Don’t let him have power over you.”


He shrugs. “Too late for that. He has already had power over me. He’s the Alpha. I could have challenged him for his position but I am to weak. Not even trained properly.”


I sigh. “You have to believe you can do it. If you believe you can become more powerful than him you can. He has power over you because you let him. Stop living in the past of what he did to you and think about what he is doing or can do if this continues.”


He cocks his head and I can tell he’s thinking about it. He frowns and his eyes darken. He pulls out his phone and texts someone. I see him hesitate at the send button. He takes in a deep breath and hits send. He looks at me. “You’re right. It’s time for me to stop wallowing in what he’s done to me and think about what he can do to others.” He puts his phone in his pocket and smiles at me.


I smile. “Glad I could be of some assistance.”

He nods. “Thank you. I’ll leave you to get some sleep.” He gets up.


I get up. “I may sleep. I don’t know how yet considering most movement causes me pain. I’ll see you in the morning. Dimitri wanted it to be just him coming to school with me but I want you there.”


He raises an eyebrow. “He wanted me to stay here?”


I nod. “He says he can protect me at school.”


He rolls his eyes. “He’s just very possessive. All male Alpha’s feel that way. A word of advice, wait until you’re out of school before letting him mark you. If you don’t it will only get worse.”


I scrunch my eyebrows. “Wait. You’re not mad?”


He cocks his head. “Why would I be?”


I shrug. “I just thought you would be considering how much you don’t like any of the males I hang out with.”


He frowns. “I just don’t like there company. I’m not a big fan of most males. Plus I have to protect you. It’s not just the ones you hang out with. Try to get some rest Abigail. I’ll see you in the morning.”


He walks out. I roll my eyes. “Sure seems like you do. Like your jealous.” I mumble under my breath.


I get dressed into my pajamas and head to bed. I turn off the light and carefully lay on my side. I wince at the pain but close my eyes and try to sleep.


After a while drowsiness takes over me and I slowly drift off into a dreamless slumber.

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