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Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


14. Chapter 13

Jason’s POV


Oh my god. Nick just growled. Like a dog growl. I stare at him in shock. His on his feet and looks at Alex. “She went outside. Charles has her. We need to go now.”


Alex growls and I watch his eyes turn black. “Abigail. Her and her damn heart. I swear.”


He, Nick, and a whole bunch of other people run out of the cafeteria doors, including Suzanah. I run out as well and see Charles closing the passenger door. He sees us and he curses quickly getting in the driver’s side.


I’m completely dumbfounded. How did they know? It’s not like Abigail told them.


Everyone starts running toward the car faster than I could think possible. I lag behind them running as fast as my leg will carry me. Of course I watch as the car pulls out and drives away. Everyone’s shoulder slump.


I clear my throat glaring. “Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here?! I just heard to growl, your speed is fast than anything, and your eyes were black!” I yell angrily.


Everyone looks to Nick. Well everyone but Alex who wasn’t looking at anyone. Just staring at the empty road. Nick grabs keys from his pocket. “I don’t have time for this. Just get in the car. I’ll explain while we’re on the road. Right now it’s important we are as close to Abigail as possible.”


I sigh. Want have I gotten myself into. I hope in the car with Nick, Suzanah, Alex, and some other guy.


Nick pulls out of the driveway. I look at him. “Now explain to me what’s going on. First you guys are able to tell Abigail’s in danger than you’re growling like a dog.”


He sighs. “I can’t explain to you while listening to Abigail at the same time. PLease explain it Suzanah.”


I look at Suzanah. “You can growl too?”


She nods giving me sympathetic eyes. “We’re not…...completely human. Charles isn’t either. Nor is Abigail. Though when you first met her she was. I know this is going to be hard to be believe. We are werewolves. The reason Nick new is because of the mind link. We can communicate with each other. Even if we’re not close.”


I frown. “So wait let me get this straight. Werewolves are real? You guys are werewolves? I’m supposed to believe that?” I say. This is ridiculous. It’s…..crazy!


Suzanah sighs. “We can’t show you right now. Once we get Any back I promise I’ll give you proof. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. That you found out at all really.”


I sigh. “Your just crazy. No one can hear other people in their head or mind link as you put it. Also it’s impossible for a person to turn into a wolf physically.” I say.


She rolls her eyes. “Humans can’t. Werewolves bone structure is different.”


I frown. “How does bone structure play into this?”


She sighs. “Are bones can move and shape how we need them to in order to become a wolf. Our bones can grow or shrink or even move.”


My eyebrow scrunch together. “That’s not even possible.”


She nods. “Yes it is Jason. It’s absolutely possible. Humans just can’t seem to believe that there are beings that are higher above on the food chain then them.”


Nick curses cutting off what I was about to say. “I should’ve filled my gas tank.” He pulls off and drives to a gas station. He hops out.


Suzanah looks around. “Alright good. Maybe proof will be something you need to stop question everything I am saying to you. Alex can you walk with Jason?” She asks.


Alex looks up and sighs. “Fine. Let’s go Jason.” He gets out of the car and waits for me.


I get out and he walks toward the back of the gas station. I follow him confused. That’s when I see that there are no cameras.


Alex starts taking off his shirt. He unbuttons his pants and I look away. “Dude. Why the hell are you stripping?!” I ask not looking.


He laughs. “You’ve seen it all before. Now in about five seconds look at me Unless you know you want to look now.” He teases.


I wrinkle my nose. “Perv.”


He laughs. There’s silence so I count to five. When I turn to face him. I jump back surprised in front of me is a grey and black wolf. The wolf’s fur is mainly black but there’s spots that look like someone took a paint brush and swiped gray paint across the fur.


I look at the wolf cautiously. “Alex?”


The wolf nods its head.


I sigh. “So my friends are werewolfs. Great.” I rub my face. “Either that or this is all a dream and when I wake up everything will go back to the way it was.”


The wolf er Alex rolls his eyes.


I frown. “How would you feel if you just found out werewolves are real?” I turn and head back to the car.


Nick looks at me. “Good we need to go.”


I get in and Alex walks over to the car not that long after me. He gets in without another word and Nick starts driving again.


I’m silent looking out the window. The only things going through my head are the fact that werewolves exist. That my best friends are werewolves. That my best friend is in danger because of some werewolf kidnapping her. That there could be other beings other than werewolves that exist as well.


After a while Suzanah clears her throat. “I know this is hard to process. I understand if your upset or mad or even confused. The reason humans don’t know we exist is because if they did we would be in danger. They would experiment on us and try to recreate us. They fear what they don’t know.” She says.


I look at her. “Why do you think that is? You guys could rip us apart if you wanted to! I mean you can turn into a stinken wolf!”


Suzanah nods. “We understand that. It’s the reason we hide amongst humans. We can blend in because we are still partly human.”


I look out the window. “I need time to think.”


Everyone is silent after that.


I sigh. What have i gotten myself into?


Alex’s POV


I am so stupid. I can’t believe I let her out of my sights. I have failed in protecting her. I am not a good enough bodyguard.


As soon as I heard Nick I had gotten to my feet. I didn’t think she’d be so stupid as to go check on the boy.


I sigh looking out the window. On top of that her little friend Jason now knows what we are. Can’t believe we let him come along being his human. It’s putting him in more danger than he thinks. He is a weak human. I’m not being mean. I’m just being honest. Werewolves strength compared to a humans…. Well I guess for a human Jason is strong. He was able to knock that Charles boy out.


Still, Jason wouldn’t last in a fight against a wolf.


My phone buzzes and I take it out. I see a text from her mom.


Abby’s mom: How’s Abigail doing?

Me: Fine she is going to be hanging out with her friend Suzanah after school today.

Abby’s mom: Ok but I need her home by 6 there’s something I need to talk to her about.

Me: I’ll try. Though I can’t promise anything. She and Suzanah seems to be attached.

Abby’s mom: Let her know.

Me: I will.

Abby’s mom: bye

Me: bye

I put my phone away and sigh. “We really need to get her. Her mom wants her home by six. I know that won’t happen but we need to get her soon.”


Nick glares at me through the rearview mirror. “I’m trying. I’m sorry I’m not going fast enough for you.”


I roll my eyes. I look at Suzanah. “I told her mom that she’s going to be going over to your house.”


Suzanah nods. “I’ll let my mom know just in case she calls. My mom can make something up.”


I nod. “Thank you.”


She nods.


I sigh and look out the window.


Jason clear his throat. “So you’re going to lie to her parents?”


I look at him. “Yes. They don’t know what happened to her. If we tell them it puts them in danger. Abigail would want her parents safe.”


Jason frowns. “She’s not dead.”


I glare at him. “I know that!” I snap, “But is she here? Can she tell me whether to tell her parents she was kidnapped again or not?”


Jason’s frown deepen. “No but don;t her parents have a right to know what’s going on?”


I sigh. “You’re not getting it. If her parents know it will put them at risk. Let me say it slower. She. Cares. About. Her. Faaammmilly.”


He glares at me. “I’m not dumb.”


I cross my arms. “Sure could have fooled me.”


“That’s it!’ He leans toward me.


I growl. The guy in between us smacks us both on the head.  “Cut it out! Both of you!”


Suzanah laughs.


I look at the boy stunned. He glares at me. “Just because you feel bad doesn’t mean you need to take it out on everyone else.”, he turns to Jason, “You need to understand the Abigail has a big heart. If anything happens to her parents she will blame herself.”


I glare at him. “And you are?”


He looks at me. “Robert Nick’s beta.”


I glare at him. “Well Robert smack me one more time and you’ll feel just how much stronger I am than you.”


He growls. “You’re just a lone wolf. One that was kicked out by his father for disgracing his family.”


I growl. “That’s what he wants everyone to think! I left! He is the most abusive man I have ever met. He abused me and my mom!”


Suzanah looks at me. “Wait what?”


I sigh. “I left. I wasn’t kicked out. I got tired of being beaten everyday.”


Jason frowns. “I’m sorry man. I had no clue.”


Nick looks at me through the rearview mirror. “Why didn’t you tell the pack? He could have been taken from being Alpha. Packs never tolerate an abusive Alpha.”


I glare at him. “You think I didn’t try? They didn’t listen.”


Nick sighs taking a turn. “You could have challenged him.”


I shake my head. “He’s stronger than me.”


Robert frowns. “Who could abuse their wife or child shouldn’t be Alpha.”


I roll my eyes. “I know that. I’m just not strong enough.”


Nick looks at me. “No you believe you’re not strong enough. You have to believe you can do it.”


I roll my eyes. “Thanks for the advice barbie.”


He growls. “Don’t disrespect me lone wolf. I’m trying to help you.”


I sigh. “I am a failure. I can’t even protect the one person I’m supposed to be protecting.” I look out the window.


Robert scoffs. I look at him. “Maybe if you had kept that mouth of yours shut she wouldn’t have went out to check on the boy.”


I growl at him. “I told her what she needed to hear.”


Robert rolls his eyes. “You mean how you tried to take her out of the school because of one kiss? Or how about in the car? Oh yeah I heard that conversation. I had left my homework in my car so on my way back to the school I got a nice chunk of your guys’ conversation.”


I growl angrily. “You shouldn’t have been listening that was a private conversation.”


Robert rolls his eyes. “I wasn’t. You were just that loud.”


I clench my fists.


“Don’t Alex. Calm down.” Suzanah says.


I look at her and sigh, unclenching my fists. “Fine but he says anything else I’m going to knock his teeth in.”

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