Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


24. Author's note

Hey guys. This one has been my favorite book to write thus far. I'm glad for all who have read it. Liked it and commented on it. It's so interesting to see what you guys think of my writing. I never thought I would get 2000 view in three months either. I think that is cool. The next upload is the last chapter! I'm excited because I've been wanting to do this chapter for a while. It's going to leave a big cliff hanger. Well I'm hoping it's a big enough cliff hanger. I'm making a second book that is going to be called Made to Forget. Once I publish the prologue to the book ya'll will probably get the cliff hanger. 


I feel like I shouldn't be so excited to be finishing this book but I am. I have so many things I'm going to do with the next book. 


All I have to say is BE PREPARED my little cubbies.

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