Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


12. Author's note

Hey readers. Thank yall show much for the ready BTW. Amazing how fast it's going. I do apologize for the wait. Schools been crazy and I have a lot of crap going on at home that has been stressing me out. I post as soon as I finish a chapter so if there are any errors that's because I haven't edited yet. 


What do you guys think so far? I have just been going with the flow making it up as I go along so I don't know if it's good or not. I'm worried that it isn't.


Hope you enjoy my cubs.

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