Disguised as Hannah

The crippling anxiety towards her future, an inappropriate crush on her Biology Professor and the death of her sister Hannah. These were only the beginning of Ashley's problems.

Despite Ashley's laid-back nature, she found herself incredibly anxious about starting college. So much so, she put it off for two years. At the age of 21, she decided it was time to go and work towards her dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. It seemed simple enough, but she didn't know then the mess it would create.

Ashley and Hannah thought it would be a clever idea to switch identities for a night of partying, so Hannah could help establish Ashley's presence at the school and get her into the popular scene. All was going well until Ashley fell asleep, only to wake up to several desperate texts from her now deceased sister.


2. Chapter Two

Ashley bolted into the woman's washroom and looked in the mirror to assess the damage. Luckily she was wearing a black shirt so staining wasn't the worst of her issues. She gently lifted her shirt over her stomach to reveal a deep red discoloration.

"Ouch," She said out loud, clenching her teeth.

Of course, something like this had to happen to her on the first day of school. The universe must think her fear of embarrassment is actually an invitation for it. She wasn't exactly prone to having things go smoothly for her; her first day of high school she didn't notice that her sundress was tucked into her underwear. For several hours. So she should have been more prepared for something like this happening to her.

She pulled her phone out to text Hannah, but naturally, it was dead.

"Great, just what I needed," She whispered to herself throwing it back into her purse.

She left the washroom and anxiously began the short journey to her building. As she neared the concrete stairs her heart began racing and her palms grew sweaty, something that was rather foreign to her. She made her way up to the large glass entrance, and gingerly placed her hand on the metallic handle. As she opened the heavy door, a cool air-condition blast hit her face, the smell of disinfectant and coffee clouded her nostrils. She quickly stepped to the side of the hall, so she wouldn't be trampled by the mass amount of students entering and exiting. She took this as an opportunity to take in her surroundings. Giant floor to ceiling windows lined the entire north side of the wall. The sunlight pouring through highlighted all of the polished metal accented around the building.

It definitely looked like a medical building.


Her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice calling her name,

She turned around to see Daniel jogging towards her.

Her closest friend, however not the oldest. They had met about three years prior when Daniel had moved from Sweden. He was the exception to her rule. They immediately hit it off and not an ounce of awkwardness was shared between the two. It was likely the fact that Dan's eccentric personality blended perfectly with Ashley's calm demeanor. They anchored one another. This was the only time Hannah's advice ever made sense to Ashley, everything with Dan seemed so raw and organic.

Their friendship didn't sit well with some of the girls at their high school though, specifically Hannah's group of friends.

Daniel was stunning, with his piercing, pale blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, he was so beautifully unnatural looking. This caused an uproar with the females of the school. They grew obsessed with him and relentlessly tried to grab his attention. Which Ashley thought was pointless because she was sure he was gay, although he'd never confirmed.

When the girls realized that his point of focus was Ashley, they developed a jealous hatred towards her.

This only made high school worse for her. It was hard enough constantly stressing about prepping for college, but to have several popular girls hate her made things brutal.

"Where have you been? I've texted you like a million times?" he said through a thick Swedish accent, placing a hand on her shoulder trying to catch his breath,

"My phone is dead," Ashley said monotonously,

"Of course is it," Dan chuckled

"Anyway," Ashley continued, "What are you doing in this building, you're studying film production?"

"Yes, well I wanted to check in on you, since it's you're first day here, after all. So I thought, why not grab some coffee and ambush you when you arrive," He said pointing ahead of them, where a small in-wall coffee shop sat.

"It's so cute how obsessed with me you are," Ashley joked nudging him,

"It's only because you're so gorgeous, darling." He laughed back, "Let me escort you to your first class. I know how navigationally challenged you are,"

He linked his arm through hers and tugged her along. As they walked through the main hall Ashley couldn't help but notice the number of girls and guys checking him out. Ashley wondered how he could never notice, perhaps he was just too humble to draw attention to the fact he was essentially a high-fashion model.

The two walked through the entire building, ending up on the third and top floor. As they neared Ashley's classroom her heart started palpitating again, and she began shaking.

"Oh my god. I'm so scared, what if I fucking fall off my chair or someone spills more coffee on me?" She says, worry evident in her voice

"What?" He asked confused about her response,

"Nothing..." Ashley said dismissing him,

Dan looked at her thoughtfully, seeing her so worried made him upset. It was rare to see her like this, which only amplified his concern for her.

"Ash, you're going to be fine. It's no big deal. I'll even come back and meet you here when you're finished?" He said, pulling her closer to him

"Would you actually? That would be awesome," She replied. Having Dan around would make things easier, someone she can rely on to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid.

"Of course," he wrapped his arms around her tightly hugging her, "now get in there and kick ass, I'll see you later."

He pulled away and watched as she walked in.

The classroom was massive, yet still just looked like her old high school ones. There were seven rows of desks, and only a handful of students sat at them. She debated whether or not she should try to sit next to someone. You know, to make friends. She wasn't sure whether or not that would be creepy, as everyone else was seated rather far apart.

She thought about what Hannah would tell her, something she did often and decided to go for it and sit beside someone.

She quickly scanned the room to see who looked the most approachable. On the furthest end of the room, next to the window, sat a girl with short blonde hair wearing a black band tee and ripped denim. In the middle was a man who looked older than her and definitely more professional; wearing a white button-up shirt and pressed black pants. A few feet away from Ashley sat another girl, with red wavy hair and a flowing dress.

Ashey particularly liked the dress, it was black with a floral pattern intricately stitched into it. She quickly made her way to the empty chair beside her and sat down.

The red-head quickly pulled her books onto her own desk in order to make room for Ashely, and looked up at her with n inviting smile.

"Hey!" She said cheerily, turning her body towards her

"Hi!" Ashley chimed as she sat down, "I really like your dress, where did you get it?" She said trying to initiate small talk,

"Thanks! I actually made it," the red-head replied


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