Disguised as Hannah

The crippling anxiety towards her future, an inappropriate crush on her Biology Professor and the death of her sister Hannah. These were only the beginning of Ashley's problems.

Despite Ashley's laid-back nature, she found herself incredibly anxious about starting college. So much so, she put it off for two years. At the age of 21, she decided it was time to go and work towards her dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. It seemed simple enough, but she didn't know then the mess it would create.

Ashley and Hannah thought it would be a clever idea to switch identities for a night of partying, so Hannah could help establish Ashley's presence at the school and get her into the popular scene. All was going well until Ashley fell asleep, only to wake up to several desperate texts from her now deceased sister.


3. Chapter Three

"So, are you fresh out of high school?" asked the red-head,

"No. I took two years off to work." Ashely replied, neatly stacking her textbooks.

"Oh cool! I took one year off to do the same; I just moved here from a few hours away, so I'm also a total loner right now." She said with a laugh,

"Well I've lived here my whole life, and I'm still a loner. So you're doing better than me!" Ashley joked,

The two laughed and continued to chat.

The red-head told her about how her boyfriend of three years cheated on her the second she moved to the city. She also said the only reason she came here was to get away from her small hometown where everything was backwards. The entire town had a darkness to it, the strangest incidents would occur, and it seemed that no one had any sense of social awareness or concept of personal hygiene.

"Oh man. I've always wanted to live in a small town though, like the one in Gilmore Girls?" Ashley laughed,

"It's like the fucking Twilight Zone; you'd hate it. Plus, I've always dreamed of living in the city, we should switch lives!" The red-head said playfully punching Ashley's arm,

While the two were talking the room had begun filling up with students, a broad mixture of people flowed in, from Toronto's finest, wearing off-brand, shredded clothing to snobby rich-girls wearing flashy dresses and mile-high pumps. Although some of these people wouldn't be caught dead with each other in the 'real world,' the fact was all that of them were being brought to unity by one commonality, the love of animals. That is why Ashley wanted to be a veterinarian, not only because she adored animals, but also the fact that animals didn't judge anyone the way people do.

While the last few people entered the room and settled into their desks, the Professor stepped to the front of the classroom. Ashley looked forward, and her heart stopped.

A feeling of warmth and pure bliss coursed through her entire body, from her head to her toes. A feeling all too familiar to her.

She had only felt feelings like these once in her life. At the age of 15, she met Austin. The two instantly fell in love, as much as teenagers can anyway. Their relationship was the epitome of a teenage romance, full of overbearing emotions, sex and disapproving parents. Despite the lack of support from their families Ashley and Austin spent four years of their lives together. He was a sweet and quiet boy. The perfect first boyfriend, and everything. They were inseparable and knew one another inside out; everything was perfect. However, during their last year, the time they spent together grew shorter and shorter, Ashley knew their relationship was approaching the end, and it crushed her. The day it ended will forever be burned into her mind and heart. They spent the day at their favourite park, just like they did almost every day for four years. In Ashley's eyes, the day was perfect. They had their monthly picnic, got ice cream and aimlessly walked around, people watching and talking about their day.
As the sun started to set Austin looked into her eyes, and she knew that it would be the last day they spent together.

Losing her first love to 'growing apart' was earth-shattering to Ashley. Since their breakup, she had tried and failed several times to begin dating. Every date she had been on consisted of empty hookups and never seeing them again. No one could make her feel the way Austin did, so why bother looking for something more.

However, the second she laid eyes on her Professor, Austin became a distant memory.

The man standing before her was drop-dead gorgeous. His hair was dark and effortlessly pushed back. The perfect amount of stubble lined his cheeks and strong jawline. His eyes were vibrantly green, enough for Ashley to notice at the back of the room. His attire consisted of a classic professor-looking jacket and dark denim jeans, which he make look like he had walked straight out of a Vogue magazine.

"Uhm, why is out professor a male model?" The red-head whispered in awe

"I know..." Ashley stuttered,

As she watched him set his laptop up for the lecture, she couldn't help wishing she had sat closer to the front of the room. She greatly envied the girls in the front row, practically touching him and knew that next week she would be early, just to get a front row seat to the sexy-as-fuck-Professor show.

He turned away from the class and stepped up to the blackboard, taking a white piece of chalk into his hand he scrawled his name across the board; Klaude Hawthorne.

"Alright so, I'm Dr. Klaude Hawthorne, and I'll be your Biology Professor this semester." He said turning back towards the students.

His voice was deep and familiar to Ashley. But she could place where she had heard it before.

"I guess I'll do a brief introduction," he said leaning back against the wall,

"I'm a recent alumnus of this school. I studied initially to be a General Practitioner and then got my Ph.D. in General Surgery, which focuses mostly on the abdominal region. So obviously I am not a veterinarian. However, I am rather good at and love biology, so the school hired me on to teach you guys upon graduating." he explained,

"Now since this is a relatively smaller class I would like you all to introduce yourself so I can start remembering names,' he said standing up straight again,

He gestured towards the first person to begin and went through the rows.

Ashley wasn't sure if she could do this, she would be talking to him. What if she messes up. Yeah, saying your name is simple enough, but it's another thing when you're sitting in front of the most attractive man you've ever seen.

"My name is Rachel." the red-head beside her said,

Ashley realized that they had never told each other their names, it was nice to find out without the awkward 'what's your name again?' situation,

It was Ashley's turn to say her name, finally. The Professor looked at her with a smile; she avoided eye contact with him to keep herself from stuttering,

"I'm Ashley." She said clearly,

She mentally high-fived herself for not fucking up.

"Ashley, you look very familiar." He said placing a hand under his chin,

Oh God

Her heart started beating a mile a minute. What does he mean she looks familiar?

"Oh! I knocked coffee out of your hand this morning. Again, I am so sorry." He said genuinely,

She could feel her face flushing.

Are you fucking kidding me? She thought.

Why did it have to be him? It could have been any one of the hundreds of people standing in that square, why her gorgeous Biology Professor?

"Oh, yeah." she stuttered, "No worries, it was probably my fault."

Smooth as hell.

"Please let me replace your coffee after class." He pleaded,

"Sure," She responded, even though her inner-self wanted to deny the offer.

The class laughed at the interaction, while Rachel elbowed Ashley's shoulder.

"There was total chemistry between you two. No puns intended." She whispered,

"As if, he knocked burning liquid on me. How romantic," Ashley responded sarcastically, shooting the thought down.

He was her Professor that had to be forbidden territory.

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