Disguised as Hannah

The crippling anxiety towards her future, an inappropriate crush on her Biology Professor and the death of her sister Hannah. These were only the beginning of Ashley's problems.

Despite Ashley's laid-back nature, she found herself incredibly anxious about starting college. So much so, she put it off for two years. At the age of 21, she decided it was time to go and work towards her dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. It seemed simple enough, but she didn't know then the mess it would create.

Ashley and Hannah thought it would be a clever idea to switch identities for a night of partying, so Hannah could help establish Ashley's presence at the school and get her into the popular scene. All was going well until Ashley fell asleep, only to wake up to several desperate texts from her now deceased sister.


4. Chapter Four

There was no denying that Ashley had somehow developed feelings towards her Biology Professor, in the span of three hours. 
Of course, the first guy to completely demolish any feelings she had left towards Austin, had to be ten years her senior as well as her professor.

What was she going to do when class ended? The odds of her completing this coffee transaction without any embarrassment was slim. The last thing she wanted was to make this guy think she was weird and incapable of holding a conversation. She desperately wished her phone wasn't dead so she could text Hannah, the only person who could fully grasp the situation.

"Dude, he asked you out on a date. How is that not a budding romance?" Rachel whispered as she pretended to take notes,

"Uhm, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to date your professor. He is simply replacing the coffee he knocked out of my hand." Ashley chuckled, "I also I don't want to do this, it's going to be so awkward."

"Are you serious? The girls beside us are in tears because it didn't happen to them. I also have a jealous hatred towards you right now." She joked,

Ashley rolled her eyes and watched on as he sifted through a slideshow on the basic workings of a mammal's cell.

The way he gracefully gestured towards the cell membrane and licked his lips after he spoke made Ashley's heart flutter. She was disgusted with herself for feeling like this, but how could she help it? He was a Greek God, chiselled from stone.

She tried to ignore the feeling and resorted to doodling on her page when out of the corner of her eye she could see someone standing outside the door. She looked over and saw Dan waving at her. She quietly got up from the chair and crept out of the classroom, closing the door gently behind her as to not draw attention to herself.

"You're half an hour early, Dan. What do you want?" She asked, annoyed.

"I didn't realize, my class ended early so I thought I would come here." He said, looking down at his phone.

"Hey, could I borrow that?" Ashley asked pointing to it,

"Yeah sure, why?" He replied handing it to her,

"I need to text Hannah," She said quickly typing out a text,

Meet me  (Ashley) in the Medical building's third-floor washroom. It's an emergency.

She handed the phone back to him and immediately made her way to the washroom.

"Ash, what's going on?" Dan followed after her,

"It's nothing, I just need to talk to her for a minute," She said inadvertently brushing him off,

"Do you want me to wait here for you?" He asked,

"No, go have fun, be free." She joked, "I have something that I need to do after class."

"Alright, if you need me just come find me I guess." He said turning down the left hallway,

Ashley stepped into the washroom, hoping Hannah had gotten the text.

She spent the next several minutes staring herself down in the mirror, picking out all of her flaws. She felt her dark brown eyes weren't appealing, and the frizzy mess her hair had become made her want to shave it all off.  Luckily before her thoughts could enter deeper insecurities, they were cut off by the sound of the washroom door slamming.

"Ashley? What's wrong?" Hannah said running in frantically,

"Oh thank God you're here," Ashley replied, relieved.

She proceeded to explain the situation to her sister, how she had coffee spilled on her, that it ended up being her professor, and now he wants to buy her coffee.

"Oh my god!" Hannah bent over with laughter,

"Well, what do I do?" Ashley shouted,

"Go for it; there's probably no underlying motives with this. I bet he will buy you a new cup of coffee and then never speak to you again." She said,

Although that is precisely what Ashley needed to hear, it still hurt a little that she didn't think he wanted something more.

"I hope so, but I'm still kind of freaking out." She replied,

"Don't. It'll be fine, and he's a teacher so he'll probably do most of the talking. All you have to do is answer and accept coffee." Hannah explained as she fixed her hair in the mirror.

"I hope it'll go that smoothly," Ashley said,

"It seems like you might have a little crush on this guy, huh?" Hannah joked,

"Yeah right, we both know I'm emotionally damaged." Ashley lied,

"Whatever you say," She responded with a smirk, "Can I leave now, weirdo?"

Ashley nodded and walked out of the washroom with her. She watched as Hannah left down the flight of stairs, then slowly started to trudge down the hallway and quietly re-entered the classroom, sitting back in the chair.

Rachel leaned over to her,

"Who was that guy you were talking to?" She asked,

"That was Dan?" She responded, a little taken aback by the blunt curiosity

"He's fine as hell. Does he have a girlfriend?" She quietly laughed,

"No, he doesn't. Do you want me to introduce you guys?" Ashley chuckled, this wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Although the girls aren't usually as forward about it.

Rachel vigorously nodded her head. 

Ashley figured that Dan needed someone other than herself in his life. He was far too social and thrived when around people, it would be in his best interest to make some new friends.

For the remaining hour and a half of class, Ashley doodled in her notebook growing more anxious about the potentially embarrassing events that may take place after class.

With ten minutes left of class, the Professor stood up in front of the room,

"That's everything I need to cover today, so you can all leave," he said clapping his hands together,

Everyone stood up at once, packing their things and leaving. As Ashley stood from her seat, the Professor pointed at her,

"Not you though," He said with a smirk,

"Good luck," Rachel winked as she left the room.

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