Disguised as Hannah

The crippling anxiety towards her future, an inappropriate crush on her Biology Professor and the death of her sister Hannah. These were only the beginning of Ashley's problems.

Despite Ashley's laid-back nature, she found herself incredibly anxious about starting college. So much so, she put it off for two years. At the age of 21, she decided it was time to go and work towards her dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. It seemed simple enough, but she didn't know then the mess it would create.

Ashley and Hannah thought it would be a clever idea to switch identities for a night of partying, so Hannah could help establish Ashley's presence at the school and get her into the popular scene. All was going well until Ashley fell asleep, only to wake up to several desperate texts from her now deceased sister.


5. Chapter Five

Ashley placed her textbooks into her purse and sheepishly walked to the front of the room. As the last of the students trickled out Professor Hawthorne placed a cross-body leather bag over his shoulder,

"So, Ashley. Where are you from?" He asked, looking up at her

"Toronto," she replied, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear,

"A local, nice. I'm from here too." He said, closing his laptop,

"Cool, which neighborhood?" Ashley asked,

"Yorkville," He replied

Ashley was shocked to hear that; it's one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Toronto.

She watched as he placed his laptop into his bag, then two of them left the classroom. She made sure to keep her distance as they walked down the crowded halls, she didn't want him to get the wrong idea.

"May I ask why you wanted to be a vet?" He said, turning towards her

"I've always really enjoyed Science and animals, so I figured why not turn it into a career." She answered, "What made you decide to become a Doctor?"

"Same reasons. I love the Medical Sciences and helping people." He smiled, putting his hands into the pockets of his jacket.

As they neared the coffee shop, she could see Dan talking to some girls on the opposite side of the hall. She hoped that they could keep his attention, the last thing she wanted was Dan to come crash this "date."

The line to the order counter was miles long with students and teachers, meaning the amount of time this should take would be doubled.

"That line is rather long if you want you can sit there, and I'll bring it to you?" He said gesturing towards six white tables lined against the window,

"Alright, thanks," Ashley said, walking towards them.

She sat down at the empty two-seat table and watched as Dan continued to converse.

Please don't see me, please don't see me. She thought

But sure enough, Dan grew bored and looked up to see Ashley sitting a few feet away from him.

A smile stretched across his face as he approached her,

"What're you doing?" He said sitting in the chair opposite to her,

"Nothing, go away." She said glaring at him,

He flinched at those words and sat straight up in his chair,

"Why are you so hurtful?" he gasped, flamboyantly placing a hand on his chest

"I'm not, I'm waiting for someone. So I would appreciate if you could go sit somewhere else." She said putting her fingers to her temples,

"Fine if you're going to be like that!" He said jokingly.

He stood up and moved down two tables, still watching her.

Ashley stuck her tongue out at him and then turned to see where Professor Hawthorne was.
He was on his way towards the table, with more than just coffee in his hand. He sat down in the chair that Dan had just occupied.

Ashley looked over his shoulder to see Dan staring at her, mouthing "oh my god" in a shocked manner.

"I don't know what kind of donuts you like, or if you even like them. But I bought a dozen so please eat some." Professor Hawthorne chuckled, sliding the box towards her

"You didn't have to do that." She said, looking up at him,

"Yes, I did. I probably ruined your shirt, so it's the least I could do." He said gesturing towards her slightly stained black shirt

Ashley laughed,

"Fair enough, I couldn't pass up a free donut anyway." She said, reaching in for her favorite, an old-fashioned glazed.

"Good choice, that's my favorite too." He commented

Ashley smiled and lifted the cup of coffee to her mouth; she took a small sip of the black coffee.

"How did you know I liked my coffee black?" She asked him, setting the cup back on the table.

"Well I did dump it all over you, so I saw the contents. Did you forget already?" He chuckled

"I guess so. These donuts must've worked then, huh?" She said with a laugh

The conversation died down, and there was a brief moment of silence before the Professor cut it,

"Did you come here straight from high school?" He asked,

"No, I took a few years to work before coming to college." She replied,

"That was a smart decision; I regret not taking a year or two off before I started school." He paused and looked at the massive clock hanging above the coffee shop, "What time is your next class?" He asked,

"In an hour," She replied looking up at the same clock,

He took another drink from his coffee and set it back on the table,

"Do you want me to tour you around the campus? I know I would've wanted someone to show me around in my first year," he said thoughtfully,

"Yeah, that would be great!" Ashley replied,

That is precisely what she needed; she had no idea where anything was and couldn't read a map to save her life. Having Professor Hawthorne show her around would not only make life easier, but she could also spend more time staring at his beautiful face.

The two stood from the chairs and made their way past Dan to the door. Ashley turned and looked back at Dan before leaving the building; he sat slowly shaking his head at her in disbelief.

Professor Hawthorne showed her around the seemingly never-ending campus, sharing stories from the past and explaining the easiest shortcut to each building from the main parking lot. The last building on the tour was the Visual Arts and Theatre one, which was Hannah's building.

"This is the Visual Arts and Theatre building; you probably won't ever need to come here. But it's nice to be aware of everything." He said turning himself towards her,

"Actually my sister has all of her classes in this building, so I'm glad I now know where it is," Ashley said, looking into the crowd of people surrounding it,

"Your sister goes here too? It's nice to have someone you're close to around." He said,

"Yeah, she's my twin too. So it's kind of funny when random people come up and call me Hannah," Ashley explained

"I bet it is, that's a potential weapon you have there." He laughed,

"Man, I never even thought of that. I could totally ruin her life." She joked,

Or she could make mine better.  Ashley thought.

The twins were visually identical. Impersonating one another would be effortless. Hannah could act as Ashley, and help establish a presence at the school.

Ashley stored this idea to later share with Hannah.

Just as the thought popped into her mind Hannah appeared amongst the crowd of people. Professor Hawthorne turned his back away from them, something in the distance catching his eye. Ashley took this opportunity to wave to her sister. Hannah looked up, and met Ashley's eyes with a look of surprise. Likely shocked at the appearance of the professor.

He then turned back around, cutting the brief interaction short,

"Where is your next class, do you want me to take you there?" Professor Hawthorne interrupted,

"Yeah, if you don't mind. That would awesome." She said, turning away from Hannah and facing him.

The two of them made their way through a sea of people and to the classroom, which was located back in the medical building. When they arrived the classroom was empty and the door was still locked, so they stood in the empty hall together for a moment,

"I should probably get going now, I have some assignments to prepare for you guys," He grinned, "Also, if you ever need help with anything, whether it be Biology, Math or if you don't know where something is, come find me. Or you can email, my address should be in your online files for your program." He told her,

"I'm glad that you're so eager to shower us with homework," Ashley joked, "But thanks, I'll definitely use your knowledge of everything to my advantage." She chuckled,

He smiled at her comments,

"I'm sorry again about spilling coffee on you, I'll try to avoid doing that next time." He winked,

Ashley's heart did that stupid flutter again, and she couldn't help but blush.

He smiled at her then made his way down the hall.  She watched as he walked away, hating herself for wanting him.

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