How to die

what happens when Ree West discovers the after world?


1. dead

Hello. my name is Ree west. I guess as a Girl I didn't like thinking about death. Haven or hell. i was scared that when it die there was nothing. Well I guess i should had thought about this. I gripped the diving board,. the whistle sounded and I dove straight down. I hit something and my blood circled around me liken paint. I felt tired.  I couldn't keep my eyes open. My lungs took in water and every thing in my body seem to slow down. like a broken clock. I closed my eyes as darkness crept in on me. 

I woke up to a little boy nudging my forehead." Luke!" Leave that poor girl alone!" A woman's voice said. the boy must have been seven or so. I was surround by beautiful woods. I sat up looking for a bruised head but found none. I was dressed in a gold toga. "Where...."I started. the woman looked up she was in a white toga and so was the boy. " Your in Tarazi The woman smiled sadly"."Whats..." I was cut off."Your in the afterworld!" The boy said."Sweetheart your no longer alive in the mortal world but now you shall live immortally in Tazeri ". the woman said. She had gotten my full attention. "No.." She pointed down. I looked down at the grass. She patted the grass which spread apart. Down below was a group of people in a hospitable. "Mom? Dad" I realized. they were sobbing over a dead body. A dead Ree. I reach down only find dirt. The woman patted my shoulder. She helped me up and took me to the mirror. I looked Only about ten or nine years old but i died at seventeen." You may change you age." She whispered."and who are you?" I asked feeling my undied hair I forgot  it was brown.  "Miss. Gabby." she said."When you are capable of changing you age you can change you hair color, but for now let us meet the city." she said a smaile crossing her face.


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