How to die

what happens when Ree West discovers the after world?


2. City of the dead

the boy Max held my hand all the way, there. i kept thinking. Mom would love this place.; adults and kids of all ages in togas came out in the city. I stared which was probably very rude but i  never seen dead people move.   there was shops and markets. every thing was free. We finally came to a building marked."The sorting."  we walked in a giant room filled will elders. "you there child. come forth " the man said i stumbled forward. "What is your name?"The woman ask politely."Er-Ree West". i answered. she dugged through files then pulled out one named Ree West. "Seventeen years old, Swimmer, Diving board, Brown hair, Girl, Quiet, nice, silly" she read out loud. whispers filled the room. "She shall be put in cabin 8" the man said the handed me a folder. Outside i read it.


No trying  to return to the mortal world

No contacting living people

thats it

(Are allowed to have any copies of belonging)

Cabin 8 was filled with children only girls. the stopped when they saw me. "This is Ree west'


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