Survival Island

What could be worse than being trapped on an island when your cruise takes an unknown and dangerous turn? Of course, being trapped on said island with the one person you can't stand. Or can you?
This story switches between characters POV (Point Of View) throughout the story. The switches are between the two main characters and is about my OTP again, deal with it.


2. Stuck Together

Previously during the day, Travis had woken up on the beach, unpleasantly with sand in his mouth. After coughing it out and washing his mouth with salt water, then spitting it back out, he had begun to wander the island. He was stranded on the same island as Katelyn, but he didn't know that much. All he had known was that he had tried to catch her as the crowd of passengers on the cruise ship knocked her off the deck to take pictures of the whale breaching next to the ship. He had managed to grab onto her ankle just last minute, but her sudden weight added to his pulled him overboard as well. He couldn't remember much else after they hit the water. 

He had just begun his trek when he noticed seagulls staring at him from the top of a hill that lead to the beginning of a lush forest on the island. His excuse for running up to the birds and chasing them away was "I didn't like the way they were looking at me!" but he knew very well it wouldn't work if he was questioned. As the birds flew away, he saw the shape of another person facing him. He ducked as the birds took flight and flew away, and looked back up at the person to discover it was Katelyn.

Internally, he was overjoyed to see her alive and well, even though he knew she hated him. The whole reason he had tried to save her before she fell off the ship was because he cared about her. While he loved being near her, every moment was torture, as he feared she would never understand his feelings for her, much less accept or even reciprocate them. It was simply in his dreams.

As he looked up, he saw that Katelyn was staring at him with a hint of alarm in her eyes. Once she recognized him, her alarm changed to confusion. Of course, she hadn't known he had fallen with her. She tilted her head to the side slightly as her eyes narrowed, obviously trying to figure out why he was on this island with her. 

"Katelyn!" he managed to get out with excitement in his voice. His emerald eyes appeared to be glowing with joy as he stared back at her. 

"Travis...? What are you doing here...?" Katelyn asked him, lifting her head to face him straight again. He reached behind him and rubbed the back of his head, messing up his snow white hair that drooped in front of his right eye slightly. His excited smile faded into an awkward one, which softened his features, letting the bright sunlight highlight his faint freckles, which were barely visible compared to his tan skin.

"Well... uh... it's a long story..." he replied, looking up at her again and lowering his hand into his jean pockets, adjusting his dark green t-shirt before he did so. 

"Well, there's no time for that now, we have surviving to do," Katelyn brushed it off and started walking back into the forest. Travis looked up quickly and followed, once again amazed by how she let things go so easily and was so cool about things.

"So... What should we do first?" he asked as he caught up to her, walking alongside her. She glanced over at him, and he caught her eye. He smiled slightly, trying to get along with her for as long as they were stuck together on this island. She kept looking forward while walking, never slowing her pace.

"Try and get along, that's what we do first."

They both knew they agreed on that. It was most important for them to come to terms with the fact that they would have to work together to survive.

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