Survival Island

What could be worse than being trapped on an island when your cruise takes an unknown and dangerous turn? Of course, being trapped on said island with the one person you can't stand. Or can you?
This story switches between characters POV (Point Of View) throughout the story. The switches are between the two main characters and is about my OTP again, deal with it.


3. Nightfall Brings Hidden Life

As the hot summer sun sent hot beams of light down onto the pair on the island, it made its way around the sky, eventually making contact with the horizon. The sky was turning a crisp orange color with small, rosy pink clouds dotting the sky. The sun, now a big, reddish orange ball, was giving less heat than during the day, but sent long shadows across the sandy beaches and made the ocean waves glisten and sparkle with pink, gold, and orange streaks. 

Katelyn was sitting on some soft, green grass, her back leaning against the trunk of a palm tree. She was watching the waves as Travis searched the island for a proper camping spot. She was not helping because she had spent her day gathering firewood and making supplies. 

The sun was slowly sinking under the horizon as the golden orange rays illuminated her body with a soft glow. Her eyes reflected the waves as they glistened with the same golden flecks as the ocean projected among the same, crystal color as the waves that were slowly crashing to shore. 

Katelyn was disturbed from her peace by a rustling in the bushes a couple feet behind her. She whipped around and rose to her feet quickly, but not quick enough. Suddenly, a large wildcat, about five feet in length, pounced onto her body, sending them both rolling down the sandy hill. Once they had stopped rolling, the wildcat yowled fiercely, in an attempt to scare the girl. Unfortunately for the wildcat, Katelyn was not easily scared.

Pulling out her pocket knife, she growled back at it as her crystal eyes narrowed. She whipped the knife around inches from the cat's face, and it backed up with it's stubbly tail hanging. Katelyn's knife finally made contact with the scruffy, spotted fur of the wildcat, creating a slice across its nose. Bright red blood slowly dripped down it's face as it yowled in pain, backing up quicker. Katelyn slashed its face once more, leaving another gash down the side of its face, and finally the wildcat fled into the woods, disappearing in the lush green bushes where it came from.

Out of breath, Katelyn put the knife back into her pocket. She tucked her bangs behind her ear as she caught her breath.

"Woah..." she heard from behind her. As she whipped around once more, she saw it was only Travis, with his arms full of firewood. She sighed with relief and calmed down, her body finally able to untense. 

"Did you find a spot?" she asked him, distracting him from her recent feat. Travis looked up at her with his emerald eyes sparkling from the rays of the sunset. Katelyn made eye contact with him for a moment, then shook herself from it and looked around.

"Oh, right, uh... yeah! It was pretty close, I'll take you there! C'mon!" he exclaimed as he turned towards the woods and began climbing up the sandy hill again. Katelyn followed him willingly, as there was nowhere else to go. 

Travis lead her into the forest, and as they walked, the sun sank below the horizon. In between the trees, she was able to make out a few twinkling stars appearing in the sky. Every few minutes, new stars would become visible. Katelyn loved the stars, as they were her comfort and entertainment in her childhood. 

Travis quickly reached the destination, which was a flat, treeless area with soft grass, surrounded by flowers. He stood in the middle with his arms out at either side of him, facing her with a grin on his face.

"Ta-da! Isn't it great?" he commented, dropping his arms to his sides once more and sticking his hands into his pockets. Katelyn looked around, admiring the view of the stars as she paced her way into the area as well.

"Yeah, it's cool," she finally agreed, looking back at him. Travis smiled down at her, then turned away after his eyes lit up with an idea.  Katelyn watched him walk to the edge of the ring with an eyebrow raised. In less than a minute, Travis returned to her with a hand behind his back. Katelyn knew he was holding something, so she put her hand out without speaking. Instead of handing it over to her, Travis reached up and carefully put a Blanket Flower into her hair, behind her ear. The broad, bright yellow petals that were crimson red on the inside was about the size of his fist. Katelyn felt a rosy streak of blush appear across her cheeks and nose, so she looked away to hide it. Travis looked back at her, smiling brighter than the stars in the sky. He knew she would probably slap him, but he had purposefully chosen this spot because of all the varieties of tropical wildflowers bordering it. 

Katelyn suppressed her blush as she looked back up at him. She slightly rose her hand up from her side, but then lowered it again. She wouldn't slap him for being sweet, which is what he was at the moment. She exhaled, then smiled at him slightly. 

Travis looked at her with his eyes wide out of surprise. That wasn't the reaction he was expecting, but he would take it. He smiled back happily, nearly missing the grass blades moving behind her shoulder. As soon as he did catch it, he looked over her shoulder suspiciously. Out of the tall grass came a large, brown snake. It's long body was slithering towards them quickly. Travis quickly grabbed Katelyn's hand and pulled her behind him as the snake grew nearer.

Katelyn was surprised by his move, but didn't fight him once she set her eyes on the snake as well. The large reptile didn't strike at their legs, which is what they were expecting. Instead, the snake slithered around them in a circle. Then it started to slither up their legs, its smooth scales rubbing against their skin as it let out a low hiss.

Travis, thinking quickly, picked up Katelyn and tossed her to the ground out of the snakes reach, watching her roll away slightly as the snake climbed up his legs higher. He then took focus on himself, grabbing the snake and attempting to pull it off him. The snake stayed put, clearly on a mission to climb higher on his body.

Katelyn lifted herself up from the grassy earth and instantly ran to him to help. She grabbed the snake's head as it continued moving up his body and gave it a sharp, hard tug. The snake broke free from her friend, and she fell backwards from the force of her tug. The snake then hissed louder and began slithering around her torso, slowly squeezing her chest, compressing her lungs to restrict her breath.

Travis fell over as the snake broke off him, but quickly got up as the reptile began going after Katelyn. He grabbed it and with one pull, the snake released her and went about thrashing around in his hands, looking for something to bite or squeeze to death. Travis threw it into the woods, and it slithered away, hissing in defeat. 

Katelyn sat up slowly from the ground, her heart racing as her breaths were short and quick. Travis offered his hand down to her to help her up, and she gratefully accepted. She took his hand and stood as he pulled her upright.

"We should get sleep..." Travis stated as he let go of her hand. "I can stay up longer, to watch out for other creatures."

Katelyn nodded, accepting his instructions. She laid on the ground, adjusting until she was comfortable on her side. She closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Travis sat down next to her, looking down at the sleeping girl. He smiled at her, thinking she looked rather cute and vulnerable as she slept. Katelyn was normally very guarded and cold fronted, but when she was asleep, she showed a more sweet side of her she didn't normally express. 

Travis looked back up to the moon and stars, admiring the beautiful night sky. He decided that even if they couldn't get along on this island for however long they were stranded there, they made a good team, and it made his feelings for her grow.

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