Survival Island

What could be worse than being trapped on an island when your cruise takes an unknown and dangerous turn? Of course, being trapped on said island with the one person you can't stand. Or can you?
This story switches between characters POV (Point Of View) throughout the story. The switches are between the two main characters and is about my OTP again, deal with it.


5. Hope?

After wandering around for a while, Katelyn had run out of things to entertain herself. She made herself a flower crown out of the wildflowers in the meadow they slept in, and sat down, wearing it. She was told to wait there while Travis explored more. She had tried to ask to tag along with him, but he refused, saying he wouldn't allow her to be in any danger, to which Katelyn simply rolled her eyes and caved in. 

Birds chirped in the tree branches above her as she daydreamed. She inspected her small cuts and bruises from her recent kidnapping by a local tribe, and wondered what would have happened to her if Travis hadn't come in time. She then wondered how he even found her, and why he cared to look. Katelyn then had a revelation.

She had known he had liked to flirt with her when they were at home, sure. But she thought about how he had persisted, still reaching out to her as she pushed him away, sometimes literally. But now, she was thinking about why. 

Katelyn was distracted from her thoughts by the sound of footsteps, then rustling of bushes behind her. She jumped to her feet, ready to attack if it was danger. She relaxed as she saw a familiar mop of white hair, slightly dirty now. Of course, it was Travis.

He smiled at her as he saw her, safe and sound. He set down a short, hollow log filled with berries, and sat down in front of it, waiting for her. Katelyn sat down in front of him, inspecting the berries. They were a mix of raspberries and blackberries, with some small strawberries as well. She picked up some and held them in her palm, picking one up at a time and eating the juicy morsels. Travis smiled a bit and joined her in the slightly inadequate feast, as it was the best they had. 

Soon, the berries were gone. Katelyn stood, grabbing the log, and tossed it away, into the bushes around them. She sat back down once again, licking her lips to make sure there was no berry juice on her mouth. She was then reminded of her thoughts that were interrupted when Travis arrived.

"Hey, Travis?" she asked to get his attention. He looked up at her, a bit confused.

"Yeah?" he replied, shifting as he sat cross legged.

"Why do you always hang around me, even if I punch you?" she asked straightforward, sticking true to her nature of being honest and blunt, with no sugarcoating.

Travis blushed slightly, his cheeks fading a bright pink, which made his faint freckles more visible. He glanced around at the ground, avoiding eye contact with her. 

"Uh... well... um..." he stalled, trying to come up with a reason, so he wouldn't have to tell her the truth. Katelyn gave him a hard stare, not budging. She wouldn't leave him alone until he told her the truth, he knew. He let out a sigh and looked up at her, looking her in the eye.

"Katelyn, I-" he began, intending to tell the truth as he was cut off by a loud noise. It sounded much like a horn, drowning out the rest of his sentence, which he abandoned. They turned their heads simultaneously, peering through the trees for the source of the sound. The loud noise appeared again, very clearly coming from the direction of the beach.

They stood up as they looked towards the beach. They looked at each other for a short moment, agreeing silently. They both turned back to the woods and ran, letting the branches hit their faces and bodies, feeling thorns tear at their legs from low-growing brambles and high-hanging vines tangling their hair. 

They broke through the think vegetation together, looking out at the waves. They could see the outline of a small boat in the distance, a large ship up close most likely. It blew its horn again, the sound louder to them compared to before, as they were closer now. The wind of the open ocean blew their dirty hair as the waves lapped onto the shore, pulling back into the large body of water.

The outline of the ship changed slightly as it turned. Neither Katelyn or Travis could tell if it was turning away from them, or towards them. They hoped and prayed that it was coming to save them, as they didn't know what they would do if they had to stay on the island longer.

Katelyn ran into the ocean, splashing into it until the water reached her mid-thighs. She attempts to get a better look at the ship, hearing the horn louder than it has been. She assumes it's coming to them, but continues to watch closely. Travis comes up next to her, the water up to his knees. The ship becomes more detailed as they notice it's getting larger slowly. Katelyn clasps her hands together in front of her chest, holding her breath as she hopes.

The ship eventually comes into more clear view, clear enough where they can make out a small boat being lowered off the side, with people in it. The boat starts to get larger and more clear, also coming towards them. Katelyn and Travis wave their arms at the boat furiously, hoping it sees them there. The boat pulls up as close as it can, the people inside waving to them to come to the boat. 

Katelyn splashes through the water without missing a beat, diving in once she can't stand anymore and swimming to safety. Travis follows her quickly, wondering how the boat knew they were there, but he's currently just thankful it did.

Once they reach the boat, they're pulled aboard by a few of the crew members, while a few others place blankets onto their shoulders. The wind grows chilly as the day progresses, nearing sunset. Katelyn, shivering, wraps herself in the blanket as she wrings out her hair, thanking the crew heartfully. Travis wraps the blanket around him as well, looking back at the island, thankful to be leaving it. The boat begins to head back to the ship, the people on the deck cheering for the found castaways. They can make out their friends as they are lifted up by the ship's machines again, seeing them cheering loudest and waving furiously. Katelyn and Travis wave back, relieved to be back with them. The crew helps them out of the small boat first, then get out themselves. The two run to their friends and begin to explain everything before their friends can get too worked up with questions. 

They explain through the sunset and into the night, sitting on the deck chairs and huddling in blankets. After the long stories, the happy and relieved previous castaways fall asleep under the stars, knowing they're safe once again. 

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