Survival Island

What could be worse than being trapped on an island when your cruise takes an unknown and dangerous turn? Of course, being trapped on said island with the one person you can't stand. Or can you?
This story switches between characters POV (Point Of View) throughout the story. The switches are between the two main characters and is about my OTP again, deal with it.


1. Alone?

The first thing Katelyn heard was seagulls when she opened her eyes, eliminating the darkness she was seeing. What she saw was sand with warm ocean water rising in and falling back as the waves rolled behind her. That was the second thing she could hear. The waves, crashing against the shore and wetting her legs.

She sat up slowly, rubbing her head. Her long, light blue hair was in front of her face, so she pushed it back. It fell right back in front of her icy blue eyes, which narrowed in annoyance. She grabbed a black hair tie off her wrist and tied her hair into a high ponytail. Now that she could see, what she saw around her was not the cruise ship she had been on previously. She saw tall palm trees within the light colored sand, and in the distance was large rocky hills. She turned her head with her eyes wide, wondering how she got there. She saw no sign of her ship anywhere. The last thing she could remember was standing on the deck, looking out at the ocean. 

Katelyn stood up slowly and looked down at herself, seeing her light blue flowy crop top blowing in the same faint breeze that was rustling her hair. Her high waisted jean shorts were wet at the hems, and had some sand on them. Brushing the sand off, she huffed in annoyance. She had to deal with the elements as she waited for help. 

She decided to start wandering around. She didn't have anywhere to go, so she wandered through the forest aimlessly. Bright streaks of light were entering through the leafy canopy above her through gaps in the branches. The grass was soft and bright green, with occasional small wildflowers growing in between the blades. Katelyn stuck her hands in her pockets as she wandered. This was quite an enjoyable place, she thought. I wonder if I'm here alone.

Luckily, she had just eaten breakfast on the ship. She had some time to find food and water, and a shelter. She searched her pockets and found her phone, which the ocean water had gotten inside of and ruined it. She also had her small switchblade, which would be quite useful in her current situation. Other than that, she had nothing. 

Katelyn was distracted from her search by the sounds of seagulls swooping near her and landing on the soft grass several feet away from her. They appeared to be looking at something in the distance. Katelyn didn't pay them any heed. She assumed they were just looking at leaping fish in the water. She continued her trek into the forest, but quickly stopped once she realized she could get lost and not be able to find the beach again, where help possibly would come for her.

Turning back and beginning to walk back to the beach, Katelyn thought about her friends back home. None of them had come with her on the cruise. They wouldn't know what happened to her. She hoped they wouldn't worry, and that she could return to them soon. 

She was shaken from her thoughts by the sound of the seagulls she has just passed once again suddenly taking flight, squawking in alarm and fright. Katelyn whipped her head to face the flock of of birds that left, and was left seeing yet another person, and someone she knew quite well, most likely more than she would have liked to.

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