The diary of a long lost Winchester. Also known as my diary. (please tell me what you think I should put in the next diary entry and how many years or months since the last entry. Thanks!)


7. January 7th, 1998

       Dean is much stronger and has a lot of muscles. Damn he's hot! I need to stop fucking think like that. Dean is my older brother. Sam is well tall. Tall and muscular. Bobby is out on a hunt with Rufus. Won't be back till tomorrow at the earliest. I was working on an old '21 Chevy truck when Dean snuck up behind me. Sammy that it was funny that I took Dean down in less than 5 seconds. One would have thought that Sammy was going to die of laughter! John just kinda droped them off here without so much as a word. I really don't like John Winchester. He treats his sons like soldiers. I think that someday, Sammy will break free. I haven't seen that angel creature or whatever it was in five years. Maybe Dean was right. Anyway, Dean is making burgers of supper. Gotta go.

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