The diary of a long lost Winchester. Also known as my diary. (please tell me what you think I should put in the next diary entry and how many years or months since the last entry. Thanks!)


1. January 10th, 1989

      Hi! I am Delilah Mary Ellen Jones. Mommy says that I was adopted. She telled me that I come from special family. They hunt BIG SCARY monsters. I think mommy is saying that so I don't run away. Mommy also said that I have TWO big brothers. Dean and Sam. Dean is the oldest. Sam is in the middle. I am the baby. Mommy sayed that my REAL Mommy was named Mary. That's way Mary is my first middle name. She also said that my REAL daddy was John. Their last name is Winchester. They are famous exterminators that travel alot. Maybe some day I will meet them. Though I don't think Mommy is telling the truth.


This is DJ reporting to her diary and I'm out!

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