The diary of a long lost Winchester. Also known as my diary. (please tell me what you think I should put in the next diary entry and how many years or months since the last entry. Thanks!)


3. February 23rd, 1989

      This is me, DJ. I am hiding in a '23 Chevy. Bobby told me to go out 'ere in the yard until he whistles the first few notes of Carry On My Wayward Son. It's dark out 'ere in the yard. Yesterday, Bobby said that John and two sons. Dean and Sam. They are the Winchesters. He also said that Dean is 9 and Sam is 6 and John is just a grumpy old jackass. I started to train as a hunter on the 21st with Bobby. He as a cool library with all 'em books about monsters and stuff. Maybe my mommy was right. Bobby said that he'll teach me all that he can about the hun' business. I hear Bobby whistling. I gotta go.


This is DJ reporting to her diary. Now out.

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