My One and Only

This is a Valentines One-Shot for the Valentines competition.
I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!


1. My One and Only

  It was the first day of summer and my birthday, I was planning to have as much fun as possible today. I was at my house getting ready for a beach party that my friends were throwing since it was my birthday, they wouldn't tell me who would all be there. But knowing them, it would probably be the whole school and more. I go to the bathroom and lay my clothes down on the counter, then I get in the shower and wash up with some new soap I got from my stepmom. When I get done I brush my hair through leaving it wet. I put on my outfit for the party. (below)

I get out if the bathroom and I go downstairs to the kitchen. I start to cook eggs, bacon, and biscuits for breakfast. When I finish I hear 7 kids running down the stairs and right into the dining room to sit down. I smile and fix their plates and carry them all on my arms and one on my head. I set the plates down in front of them and the all start to eat. After that I head back to the kitchen and pick up two trays and take them upstairs, I knock on a door and open it then I place the plates on both the bedside tables. I hear some shuffling from the bed and I look over. My stepmom wakes up and says, "Happy Birthday, and you didn't have to make breakfast. I was going to do that." I smile at her and replied, "It's okay, I was planning on doing it anyways." I hug her and I leave the room, I go to the kitchen and sit on the counter to eat my food. As soon as I finish my food I hear the doorbell ring. I put my plate in the sink and walk to the door. When I get there I open the door and I see no one there, as soon as I'm about to shut the door back someone pulls me back and I scream. When I look at their face I stop screaming then I punch his arm playfully and I say, "That scared me Brandon, you're mean. I hate you." He wraps his arms around me and says, "If you hated me then how come I can do this?" I push him back and run into my house and shut the door. I open the window next to the door and I say, "I'm not letting you do that, see." He comes over to the window and pleads, "Come on baby, don't be like this on your birthday. We're supposed to have fun, because it's the first day of summer." I smile then open the door and steps out then he pulls me close and kisses me. I kiss him back and he deepens the kiss and then pulls away. He then says, "I'm so happy I met you at the beginning of high school, and we just graduated. We've been together for 4 years now, wow!!" I giggle a bit at what he said and I roll my eyes, then I say "Alright, now I know our friends are in the car so lets go already." The truck door opens and they all say, "How'd you know we were here??" I walk over and point to the mirror. I smile and get in the drivers seat, "I call driving!!!" Brandon gets in the passenger seat and as soon as he buckles up, I hit gas and the car speeds off. I reach the mall without getting caught and Lizzy says, "We're never letting you drive again." I shrug my shoulders and get out the car and shut the door then I walk into the mall and not long after me they come in as well and they drag me into stores. I groan and try to stay still but Brandon picks me up and walks like that, I put my hands in front of his eyes and he puts me down. We walk and I don't know where we're going until someone covers my eyes right before we get to the store. As soon as we get to wherever they're going my eyes are uncovered and we are at a surf board shop. I grin and run into the shop checking out the surfboards. When I get to one I just stop and stare and my smile gets bigger then I say, "I want this one, it's perfect!!!!!" I pick the board up and go to the cash register, when I set the board down they push me out the way and Brandon's best friend, Jason pays for it. They carry it out of the mall and puts it in the back of the truck carefully. We all get in the car in the same places, except me and Brandon switch places and I pout. I turn the radio up and hum along with the song. I close my eyes and end up falling asleep on the way there. Someone kisses me and I open my eyes a little bit to see Brandon and I close them back. He pulls away and says, "Well, I don't know how else to get her up." I open my eyes a bit and pushes him then jumps out laughing. Everybody laughs with me after their surprised expression leaves their faces. I smile and tell Brandon, "That's what you get, you're lucky I didn't punch you instead." Jason hands me the surfboard and Brandon stands up and tries to grab me but I run off, when I reach the sand I kick off my flip-flops and I take my dress off. I continue to run even though he stopped chasing me. I reach the water and swim on the surfboard some and I stop in the middle of the water and I stay there watching the water, waiting for the perfect wave. As soon as I see the perfect one and it's huge I turn around and start heading back to the beach. I crouch on my surfboard and then I stand up as soon as the wave reaches me. I perform tricks on the surfboard and when the water hits my hair, some of it turns red. I smile and perform more tricks, when the wave is gone I start to walk back to the shore and as soon as my feet hit the sand Brandon picks me up and spins me around, I hold my surfboard above my head so it doesn't hit him. He puts me down and as soon as he does the surfboard hits him in the head, he holds his head and hisses then says, "That hurt!!" I shrug my shoulders and replies, "Well, you picked me up. I didn't ask you too." I set my surfboard down and lay down in the sand. Some time later, guests start to arrive and they set presents down on the table that Lizzy set up. As soon as I gave up on looking through the people, I hear people scream and as soon as I turn around I'm tackled down by my siblings and I scream and then I laugh and my dad helps me up and pulls me into a hug and says, "Happy Birthday my little girl. Out of all my kids, you're my favorite daughter." I laugh and says, "I'm your only daughter!!!" He messes up my hair and smiles and says, "So it finally happened?" I nod my head and then I frown and whispers, "I still feel his pain dad, even if it's been since I was little. I can still feel it, it hurts so much." He pulls me back into a hug and kisses my head then whispers, "I know Sophie, I know." When I calm down he lets me go and I smile. Everybody gets some food and eats for a little bit, after that I open the presents and smile, I put each of the presents back after I'm done. My oldest brother out of the younger ones pulls me onto the dance floor and we dance. When I get tired of dancing, I start to walk around the beach looking at the sky. Someone comes tackling me into the water and then kisses me and I kiss back then says, "Hello Brandon." He gasps and says, "How'd you know it was me?" I look at him then says, "You're the only person who kisses me." He clears his throat then gets down on one knee and says, "We've been dating for four years, and they have been the best years if my life but I believe we can do more so I have this question for you. Sophie, will you give me the the greatest honor of marrying me?" I gasp and cover my mouth as a tear slips down my eye, "Yes, I would be honored to marry you!!" He gets up and shouts, "SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!" He picks me up and spins me around and kisses me, I giggle and kiss back. People come out from behind the trees and my dad is holding a camera. I cover my face while laughing and I put my hand on the camera lens and I say, "Okay, turn it off now." 

_After the Party he takes me home and he stays over, and from then on we live happily together_

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