The Plague of Darkness

Anne has come out of the coma after losing her dad for the second time. She must save her brother from the hands of the devil angel. She is battling a new darkness that has spread over the world and inside her self. She is faced with new yet familiar challenges and must learn to be strong. Can she fight this darkness?


1. Prologue

“West you need to get some sleep. She isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It was just too much for her.” Derek says patting my shoulder.


I shrug it off. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have held her there. I should have tried something to save her brother. Instead I let her father walk to his death. I wouldn’t be surprised if she leaves and never turns back when she wakes up.”


Elizabeth laughs and I turn to glare at her. “It wouldn’t be the first time you made that mistake West. Hurting the ones you care about. I swear it’s like you enjoy pushing the ones you love away.”


“Shut up!” I say angrily. “You have no clue what it’s like to lose the person you love. All you care about is watching me suffer.”


She glares at me. “How do you think I felt when you left me at the first sign that I wasn’t your perfect image any more huh? When you never turned back. You think that felt great?” She asks.


I sigh. “I’m sorry Elizabeth I’m just stressed. I can’t think let alone sleep.”


She huff but says nothing. I look at Anne’s unconscious body.


Anne’s been unconscious ever since her father died and her brother was taken away. My heart ached when I heard her cry of pain.  I wanted nothing more than to comfort her. To tell her everything will be ok.


I was given instructions by her father to keep her from going to Satan no matter the cost. I tried to argue with him. To reason with him but he wouldn’t hear it. Eventually we all agreed that we would protect her. If I had another choice I would be dead instead of her father. I would have gladly taken my life for her.


I sigh and get up from the chair. I place a kiss on her forehead and walk out into the woods. I make sure my sword is handy.


Ever since she has been unconscious more evil has come out of hiding. I’ve killed nearly 20 demons this past week.


She’s been unconscious for over a month and nothing we’ve tried would bring her back. We ended up getting a doctor to check her out and he said that she has gone into shock. He also said that she’ll come out of it when she’s ready. That we just need to make sure she stays nourished and hydrated.

Me and Derek have made sure to change her bags out when they empty and change the sheets when needed. I just want her to come back to me. I miss seeing her smile. Hell, I’d be happy with her ignoring me and being made. As long as she wakes up.


All I can do is pray that she will. Hope that she will open her eyes. I want to hear her voice even if she’s yelling at me. I just want Anne back.

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