The Plague of Darkness

Anne has come out of the coma after losing her dad for the second time. She must save her brother from the hands of the devil angel. She is battling a new darkness that has spread over the world and inside her self. She is faced with new yet familiar challenges and must learn to be strong. Can she fight this darkness?


8. Chapter 7

West’s POV


I shove Derek against a tree angrily. “This is all your fault. You and your goddamn mouth. You knew. You fucking knew it would hurt her when you said that! Now she has almost given up. Because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut!”


He shoves me back. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come out. I don’t feel like she shouldn’t be alive. I even told her that. I tried to convince her that. She won’t listen to me!” he shouts angrily.


I scream in frustration and punch a tree. “Every fucking time I get her back something always takes her away from me!”


I turn to him. “If you hadn’t have put those thoughts in her head she wouldn’t have doubted herself. She was in a coma for over a month and she thinks it’s her fault as it is. Then telling her she shouldn’t exist? I know her, she thinks the best thing for protecting the ones she loves is leaving them when things get rough for her. So they don’t get hurt. She doesn’t think about herself. She thinks about everyone else. You should have thought about everything before you snapped at her for trying to get help. Something she rarely does.” I say angrily.


He sighs. “I know. I don’t know why I snapped. It’s my fault she’s gone right now. I will try to get her back. I never wanted her to think she should just give up. Let herself be kicked instead of getting up and fighting back.” I hear the defeat in his voice.


I glare at him. “Your right you are going to fix this.” I turn letting my wings open, “i’m going to go get some friends of mine to help search for her.” I fly away. I rub my face. Please let Anne be ok.


Anne’s POV


I’m running with Jim in my arms. I have to get as far from here as possible before he figures out that I’m not coming back. I told the devil I was taking Jim for a walk and he believed my. Which surprised me. My strength also surprises me. Even though he hasn’t eaten in a while he is still older and taller than me and I am carrying him like he’s just a sack of potatoes. Either he has lost an extreme amount of weight or I am really strong now. Either way I need to get him as far as possible from that cave.


I didn’t think Satan would so easily let me take his precious prize out for a walk. Even if ‘I’m on his side. I guess he thinks I am a loyal servant that wouldn’t dare cross him. Either that or he thinks that I like him in a way I would never. Boy how wrong he was.


I continue running until I reach a familiar scent. I am close to where the hunter had been. I set Jim down and struggle to get rid of the darkness inside me. It holds firm and I sigh. I still feel doubt eating at me keeping the darkness strong. I sit down next to Jim and rest my head against a tree trunk.


I absorb my wings so I’m more comfortable. I hear commotion not that far away coming closer and I go in front of Jim protectively. I snap my fingers and a cloak appears in my hand. I put it around Jim concealing him then conceal myself in another cloak.


A group of humans come out looking around. They all look to be armed too. Maybe there humans who’s capture escaped. I’m going to stay protectively in front of Jim just in case.

They see us and stop in there tracks. “Oh sorry. We are just looking for someone. Have you seen a girl come by here by chance?” The one in the front asks. He looks perfect which makes me question whether he’s human or an Angel.


“No but I just got here.” I say truthfully.


“Well her name is Anne. If you by chance see her please contact us.” He hand me a slip of paper but stops when he looks at me. I curse in my mind forgetting that my eyes and hair are different.


I reach for the paper. “Of course I will.”


His other hand goes to his pocket. He glares at me. “What is an evil being like you doing so far from your home?” A knife goes to my throat.


I glare. “I am not evil. I may look it but I am not. Why else would I have saved this boy from the devil himself?” I say they wouldn’t believe me if I said I was possibly who they were looking for.


He pins me up against the tree knife pushing against my throat. Jim gets up but I shake my head stopping him. The angel glares at me. “What have you done with her? What have you done with Anne?” he asks.


“I have done nothing to whoever you’re talking about. I actually have some information to give to your leader of this little search. He can vouch for who this boy is. This is Alter’s brother.”  I say unafraid of the knife jabbing my throat.


He throws me to the ground and I stumble. Two angels grab me. “Let’s take her and her friend here to see West.”  He grabs Jim by the arm.


“Please be gentle with him. He’s weak right now.” I say as the two angels start dragging me.


“Shut up or I’ll slice open your throat and let you blink out of existence.” he says.


I roll my eyes and continue letting them drag me. After what seems like forever they throw me and I land by a pair of feet. I get up and brush myself off. A knife goes to my back. “She was sitting with this guy. She claims this is Alter’s brother.”


I pull the hood down off my head. “Yeah and I would appreciate not being thrown around like a ragdoll.”


I look at West. “You don’t know when to quit do you? I told you to let me leave. I told you it was for the best.” I say.


He glares at the angels then looks back to me. He opens his mouth but I don’t give him the chance. “But I’m glad you did. I may not like it but I need to let others take care of me sometimes too. I am sorry for hurting you and worrying you. Good news is I got Jim out. Bad news is I can’t seem to fight the darkness in me. It’s grown stronger.”


He hugs me. “I’m just glad your ok.”


I look at the angel. “Let go of my brother.”


The angel looks between us skeptically. West sighs. “Let go of Anne’s brother. This is Anne. She….. has some issues she’s trying to workout.”


The angel reluctantly lets Jim go. I can see he doesn’t trust me.


Jim walks up to us and glares at West. “Nice to know you guys can take care of my sister if anything bad happens to me.”


West looks down. “I’m sorry Jim.”


Jim nods. “Damn right you are but it’s not you I want the apology from. Words were said to my sister that needs to be apologized for.” He looks at Derek and that’s when I notice Derek is here too.


I see Derek realise everyone’s staring at him and he clears his throat.  He opens his mouth, but before he has a chance to say anything I feel a shooting pain go through me causing me to double over. I gasp clutching my stomach. I hear there shouts in the distance and feel nauseated.


Suddenly I’m right of Satan. He is looking at me angrily.  “You should have been back by now. I hate to have to call you back. It’s pretty painfully. Where is the pet?”


I sigh the pain gone using my acting skills again. “He got away. I was ambushed by angels. They took him and were about to kill me.”


I watch his anger grow and I’m flying into the wall. I fall to the ground and groan. Before I have a chance to recover he picks me up slamming me back against the wall by my neck. “Now my plan to lure her here and have the upper hand is ruined. You shouldn’t have gone so far from the cave.”


“Maybe the plan could be different. Maybe you could let her kill you?” I say smiling.


“You think this is funny?” he asks tightening his grip on my neck.


I nod. “Hilarious.” I choke out.


He looks shocked releasing his hold slightly. “How are you not afraid of me? I am more powerful than you. I could wipe you from existence now if I wanted to.”


I raise an eyebrow. “Are you sure about that? I mean about being more powerful. I’ve been told I have a great amount of power I have yet to surface.”


He glares at me. “You chose to be on this side any power of your is mine.  Which means I am more powerful than you. Once you choose your side you relinquish the power to the one you have chosen.” He tightens his grip on my throat. “Like how I could strip it all from you now and kill you.”


I glare at him. “Actually I wouldn’t choose to be on your side. I don’t like you. This.” I point to myself. “Is not my choice. The whole hair, eyes, wings, and voice wasn’t my choice either. Why I find this so funny is you didn’t realise that you had alter in your grasp the whole time. In the same room.  You willingly, cluelessly, let her take her brother for a ‘walk’. Now she is in your hands right now,” I disappear and reappear behind him, “But always out of your grasp.”


He looks at me and smiles. “Nice try. Alter cannot change. Even if she chooses a side she will still shine as bright as the sun. You need to tell me truly where you put my pet though isabella. Or you’ll be stuck here forever.”


I smile. “Nice to know you don’t know, even when the person tells you Devil Angel. Either that or you just don’t want to believe I have bested you again.”


He glares. “No more playing Isabella.”


I laugh. “I’m not playing. My name is Anne not Isabella.” I look at my wrist pretending to look at the time, “Oh I’m late they’re expecting me. Bye.” I wave and disappear.


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