The Plague of Darkness

Anne has come out of the coma after losing her dad for the second time. She must save her brother from the hands of the devil angel. She is battling a new darkness that has spread over the world and inside her self. She is faced with new yet familiar challenges and must learn to be strong. Can she fight this darkness?


6. Chapter 5

Derek’s POV


I kick a tree in frustration. Why can’t Anne just stop and think for a second? She is so uuggh.


I sigh and and flop down on the ground leaning against the tree. The smell of a fresh kill hitting my nose. Stupid hunters. They have to choose this forest to hunt. I close my eyes and try to come myself down.  I take deep breaths and finally relax when I hear a growl a little ways away. I open my eyes and look around. I don’t see anything and shrug.


Another growl comes and I turn my head in the direction of the noise. The sound of a gunshot rings in my ears. Curious to what the hunter had caught I walk toward the sound. The smell of meat gets stronger and I know I’m going in the right direction. I see a man get up and a big clump of fur next to him. I see the look of triumph in his eyes. The color of the fur is familiar.


Wait. That’s cougar fur. I watch the clump of fur move up and down and realise he just used a tranq dart. I step out and look at cougar. The scent comes off as familiar. The man catches sight of me and he picks up his gun. I put my hands up. “I’m not here to take your prize I heard a gunshot and was curious.”


He throws the gun over his shoulder. “Well she’s a big one. If you help me drag her to my truck I’ll pay ya.”


She? My mind drifts to Anne but I shake my head. She wouldn’t have come after me. She’s probably with her boyfriend enjoying herself. I can’t help but question myself. “Ok I’ll help.” I go toward the big ball of fur and stop when I notice a very familiar bow and arrow on the ground. I curse in my head.  


I use my speed and get behind the guy. I hit him hard on top of the head easily knocking him out. I go to Anne and try to wake her up.


“Anne.” I shake her. I hear her even breathing. I shake her again and she slowly starts to stir. I watch her eyes slowly start to open. She sees me and her eyes close again. She turns back to human form her eyes still come. “Come here to say I told you so? Gloat?” she asks defeat in her voice.


I flinch realising that I had gone to far. I open my mouth to speak but she covers it with her hand. “I’ll find another way to die. Don’t worry. The world will be rid of me.” She says then gets up she sways slightly and I put my hands up to steady her. She starts walking away before I even have the chance.


I follow her. “Anne. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I was just angry. People say things when there angry.”


She stops and turns to me. “People tend to let out how they truly feel when they are angry. That was the truth. I have been causing nothing but problems. I am a magnet for trouble. Destroy the magnet and the trouble will go away.” I see in her eyes that she’s given up. For some reason it makes me angry.


“So your just going to give up just like that? After everything you’ve been put through everything you have accomplished?” I ask.


She lets out an emotionless laugh. “Accomplished? I have accomplished getting my father killed and my brother taken away. I have accomplished being stupid and getting myself kidnapped more than 3 times. I have accomplished almost hurting my mate.” She turns away.


I grab her and push her up against a tree facing me. “You can’t give up when things get rough Anne. You can’t give up because someone told you too.”


She glares at me. “And why not?” She pushes me away. I push her back against the tree.


“Because you wouldn’t just be hurting yourself. Think about your brother. West.” I say she shoves me again and I hear the ripping sound of her wings. I wait for her to start glowing but she doesn’t.


“They would be better off with me gone.” She says her eyes tinged silver.


I look to her wings and star at them in horrified shock. They are no longer a brilliant white. They’ve turned a muky grey. Like a rain cloud right before it pours. She sees the expression on my face. “What?”


I can’t speak so I just point. She looks at her wings and I hear her breath catch in her throat. She moves them around and closer inspect them. “H-h how?”


“Your letting the darkness win. Anne you’ve got to fight it.” I say stepping toward her.


She looks at me tears in her eyes. “But I can’t.” her voice comes out as a whisper.


My eyes soften. “Yes you can. All you have to do is not give up. I haven’t given up on you.” I move her wings and move closer to her.


“You said the world would be better off if I was dead.” a tear slips from her eyes.


“I never meant it. The world would be boring without you here. There hasn’t been this much excitement for a while.” I say smiling.


Her wings brighten to a very light grey then go almost black. “Your just saying that because you feel bad for hurting my feelings. I don’t want anymore lies. I want the truth.” She backs up, her voice is almost unrecognizable,  “And the truth is the ones I let close to me always pay the price. It’s better if I leave so no one else can get hurt.”


Her hair turns black and her eyes glow silver. We both hear wing beats and turn our attention to the sound. I see West looking around and he catches sight of us. His eyes look at Anne but I know he doesn’t recognise her. She backs up. “West, I’m leaving. I can’t keep hurting the people I love.”


He gasps and takes a step back. “Anne? What happened?” he turns to me and glares, “What the hell did you do?”


She sighs. “West it’s not his fault. He just helped me realise that you and my brother are better off without me.”


He turns to her angrily. “What happened to saving him? You want him to just sit there?”


She glares. “Of course not. I want my brother safe more than anything. You don’t understand. I’ve got to go. I need some time to think.” She walks away. Her almost black wings twitching.


“Anne. Don’t give up.” West pleads.


She keeps walking away not looking back.

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