The Plague of Darkness

Anne has come out of the coma after losing her dad for the second time. She must save her brother from the hands of the devil angel. She is battling a new darkness that has spread over the world and inside her self. She is faced with new yet familiar challenges and must learn to be strong. Can she fight this darkness?


5. Chapter 4

I knock on the door and wait for her to open it. I hear her footsteps as she comes to the door. She opens it and her face turns to disgust when she sees me.  “What do you want?” she asks.


“It’s time we talk. You need to know what happened to your son.” I say.


She glares at me. “What did you do?”


“Nothing. He was kidnapped and you need to know everything. Your going to go sit on the couch and let me speak without interruption. I am in a bad mood. I just got out of a coma. I’m fine though I know you don’t care. So go sit down. Now.”


She growls. “You can’t…”


I cut her off. “I can and will. Get your ass on the couch. Now.”


She huffs and goes to sit on the couch. I walk in and stand not that far from her. “Your son has been kidnapped by the Devil Angel. Your husband was alive but he died trying to save Jim. I was pinned down and kept from doing anything to help either of them. Dad was not human like you thought he was. He was an Angel. I am Alter. It’s my job to take Satan down. Along the way I have been kidnapped, tortured, beaten, bruised, broken, cut, and so much more. I lost my memory, had an angel possessing my body, and I lost my father for the second time. You have done nothing but sit your ass here complaining about me. Telling me how worthless I am. Now I’m on top living my life while trying to save the world. What have you done?”I ask.


She laughs. “I knew you were a troubled child but this. This is funny. What proof do you have that your an angel? I see no wings. Your father has been dead and I still blame you. Your brother is probably with that Vampire. Your words don’t shake me child. That’s all they are. Words.”


I take off my bow. “Proof? That’s an easy one.” I let my wings out and smile at her.


Her eyes widen and she sits there in silence.


Now it’s my turn to laugh. “Proof enough for you?”


She sits there completely silent. I grab my bow. “You know, I think it’s good that you know. One more thing before I leave. Dad knew what you did to  me before he died. He saw it. Now he died knowing who you truly are.” I turn and walk out.


I let my wings disappear and head back to West and Derek. My nose starts to burn at the smell of vampires. I turn my head to the direction and see a group of vampires staring at me. I raise an eyebrow. “Can I help you?”


The one in the front smiles. “Yeah mutt. You could come here and let me suck all the blood from your body.”


I smile. “Not going to happen. I don’t like leeches touching me.” I turn but they surround me.


I sigh. “You guys might want to walk away. I don’t think anyone of you wants to be harmed. Plus I don’t think you guys are at an advantage. I actually find it unfair to you guys.” I say.


They laugh at me. “What can one little mutt do against all of us?”


“A mutt? I’m so offended. Though this little mutt is more powerful than all of you put together.”


The vampire steps toward me grinning. I smile right back. I hear the ripping of my wings to come out my shoulder blades. The vamps steps falter as he takes in my wings.


“Let’s see if you can catch up.” I take to the air and make my way toward the forest.


I hear them yelling some distance behind me.  I go above the trees to keep myself better hidden as I continue to fly. I find a good open field and hover waiting for them to catch up.


“I have a warning to your master. Satan. Tell him that I’m back and that I’m going to kill him. That I’ve never felt better in my life.” I say as the reach the open field.

“And why would we do that?” The vamp asks.


I appear behind him. “Because if not I will kill you. Your a plague that needs to be destroyed. “


He jumps and turns to face me. “How did you..?”


I smile. “I’m Alter. I can easily kill you. I told you I was more powerful than all of you combined.”


He backs up and I take a step forward. “Now be a good dog and tell your master.”


He disappears and I head to West and Derek. I knock on the door and it opens to reveal the Alpha. He looks at me surprised. “Hello. Come on in so we can discuss what help you need.”


I nod and walk inside. West hugs me. “What were you doing? We were starting to get worried.”


I hug him back. “Sorry I was taking care of a few things. My mother needed to know what was going on. I ran into trouble on the way here. Don’t worry though I took care of it easily. They were a bunch of wimps.”


He pulls me away and looks at me. “Them?”


I nod. “A group of vamps who thought I was a weak wolf. Showed them.”


He sighs. “You just got out of a coma and you already manage to find trouble.”


I shrug. “That’s my life for you. Anyway, I have a plan I need to discuss with you guys.”


I sit down and everyone else takes a seat as well.


“Ok so I need help with this plan to work. Alpha I am Alter. My brother was taken by Satan and I need someone to go in and get him and a bunch of us to distract Satan and his Devils. I am going to have to be the main distraction. He won’t fall for it otherwise. I’ll need someone to divert his attention once I get him out of the cave. I no where he would most likely have my brother and how I can easily get out. I need your help because your feline. That seems to be the type of animal he seems to like best to toy with. This could be dangerous and I understand if you decline. Your colony comes first.” I say.


He nods. “Ok. Give me some time to think it over. I will get back to you when I’ve made a decision. Your right about putting my colony first. If I can’t then I wish you the best of luck.”


I nod. “I completely understand. I’ll give you as much time as possible to think about it. My brothers been taken for a month and I don’t want him there for much longer.”


He nods and goes to his office. He comes back out and hands me a piece of paper and a pen. “Here. So I can contact you when I’ve decided.”


I write my number and hand it back to him. “I would be grateful for the help. I’ll go ahead and leave of your territory for right now. I think I need to head back to my home.” I look at West smiling as I say it.


He smiles back. The Alpha nods and I grab West’s hands. He squeezes my hand.


Derek rolls his eyes and walks out. Me and West walk out after him.


Derek turns to look at me. “So I’m guessing you guys are going to go bathe in luxury while waiting for them to decide whether they want to save your brother? Your trusting complete strangers! What happens if they decide not to? Decide they want to work with Satan instead? Anne. Are you even thinking?”


I let go of West hand. “Yes I am thinking Derek! I’m thinking I have to at least try something to save my brother. Did you think of a plan for the month I was in a coma?”


He glares at me. “How could I when all I got from your boyfriend was him blaming himself? When I couldn’t get your opinion? Or the fact that I might have actually been worried the whole time you were in a coma? Not everything is about you Anne!”


I jab my finger into his chest. “You think I make everything about me? I don’t. You think that I don’t know the risk of trusting people I have never met? I do. But unlike you I’m willing to risk it if it gives me the chance to save my brother. If I had it my way I wouldn’t be here! I would have taken his place! I would have killed myself if it meant my brother would be safe. He’s the only person I have left that I care about. I’m here not for me. I learned that in my coma. It’s not about me. I’m here to save people. You could think before you open that hole you call a mouth.”


He shoves me. “Ever since I met you, you have been nothing but trouble. Life was so much less complicated without you in it. All my life so far has been about saving your ass because YOU don’t think. You jump in without testing the water. Maybe all of this is happening because you exist. Maybe if you did die the world would be better off.” He turns and starts to walk away.


West starts to walk toward him but I put a hand to his chest. “Go home. I’ll be right behind you.” I say.


He gives me a look of conflict. I glare at him. “Now. I’m not in the mood for you to be over caring right now.” He sighs and I can tell he doesn’t want to leave me. He spreads his wings and takes off.


Once he’s out of view I start running not able to hide the pain any more. It may have come from Derek but it still felt like a knife slicing me. I change into my cougar and continue to run. The smell of freshly cut meat hits my nose exciting my cougar but confusing me.  I follow the smell cautiously.


I find a neatly cut piece of meat. Cut and skinned to cleanly to be animal. I look around and listen carefully. I feel eyes on me somewhere. I sniff the air and smell a human it’s faint as if they scent is being covered by something. I catch sight of something in the bushes and my ears flatten. I let out a growl. There’s no movement so I go closer slowly. That’s when I hear a heart beating rapidly. I extend my claws.


I hear slight movement in the bushes and A guy comes up from the bushes with a tranq gun pointed at me. I look at the gun and crouch. The guy smiles. “Bet you would be worth a lot alive.”


His finger moves to the trigger and I know I have only seconds to stop him. I lunge and he pulls the trigger. I don’t have enough time to doge and a dart sinks into my skin. In my head I’m cursing. I land on top of him and knock the gun from his hands. I feel myself starting to get drowsy. What Derek said came into my head. “Maybe the world would be better off if you didn’t exist.”


Maybe he’s right. I get off the man feeling the tranq kicking in. My legs collapse and I don’t fight it. My cougar whimpers trying to encourage me to fight. I close my eyes and let darkness once again take control of me.

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