The Plague of Darkness

Anne has come out of the coma after losing her dad for the second time. She must save her brother from the hands of the devil angel. She is battling a new darkness that has spread over the world and inside her self. She is faced with new yet familiar challenges and must learn to be strong. Can she fight this darkness?


4. Chapter 3

I try to think of something to say to change the subject about the fact that I have wings but nothing hit.


The alpha comes toward me. “Did you hit your head at all?”


I sigh. “Yeah I did. I may be suffering some brain damage. Just ignore what I said.”


He frowns at me. “Maybe we should keep you here for a little while.”


I shake my head. “No I’d rather get back to my home.”


“You mean back to your wolf pack?” he asks.


I growl. “ I am not a wolf. How many time do I have to say that before it finally clicks. I am not a wolf.” I feel my wings pushing to come out.


“Your a wolf I can smell it on you.” he insists.


I get up gritting my teeth at the pain. He puts his hands on my shoulders. “You should be lying down.” he says.


I swat at his hands and get up. I look at him angrily and let myself shift into cougar form. His eyes widen as he watches my transformation.


I glare at him my tail moving back and forth in irritation. I collapse on the ground in pain and shift back breathing heavily.


I hear commotion outside and recognize West and Derek’s voices. I look at the alpha. “Please don’t hurt my mate. The vamp and my mate are protective of me.”


He picks me up. “Then I think it’s best we return you to them. I’m sorry for causing you pain. Your kind is almost extinct. It’s very rare to find any in our area. I meant no disrespect to you.”


I shrug. “I’m the rarest of them all so I guess it’s ok.” an idea forms in my head, “Might I ask for your help on something?”


He stops walking and looks at me. “What would you like help with?”


“First I need you to have trust in me. So I am going to tell you and show you what I am.” I say.


I feel my wings come out and my body starts to glow. He looks at me his features full of shock. “My name is Anne. I’m Alter. I was recently in a coma and just got out. I need your help because my brother was taken by the Devil angel after my father was killed. In fact I need more than just your help.”


A plan continues forming in my head. He recovers from his shock and tells someone to get Derek and West. He sets me in a sitting position on the couch and everyone stares at me like I’m some sort of goddess.


West and Derek come in and see me on the couch. West glares at me. “Anne why are you here? And why are you wings out for everyone to see?”


I open my mouth but before I can speak Damien does. “She was on the ground in pain. I brought her here to get  checked out. She is a very stubborn girl.”


West instantly becomes concerned. “What happened?”


“My wings retracted on their own and I fell. I hit a lot of branches on the way to the ground. It hurt a lot.” I say. I can feel my bones mending already.


“How did I not notice?” he asks himself.


My bones finish mending and I get up. “It’s over and done with now. Right now I have a plan. I will be right back. Stay here.”


I walk out the door and head toward Tom’s pack house. My wings disappear and I imagine my bracelet turning into a bow and arrow.  


I knock on the door and put the bow around me letting it rest across my shoulder. The door opens and I see Josh. He growls at me. “Your on Tom’s territory. Leave or there will be consequences.”


I roll my eyes. “I’m here to talk to him. I need to ask him something.”


He glares at me. “I said leave!”


I growl at him. “I’m not in the mood for you too let you emotions judge. My father is dead for good this time, my brothers been kidnapped, and I just got out of a fucking coma. So if you don’t let me talk to your Alpha and stop being such a baby about me hurting your poor little feelings. You will not like the fucking out come.” my voice is flat with anger.


I hear movement then see Tom’s face. “Anne? I’m sorry for my betta's inability to grow up. Come inside to my office.”

I nod and walk around Josh heading inside. Tom walks toward his office and I follow.  He closes the door and sits in his chair. I stand leaning against the wall.


“I need to ask you what you know on Satan and God.” I say.


He turns to where his back is facing me and his finger traces his books. He grabs one and puts it on his desk. “There are many different theories or categories for that religion. The main thing is that Satan is evil because he craves the power to control and torment. God is a holy being and he is part of the holy trinity. The father, the son, and the holy spirit. Jesus is said to be the gate to heaven. There are theories that if you destroy the gate you destroy heaven but there is said to be a protector or Alter. Which alter is the most powerful angel of them all. The religion also theorisises the end of the world. It is said that if you go to heaven you become an angel. Is that what you were looking for?”


I raise an eyebrow. “What’s your opinion on the religion?”


He shrugs. “I don’t really believe in that kind of stuff.”


I smile. “You should. Hell and heaven are realms as well as earth. Angels are born. The whole you become an angel when you go into heaven isn’t true. You travel to a different part of heaven then the angels. Each Angel has a purpose whether it’s to be a guardian or a soldier. The devil is just as real and he is evil. Your description of him fit perfectly. His realm is very depressing. Demons everywhere and you can hear the screams of the tortured souls. He looks like an angel but his wings are black. Alter is very powerful but still doesn’t know the limitations of the power Alter posses.”


He looks at me like I’ve grown another head. “Your saying this like you’ve been to hell and heaven. Like you know the Alter personally.”


My smile widens. “I happen to know Alter the best actually. Considering I am Alter.”


He laughs. “That’s a good one Anne. Now come one. Why did you want to know about God and Satan?”


I let my wings appear and my body glows gold. “Because I needed to know how much you knew. You know a substantial amount for someone who has no belief in the religion. Maybe these will spark your belief?”


He looks at me shocked.


“Tom I know you heard everything I told Josh and it’s true. My father is dead and my brother had been taken. I have also just come out of a coma. I need you to be aware of the danger your pack could be in. I also need you to alert other packs.”


I turn around and walk out letting my wings fold so I can get through the door. The disappear as soon as I head outside.


I start walking to my mom’s house but my friend sees me and stops me. “Anne. Where have you been? It’s been forever since I last saw you.” She says.


I sigh. “I’ve been kind of busy. I need to head to my mom’s house real quick. I’ll see you soon I promise. I just really need to go.”


She nods. “Ok.”


“Yeah I have to talk to her. I need to finally tell her everything.” I say and walk towards my mother’s house.


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