The Plague of Darkness

Anne has come out of the coma after losing her dad for the second time. She must save her brother from the hands of the devil angel. She is battling a new darkness that has spread over the world and inside her self. She is faced with new yet familiar challenges and must learn to be strong. Can she fight this darkness?


3. Chapter 2

I start to see a light and I push towards it. Sounds and smells fill me. I open my eyes and blink rapidly trying to adjust to the light.


I try to move but my arms and legs feel stiff as if I haven’t used them in a long time. I turn my head and see Derek asleep on a chair. I hear a gasp and see where it came from.


West is standing by the doorway frozen midstep. I smile softly. “Hey.” my voice is cracky and my throat feels dry.


I hear Derek wake up with a start, the chair flying back. I look at him. His face is full of shock and excitement. I frown. “Do you have to be so dramatic?” I ask.


He smiles at me ignoring my question. “Welcome back Anne.” His voice is filled with relief.


I return the smile then turn my attention back to West. He’s still frozen at the door and I see tears in his eyes. He looks like he hasn’t slept in months. I try to get up and Derek immediately is by my side placing a hand on me. "You shouldn't try to move yet." I roll my eyes and ignore him getting up. I stretch my stiff muscles and look around.


“How long was I out?” I ask looking at West.


Derek’s the one to respond. “Over a month.”


That hits me in the gut. “A month?” I manage to squeak out. A month that my brother had to deal with Satan.


Derek pats my shoulder. “It’s ok Anne. All that matters is that your awake.”


I shake my head . “It’s not ok. Jim-”


He interrupts me. “Anne. It’s not your fault. You went into shock. I’m surprised you even came out so soon. That was a lot to take in at one time.”


I shrug. “I didn’t want to. I honestly wanted to let the darkness take over me. To lose myself. I couldn’t even of I wanted to. I have a job to do and I can’t quit because it is hard. There are lives that depend on me.” I say.


I look at West. “You going to just stand and stare at me?”


He walks up to me. “Anne I’m so sorry. I-”


I cut him off. “Don’t. There’s no need to apologize. I’ll admit I was angry at you. I mave have been out but I could still think. But I can’t blame you for doing what you thought was best.” I look him in the eyes. “I would have done the same.”


He hugs me tight. I go to hug him back but the IVs in my arm stop me. He chuckles and helps me take them out then wraps me in a hug. I hug him back and look at Derek. “Plus Derek’s the one that held me arms. I blame him.” I smile at Derek to let him know I’m teasing.


He rolls his eyes. “And to think I was actually worried about you.” He shakes his head smiling.


I let go of West and  back up. Before I have a chance to say anything tiny arms wrap me from behind. I hear Derek laugh and I turn my head to see his sister clinging to me. She smiles. “Got you.” She giggles.


I smile and pull her off of me. I set her in front of me. “My you have gotten bigger since the last time I saw you.”


She smiles. “Yeah I am taller. I also beat Derek in chess. Twice.”


“That’s because I let you win.” Derek grumbles.


I laugh. I feel the familiar tear on my shoulder blades and feel relieved when my wings come out. I sigh and stretch them. I look to West and Derek. “Wanna race?”

West gives me a look of concern. “You just got out of a coma.”


I smile. “Yeah and I’m ready to stretch.”


Derek shrugs and smiles. “It’s not like either of you can keep up.”


West glares at him and Derek winks at me.


West sighs. “Fine. One lap. From here to the edge of the forest and back.” I see his eyes light up and he looks at Derek. “Winner gets a kiss from whoever he or she chooses.”


Derek looks at me and smirks. “Deal.”


I shake my head and look at them both disapprovingly. “Does everything have to have a reward? Can’t the reward be winning?”


They shake their heads in unison. I sigh. “Fine. Let’s start right outside the door.’ I look to Sarah, “Wanna tell us when to start?” She nods enthusiastically. I smile and head out the door with West and Derek following close behind.


I let my wings stretch to their maximum length and ready myself to spring at the word go. I look at West  and he looks at me with concern. “Please don’t push yourself. I don’t want you getting hurt.”


I pout. “It’s not a party until someone gets hurt.” He rolls his eyes at me and gets in position as well.


Derek just stands there with his hands in his pocket look cocky. His sister walks past as and stands to the side.


She smiles. “Ready?.......... Set…………..Go!”


I take off into the air and fly as fast as my wings will let me. Everything around me blurs as the wind whips through my hair. I smile enjoying it. My golden wing flap in a steady rhythm but my speed is faster. I look down and see Derek gaining speed almost moving past me. I push harder and my muscles tense in protest.


Suddenly my wings disappear and I’m free falling. It happens so fast I don’t even have enough time to think of screaming. I hit my head on a branch  and everything becomes a blur as my arm then leg then back hit branch after branch til I hit the ground. I groan black dots swimming in my vision. I wince and gasp as I try to pull myself up but the pain is too much and I fall back to the ground.


I listen to the rustling of the leaves hoping that soon one of them would notice me missing soon. It might take a while. The forest is really big. I hear the crunch of leaves and turn my head to the sound. A figure stands behind a tree hiding in the shadows.


“Are you ok?” an unfamiliar voice asks.


I try to sit up but give up the pain too much. I watch the figure come out of the shadows. It’s a boy not much older than me. His hair is black and his eyes are a silver. He walks over to me. He kneels next to me.


“What happened?” He asks. I take in his scent and notice that it smells felinish. He might be a werecat of some kind. I look at him curiously.


He scrunches his eyebrows. “Are you mute?”


I roll my eyes. “If I was mute I wouldn’t be able to groan in pain.”


“Where does it hurt?” he asks


“Everywhere. Just help me up. I can walk it off.” I say


He shakes his head. “I have to get you checked out. I have a doctor who could get you checked out.” He picks me up carefully.


I start to protest but he ignores it and starts walking. “What is a wolf like you doing so close to the feline territory?” he asks.


“Your just a bundle of questions aren’t you? I’ll have you know I am not a wolf at all.”  I say a little annoyed.


He raises an eyebrow. “You smell like a wolf. What else could you be?”


“What do you think?”


He shrugs. “I still think your a wolf.”


I roll my eyes. “You go ahead and think that then. I’ll let you imagination run wild.”


He approaches a house and shifts my weight so he can knock on the door.


“You know I don’t even know your name. You could be kidnapping me.” I say.


He looks at me. “You know for a girl that needed help you sure are irritating.”

“If you have had to deal with everything I have you would be in a bad mood to.” I mumble. The door opens and a woman looks from him to me.


“Damien, what’s the problem? Why is there a wolf on our territory?” She asks.


I groan. “I’m not a wolf.” I wince.


“I found her hurt in the woods. I was doing my daily patrol when I heard her groaning. I don’t know why she is hurt though. She wouldn’t tell me.” He says.


The woman comes to me and starts checking me. She touches sensitive spots and I wince. She looks at me. “Did you get into some sort of fight?”


I shake my head. “Unless you count branches as my competitors.”


She gives me a stern look. “This is why wolves don’t climb trees.”


I glare at her. “I am not a wolf and I wasn’t climbing a tree. I fell into the tree.”


“How did you fall without climbing the tree?” she asks.


“I can’t say. Put me down please. I need to leave before one of you gets harmed. My friends should be done with their race now.”


A growl rumbles in her throat. “Did you just threaten me?”


“No my mate is very protective of me. Of course he has good reason since I seem to be a magnet for danger. I would never threaten someone.” I say.


Damien shakes his head. “We need to make sure nothing’s broken first.”


I sigh. “Fine.” I feel my shoulder blades itch and I ignore it. He takes me inside and people look at us and my cheeks flush. He takes me into a room and sets me down on the bed. He leaves the room and closes the door.


I sigh. “Why did my wings disappear? I’ve never dealt with that before.” I wonder out loud.


The door opens and I feel the power of an alpha. I look and see a man looking at me like I came from mars. “Wings?”


Crap. “Uhhhhh……….”


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