Return Home A novel

Alison Broad is a teenager who leaves Earth when World War III happens. When she arrives on Mars, she meets other colonists who find a new way of living there.


2. Return Home-Part Two


My name is Alison. I am fifteen. I have long, red hair, hazel eyes, and petite. I'm wearing a silver space suit, and black boots on my small feet; I'm 5'5". Earth was a beautiful planet. But it was rife with wars that was fuelled by corrupt Governments. "You must get to Mars, Alison", Mom said. "But I don't want to go", I said. Then I saw Dad. He had already paid for my E-ticket. "I paid four thousand dollars, sweetie". I had no choice; I was going to Mars...and that's the end of the story...well, sort of.

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