Return Home A novel

Alison Broad is a teenager who leaves Earth when World War III happens. When she arrives on Mars, she meets other colonists who find a new way of living there.


3. Return Home-Part Three


Mars was famous for its plant life, aliens, and being called 'The Red Planet'. As the space ship headed towards Section 523, I saw several guards armed with laser guns in their gloved hands. I was concerned that the war had come to Mars. When the ship landed heavily, I took off my black seat belt, and waited. Five minutes' later, I was seeing the other 'space tourists', were praying. By three o'clock in the afternoon, I saw the distant moons in the red sky. Seconds later, the doors hissed open, and we walked down the steep ladder. Then, once we reached the harsh ground, I knew that I was alive. It was a cold day, as I saw a boy was struggling with his luggage. "Can I help you?", I asked him. He smiled. "Thanks, I think I overloaded everything when I left Earth. I'm Tom", he answered me. "Alison. I'm alone here". Tom stared at her. "Where's your parents?", he said. "They're not here. They died during the war. They saved up money for the ticket to Mars". She begun to cry. "Hey, it's alright. I'll protect you", Tom said. And Alison grinned, and smiled.

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