Return Home A novel

Alison Broad is a teenager who leaves Earth when World War III happens. When she arrives on Mars, she meets other colonists who find a new way of living there.


5. Return Home-Part Five


"My parents are in New York. They wanted to have me go to Mars University to study alien life", Tom said. Alison laughed.

"Is there a 'Mars University?'", she asked him.

"Yes", Tom answered her.

And he grinned.


The alien was sipping a red drink in a glass. Tom stared at it. "Wait here, Alison", he told her. She sighed. "I'm not waiting, Tom". By five o'clock, (one hour later), she saw a café. She saw a blue alien speaking to another blue alien. "Is there a money exchange place?", she asked. "Yes, go over there", he answered her. "Thank you". And she walked towards the double doors, and went inside.


By seven o'clock in the evening, Alison walked towards the grey building. She saw Tom was drinking coffee. "Hey, how are you doing, Alison?", he asked her. "I'm fine, Tom. Mars is an alien place", she answered him. "Yes, it is". She smiled. Then she walked towards the café, and headed through the front glass doors.

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