The hunger games: the next generation

The 1st part of the series hope you like it!


3. you shouldn't have...

"Take a seat I'm going to get haymitch"

" didn't have to do that for me..."

"Gale your my best friend I wouldn't leave you..."

We sat in silence until haymitch walked in.

"Well I never...the daughter of peeta mellark and katniss everdeen!"


"I didn't think i would every see another one of you guys again and you tributed just like your mother eh?"

" and my father"

"Yes I know...the next girl on fire too I believe"

"I hope so but I wouldn't have been here if it weren't for gale getting picked..."

"Loyal just like your father... And gale I remember you"

Gale nodded.

I held the mockingjay pin I've had for a while in my hand tightly.

"Were here all" effie said getting her wig perfect yet again.

I sighed. Gale put a hand on my shoulder " were gonna be fine el... I hope"

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