The hunger games: the next generation

The 1st part of the series hope you like it!


2. reaping

Effie walked out her wig covered in golden sparkles it really stood out.

"Welcome all happy hunger games and may the odds ever be in your favour"

God I hated when they said that.

"Now let's start with the guys this year change it up a little!"

Everyone stood still no movement no sound they always breathed a sigh of relief whenever they didn't get picked. I glanced over to gale giving him a help me look he gave me a reassuring look back.

"Gale Hawthorne!"

He looked up not knowing what to do before walking up to the stage.

"Now the la-"

"I tribute!"

"Oh looks like we have a tribute. Ella mellark!"

I walked up to the steps stopping before running up to hug gale.

"Well these are our tributes for the hunger games!"

We waited in a room before katniss and peeta rushed in.

" said you never wanted to be in the games"

" gale is my best friend I wouldn't have tributed otherwise I can't leave him I want to be with him all the time"

We all hugged for a while before getting onto the train.

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