The hunger games: the next generation

The 1st part of the series hope you like it!


6. I feel the same way!

I sighed as I sat at the table sipping at the glass of water. I sighed looking out the window at the stars.

"You're up late" came a voice she loved hearing.

"I couldn't sleep..."


Gale sat beside her at the table.

"I used to always watch the stars with your mother"

"My mum always told me bout that..." I smiled.

"Can I tell you something..."

"Gale you're my best friend of course!"

"Well I know there are cameras in this room watching us but I don't care... I was thinking about what you said to Caesar..."

"Yeah..."I could feel myself getting hotter I knew my cheeks were a bright red by now.

"Did you really mean what you said...?"

"I did" I blushed.

"Well..." He swallowed. " I feel the same way..."

"You do?"

"I do"

He placed his hand softly on my cheek leaning forwards to kiss me. I kissed him back. Was this actually happening or was I dreaming, this isn't a dream I know it... Me and gale are actually kissing!

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