The hunger games: the next generation

The 1st part of the series hope you like it!


4. he came here with me

Caesar flickerman sat up right in his chair as he interviewed us all. I was second to last since I was in district 12.

"We have out next guest...Ella Mellark!"

I walked onto the stage sitting beside Caesar shaking his hand.

"Well I see you got your fathers blonde hair and your mothers blue eyes"

"Yes" I smiled

"Well ella I heard you tributed and why is that?"

"Well" I sighed " my best friend is gale and we are inseparable and I just couldn't leave him..."

"Very loyal of you... Now I wanna know have you got any lover back home?"


"Wow really surely you like someone"

"Well yeah"

"Can we know who?"

"Yeah...well uh I've had a crush on this guy for legit ever and he Is just amazing"

"Well do you think you will get home to him if you win?"


" well why not?"

I paused for a second before continuing."well he came here with me..."

"Well will this be just like katniss and peeta or not folks it was amazing having you on the show Ella"

"Thank you for having me" I smiled before walking off and going to the room I was staying in before anyone could stop me.

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