Diego Rossi was a very sad man.


The short tale of a man and his lite sister.



1. smoke

Two kids, running around, shrieking in a playground recently abandoned by the middle schoolers that terrorized the neighborhood. They were dressed in the same clothes they had slept in that night, and the same clothes they had played in the day before, but they didn't particularly care.

They weren't ones to bother with things such as personal hygiene, being the little prepubescent nightmares they were.

"Di! Di!" The girl shrieked. "I've got one! It's a big one!" She dropped to her knees, and began digging into the mud with her pinky finger.

The boy was at her side in seconds panting, excited at the thought of finding another piece of treasure, their own treasure to add to their collection.

After a few seconds of digging, she triumphantly held up a large round pebble.

"Wo-o-ow!" He said in awe. He held out his hand, and she carefully placed the stone in his hand.

He marched with his hand outstretched to their pile of treasure, the scruffy girl following behind. He kneeled under the slide, the girl copying his move, and gingerly put the stone on top of a pile of more, painstakingly collected stones. The both stood up and wiped the sweat from their foreheads, satisfied with a day's work.

However, they soon realised they were wrong to relax. The big boys from the middle school, hadn't really left after all it seemed. Almost impossibly quickly, the leader ran from his hiding place took a big soccer kick at their pile of treasure.

He laughed grossly with his little gang, a giant booger hanging from his nose.

"Haha, what was that! A pile of rocks! You guys really are tiny little babies."

"Tiny little babies," his gang echoed.

The girl was outraged. Her face turned red, and her chin began to crumple, which many might interpret as a sign she was about to cry, but was truly the face she mad when she was getting ready to swing a punch.

And boy, swing a punch she did. Only one though. I hope you didn't forget that this was a small eight year old versus four or five eleven year old monsters. As soon as the leader hit the floor, felled by her almight fist, the others pounced on her.

An onlooker might have felt confused, however, as the bullies, for some mysterious reason began dropping like flies one by one.

The girl remained standing half a minute later amid the groaning boys, covered in mud and scratches, looking a little bit more than confused until her eyes fell on the boy perched on top of the slide, a pile of stones in his hands.

"Th-Thank you!" She shouted at the top of her voice, probably so that the astronauts in the space station could hear her.

He harrumphed like an old man.

"It's an elders duty to protect his youngins. What are you thanking me for?"

He dropped the stones onto the floor, and jumped off of the slide.

The girl looked mournefully at the scattered rocks. The boy, noting her expression, shrugged.

"I was getting bored of that game. Aight, dinner will be done soon," the older boy said. "You coming or are you staying?"

He didn't wait for an answer and began walking to the house just across from the park, his hands in his pockets.

The girl grinned a large toothy grin at his back, and began running after him.

"I'm coming!"

End of Chapter 1




I stopped writing then, and put down my pen, relaxing my aching hand. I watched it listlessly roll off the side of the table and onto the floor And I massaged the bridge of my nose wearily.

I stood up and stretched.

"Let's see if we can get some sleep shall we," I muttered.




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