The Host

The passion between a host who happens to be her college professor? He completes her and services to her every need. Not knowing one another becomes a drug, irresistible and unattainable. When the toxicity of the liquid runs through her veins, she becomes the person she isn't outside of the life she lived. A morning college student and a college professor with not much excitement to their disguise's are closer than they've ever known. What will happen when the two discover that their growing passion was just a forbidden tale?


1. Prologue

"Welcome to the Fall Semester College Ceremony!" The director that hid his face behind a pair of expensive glasses, spoke with minimal excitement as he preached the same words he would repeat in the coming years ahead, "Your future begins now!"

Students filled every seat in the auditorium, mixing many different scents with those who wore their cologne at extreme levels of intensity. College student Mina Canvas began dozing off as the scents began to intoxicate her mind, leaving her weak with not much endurance to the lingering scents. But then a familiar smell aside from all others appeared without warning.

As she tried to identify who it was in the crowd, the director began to end his speech and the ceremony, which called for a stand from all the students. There were too many students above her height to make out where the scent was coming from. She sighed and slid her backpack upon her right shoulder.

"We have many certified Professors to ensure you a successful future. Thank you all and enjoy all the amenities we offer here at Blackbird University," He closed a folder on the pedestal and tucked it under his arm while walking off stage to meet with all the faculty members.

As students began leaving the auditorium, Mina followed until a tall figure walked past her with the same familiar scent. When she turned around, he was no longer visible within the crowd. Mina shook her head and continued down the aisle of crowded people looking to chat and looking to leave. Must be my imagination. She thought.

"Ah, Professor Grayson, Welcome," Director Gally Allison darted his attention towards Grayson, "Levi Grayson, let me introduce you to the faculty you will be working close with,"

The two females around the same age as him greeted him as they pursed up their lips and shifted their bodies to reveal a certain appeal. Grayson paid no mind to it and began to introduce himself to everyone.

"My name is Levi Grayson and I will be working in the Mathematics division, please look after me," His soft, pale skin held a hint of glow, making him stand out. But he held a disguise that hid a majority of his features away. He wore his uniform with every button buttoned all the way up. His glossy, hazelnut hair curled down over his ears and hid his masculine neck and jaw line. He wore a pair of thin glasses that sat upon a perfectly shaped nose. Few strands of hair fell over his eyes, making it hard to see any kind of expression on his face. 

After the faculty introductory was complete, they set out to their classrooms to prepare for lesson plans for the first day of lectures. When all was finished, they would return to their faculty dormitories that resided on far opposite ends of the student dormitories.

An interesting start to a new college year begins on a night out to heaven. A club that Mina finds extreme interest in because of a specific host she seeks once a week to apply to her every needs.

"Would you like a drink?" His eyes looked in her direction leaving her body feeling paralyzed as he smiled. She nodded to him.

Her thoughts began to disarray as she pondered the thoughts of feeling satisfied, yet disturbed. It's his job to service women at their request and just the thought of him servicing another woman sent chills down her spine. Mina shakes her head from the clouds as he brings the drink to her lips. When she was lost in thought, she hadn't realized how close he had gotten to her; the scent of his breath and the scent on his neck caressed her body.

As he tipped the glass, her mouth parted slightly as she began to feel the stinging intoxication fill her veins and cloud her mind. His warm hand cupped the back of her head as he fed her the drink. This was pure heaven and she enjoyed losing herself to him every time. No other man could make her feel the way that he did.

This host ranked the number one spot as a highly requested employee due to his appearance and aura. How did she happen to stumble upon such a rarity? How was she able to have him by her side with such a high volume of requests? Her thoughts wondered needlessly once again, but it was only for such a short moment.

Her eyes were partly opened as she examined his every feature. The host never changed his expression once even though he felt complete passion towards her when he is able to make her weak to the bones. The faces she made excited every nerve in his body, making it hard to not tease her from time to time. But his job held limits that he feared one day he would cross.

Is it love or is it a yearning for lust? They could not deny the attraction and the level of attractiveness they possessed, yet there was indeed a wall that prevented anything from going any farther than what they secretly wished for. Many questions without answers intensified their mysteriousness, but they knew where their boundaries lied. 

They knew the night would not last forever. Every moment would not be wasted until her hazy memory became almost nonexistent as she drowned in the toxic feeling of the alcohol. The morning would rise without warning and a new life would await them at the forbidden gate. What catastrophe awaits them if the walls did indeed break before them? Only they can dispel their own bondage. What action shall they take?

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