High School

New school, new friends, new boys how will this all turn out for the new girl Rose.


1. September: Day one


“Hey, well uhm my name is Rose uhm i am 15 years old and i used to be a hockey player.... Jesus Christ i sound like a weirdo dear Lord help me out please.” said Rose while standing in front of the mirror you see its the night before school.She will be starting a new school at her school they wear uniforms their school colours are Brown, White and Beige the thing is that the uniforms are not like in Britain they are normal clothes you get to choose what you wear but they are very strict on the colour either its a plain white t-shirt or a plain brown t-shirt you are allowed to have like a small design on it as long as your hand can cover it. “ Oke just F this sh*t i am going to bed”. said rose as she went to bed there is a big day ahead of her tommorow. 

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