12 Years

Andrew Johnsen's life was full of happiness and laughter until he reached high school and his life went downhill from there on. He arrived at Swan view High school when he was only 12 and he finally realized that not everybody has hearts of gold.


2. Swan View Senior High School

The first day I went to Swan view high school for the first time I was excited to make new friends and start a better chapter of my life. Well I was like that until I actually reached the place, when my Mum and I arrived at the school I looked around hoping to see happy children and a beautiful school. But I saw the opposite of what I was hoping. What I did see are moldy buildings with broken windows, grass that looks like it hasn’t been mowed in years and student’s that looked like they were on drugs. I slowly exited my Mums car and looked at her with disbelief “this doesn’t look so good does it Mum” I said with a low voice, “No…it doesn’t, but think positive maybe the student are actually nice and the buildings might look better on the inside” said my Mum.

I Agreed and said goodbye to my Mum and walked inside the school gates for the first time, I turned around and waved at my Mum one final time until I see her again in 6 hours. I started walking more and more into the school and I noticed a group of weird looking boys in a dark corner between two buildings. They were staring at me with angry frowns on their faces, some of them were cracking there knuckles and whispering to each other “oh, look another newbie that we can mess around with”. I looked away from them, trying to ignore them and what they said, one side of my brain knows that I will meet them again but the other side is saying “How do they know if im new or not, they might just forget me or what I look like”. I look around for a little bit trying to find Student reception so I can get the lock to my locker.



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