12 Years

Andrew Johnsen's life was full of happiness and laughter until he reached high school and his life went downhill from there on. He arrived at Swan view High school when he was only 12 and he finally realized that not everybody has hearts of gold.


1. Introduction

12 years, only 12 years of my life was full of happiness and joy, until I came to this awful decrepit High school. My name is Andrew Johnsen, im 14 years old. My parents sent me to Swan View Senior High School because they couldn’t afford a fancy school like Mazenod. My Dad works for Swan Transit, which is the main Bus company for Australia, He gets paid a decent amount but it’s still not enough for all the bills that the government is throwing at us.

We have been thinking of putting our house up for rent and staying a while at one of my Grandmothers but we live in the type of neighborhood full of people that will either trash our house or turn it into a drug lab. So, we decided to stay where we are until we have enough money to move to a fancier neighborhood. My Mum is a stay at home Mum and without her I wouldn’t be happy and my Dad and I will fall apart because he won’t be able to take care of me because of his work.

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