12 Years

Andrew Johnsen's life was full of happiness and laughter until he reached high school and his life went downhill from there on. He arrived at Swan view High school when he was only 12 and he finally realized that not everybody has hearts of gold.


3. Bullies

After about 10 seconds of looking around at old looking buildings and other students I finally find Reception. I walk into Reception and luckily there was no long line so I walk up to the front desk and I asked the lady at the desk if I could have my lock for my locker because im a new student, she quickly handed me the lock and tells me where my locker is. I walk out of Student Reception and look on a map that the receptionist gave me, I easily located my locker when I looked onto the map, it was close to the school gym. It wasn’t too long of a walk until I got to my locker, I open my locker and take all my books out of my bag and neatly place the at the back of my locker, then I place my bag at the bottom level of my locker and I grab my timetable for the day. I look at today’s date and my first class is English, I go to grab my English books and out of now where my locker door comes swinging towards me at, before I could react the door hits me directly on my head and I fall to the ground in pain dropping all my books on the floor.

“Time for you to feel the pain that everyone else has here” says a faint voice. I try to get my eyes and ears into focus so I know who’s speaking, I finally see who smashed my locker door into me and it was one of those creepy boys that I saw earlier, I focus my eyes on him a bit more and I see a few more boys behind him, before I could react one of the boys kicks extremely hard on the head and I end up getting knocked out. When I wake up Im being dragged by the arms into the men’s toilets, I try to get out of their grip but it’s no use because their hands are gripped tightly around my arm. They continue to drag me into the toilets and bring me into one of the cubicles, I tried to get out of their grip more. One of the boys opens the toilet lid, while another grab me by the hair. “Do it!” says one of the boys. Before I could speak they push my head into the toilet water, a few seconds later they pull my head out and I take a deep breath and then they push me in again. After a few more times they let me go. They quickly run off for some reason, I sit there for a few seconds hoping they don’t come back.

All the sudden I hear blood curling screams and cries coming from outside, so I get up and quickly run outside to see the bullies laying on the ground crying, and a tall bulky boy standing over them, “Your welcome!”

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