Just a couple of poems I wrote a while back....


1. Down

Swirling feathers

Aimlessly drifting

leaves fall from high

birds leap

from bedside branches

rubble cascades from sky


But in all that ever broken

nothing is as great

as endless sould

that lost their hope

in ever finding break


In dark stormy winters

spring be found

considered as a blessing

and here a once

we ask ourselves

are love and spring-fields lessing


So tell me, reader,

ponder this,

of what do

you dearly wish?

Is it to be immortal?

or rich beyond all caring?

But, in fact, one other here,

may wish a different blessing.



be faithful

be aware

I ask you, human,

if you care

to maybe up and give your wish

To someone you will sorely miss.

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