sup peeps

idrgaf bout this, this is here for me to release shit kay so don’t talk to me about this irl else i wont talk to you for god knows how long



OKAY SO FEEL TO READ THIS AT SCHOOL TO BE REALLY FRANK I HOPE THE SCHOOL BITCHES SEE THIS. I really don’t care anymore i just can’t find an urge to live but i will for my family and friends you don’t know how many times i’ve tried to kill my self ironically once at school. And then you find out that me and some of my friends wrote something expressing our feelings i get it was wrong but yall bitches didn’t even ask me if i was okay so... am i supposed to care about your dumbass subjects i’ve wanted to break down in your lessons so much but i couldn’t because i didn’t wanna be seen as the weak suicidal depressed bitch BUT GUESS WHAT YOUVE REALLY PUSHED ME TO THE FUCKING EDGE I GET YOURE PISSED BUT I DONT CARE. you threaten my friends, i wouldn’t care if it was only me but my friends are the reason i’m alive rn so don’t fucking think about getting them in trouble for this. hey remember that speech i did in english you all proved my flipping point we run from depression cause we’re too scared to do anything about it and i just don’t care anymore tell my parents if you want i don’t care you’ve already brought me so much pain to the point i’ve considered and attempted suicide, oh hey i have an idea why don’t you fucking print this out and confront me about it but if you do i swear to god i won’t reply unless you’re my family. You think you can just butt into my fucking life pretending to care for me i’ve been through more shit than every fucking person i know hey while i’m at it why don’t i fucking expose myself. yuno what it’s like to be touched. when you don’t want to be CAUSE I FUCKING DO i’m lucky there are good people in the world who managed to find me before anything dramatic happened but i’m scarred why do you think i’m so fucking protective and rude to others i hate people all they do is tell you things that make you want to kill yourself and then they call you pussies like i’m sorry you can’t handle the truth you bastard but don’t fucking judge me when you don’t know me🤷‍♀️hey i could go on and on about all the pain i’ve inflicted onto myself and all the times i’ve been forced into a state of emptiness WHEN I HAVE TO STARE AT MY WHITE FUCKING CEILING AND REMEMBER EVERYTHING AND I CANT LEAVE I SUFFOCATE IN MY THOUGHTS AND EVERYTHINg comes back to haunt me and i can’t leave... i hate it i hate everything since you wanna read what i write on this fucking shit carry on and i don’t care anymore please don’t expect me to try in your lessons when you’re there trying to separate me from the only people keeping me alive. Yes i only go to school for my friends if i didn’t see them i would’ve been gone a long time ago i officially am declaring that i give up trying for your bullshit lessons that don’t help me and don’t give me any motivation to carry on breathing. I DONT CARE ANYMORE SO FUCK YOU AND YOU CAN FUCK OFF. Also feel free to print this off and share with every teacher in the school i’d sure love for everyone to see me as the depressed bitch. i’m serious if any of you backstabbing bitches are reading this at home feel free to open it at school and read i want the dumbass staff to realise how wrong you fucking are. anyways. toodles

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