Bloody Couple

(y/n) lives alone in Sindria. And then she meets the dark magi Judar.


1. How They Met

Blood dripped from her long (h/c) hair, it ran down her tatty dress and pooled at her feet. She had just finished killing three men, quite viciously if I might add: they were missing a limb or two, which in her eyes they simply deserved.

That would teach them not to try to attack her as she was walking home from the market. It's not like they'll be trying anything like that again... 

Well only in hell.

The blood and gore didn't affect (y/n), not in the slightest. In fact she rather liked it, as could be seen by the way she had a slight evil smile on her face as she slashed them repeatedly with her small dagger.

The dagger in question was the fanciest thing she owned: with an intricately decorated hilt, that had jewels studded here and there and the blade was a sleek black, that was hot to the touch under the blazing sun.

As she stood there breathing heavily she heard a chuckle from above her, startling her a little.

Looking up she saw a masculine silhouette that was crouched down. It was hard to make out any features thanks to the sun shining into her eyes.

Shielding her eyes, she looked again and she could just about make out piercing red eyes and long, braided, black hair that was swaying in the little breeze that there was.

Smoothing her (h/c) hair, that was now tinted blood red, she squinted at the man and called: "Who's there?" The dagger flashed menacingly in her hand as she pointed it upwards.

"Now now, who would answer that when someone is pointing a dagger at them." Came the reply, with a hint of amusement.

Said person jumped down and landed gracefully in front of her.

(Y/n) was taken aback, not just by the fact that someone had just jumped from a roof without getting hurt, but also because the man in front of her was scarily attractive.

He had eyes that were as red as the blood at their feet and black hair that flowed behind him in a long braid. On his torso he wore nothing but a short, black choli which revealed a firm chest and a well toned stomach.

On the bottom he wore pants that puffed out slightly and round his neck was a choker that had a red jewel placed in the middle.

"I wonder what happened here? It looks like someone had a little fun."

Looking around at the bodies on the floor, covered in their own blood,  he chuckled, which made (y/n) blush slightly and hide behind her (h/c) hair.

Twirling the blade in her hands and smirking, she glimpsed up at him through her hair.

 "It was their own fault." There wasn't a hint of remorse on her face, which amused Judar. "Who would try to attack an innocent girl like me?"

"Oh sure, you certainly seem innocent." He said sarcastically.

Judar was definitely interested in this girl. There was no doubt that she was pretty with her (e/c) eyes, (h/c) hair and she had a certain air about her that was intriguing. Certainly, he wasn't one who was known to care about things, unless it included fighting or proving how great at magic he is. But, clearly he did care somewhat about this girl that was in front of him.

She was like a mystery that the dark magi couldn't wait to solve.

"Anyway, what do you want and who the hell are you?!" she exclaimed pointing the dagger at him once again.

Judar pushed the dagger away with nothing but his finger and leaned closer to her, with a smirk.

 (Y/n) could feel his hot breath on her face which provoked her to blush even more: this didn't go unnoticed by the dark magi who found it slightly cute, and he found himself pondering why he even thought that. Judar never found anything cute, as was mentioned before, he didn't care about many things.

"I don't want anything really. I just noticed there was a good deal of black rukh around here and followed it to this place. The question is what are you?"

(Y/n) flinched slightly and refused to acknowledge him.

Smirking once again Judar pluckt a peach out of who knows where and using the bodies as if they were stepping stones, started walking out of the alleyway. 

Turning around he added: "And about my name, you can find out next time we meet."

With that he strolled out of the alleyway, leaving (y/n) confused and alone in the encroaching darkness - that seemed to creep along the walls and threatened to swallow her whole.

Sliding down the wall, she buried her face in her hands and couldn't get the image of piercing red eyes out of her mind.

And that was how she met the magi Judar.

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