The Vacation A novel

David Lang is spending his long-awaited vacation in Hawaii when someone is killed in a resort that he's staying in. When he meets several tourists on the Island, he attempts to survive before the killer strikes again.


6. Hawaii-Part Six


David smiled at Marie.

"Voulez-vous un peu de gâteau, Marie?", he asked her.

"Oui, s'il vous plaît. J'aimerais avoir quelques​", she answered. And she grinned. 


Homicide Detective Earl J. Kane, Jr., stared at the guests. "Excuse me, Ladies and Gentlemen. There's a killer on the loose. And I intend on catch him before the night is over". David watched him with a burning intensity. "What happened?", he asked him. "A woman was killed in the pool. No one's going to leave Hawaii without my say so", he answered him. "That's impossible! This is my vacation". Marie interrupted. "Nous ne voulons pas d'interrompre, le détective. Mais nous ne sommes pas coupable d'un meurtre​", she said. The Detective nodded. "Le tueur est dans cet hôtel. Il est ici parmi nous​", he said. He looked at them. And he begun to write down everyone's names. Once he was finished, he headed to the Dining Room, to have a late dinner.


The killer started to breathe. He hadn't had any time to think. He never had time to think. Suddenly he saw the nosy Detective. He breathed harder...and harder. He was holding onto the knife in his right hand. And, as he forced himself through the doors, the Detective stopped eating. He grabbed his .38 Smith & Wesson gun, and fired into the killer's chest three times. Blood spilled down his chest. And, seconds later, the nightmare was over in Hawaii.

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